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  1. We are all panting for strikers, but they ain't gonna be of any use if we can't get the ball in the opposition half. Our dire midfield needs sorting first.And don't tell me Drinkwater is the answer.
  2. Wasn't Tonev touted as a great player? Be careful what you wish for
  3. Send him back to Egypt and replace with mummy, who would know the difference?
  4. I would echo that. Corrupt officials are at all levels of football, even the Prem imo.
  5. Didn't Gareth Bale started his career as a full back?
  6. Can see Douglas and Nakamba in the team in the not too distant. Bring Targett and Guilbert in to provide the width and drop El Ghazi ( who needs a kick up the arse, anyway ).
  7. Dave_jW

    Dean Smith

    I'm sure brown envelopes are still part and parcel of pro football.
  8. I'm sure that Purslow and Smith have enough nous that if things aren't going too well come January, more funds will be available.
  9. Coutihno to Manure 90 mill Gotta reach that magic 1000.
  10. If he rally wants to come, he may have to put in a Transfer request.
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