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  1. I don't think my patience is good at the best of times I agree though man, I thought it was a shrewd signing too. There is definitely a very good player in there when he's fit but he seems to keep relapsing as soon as he gets himself back on the pitch which is a real pain. Really hope when he comes back next time he can finally have a consistent run in the side.
  2. That's true but it's not a surprise that when we had our luck with injuries and a fully fit squad we had our best run of form in years up to Christmas last year even if our lineup was predictable. We're in better shape this year in that we have a deeper squad, but the niggling injuries we get which then turn into months out is the frustrating thing for me. Anyway let's keep things civil, I'm only giving my point of view - which seems to be different from everyone else's as ever
  3. So 7 potentially unavailable for next game, only Everton worse. We were lucky first half of last season with injuries that's been about it since we were promoted.
  4. What a patronising comment which I won't waste much time on.
  5. I already have. Sanson arrives in January, has a very good track record of staying fit at Marseille missing very few games over 5 seasons there, but since coming to us has spent more time on the treatment table than being available for games and is now out for another month. Bailey likewise, we did not sign an injury prone player but since he's joined he's played a total of 96 minutes out of a possible 450 and is now out for at least another month. I don't think we've been lucky with injuries at all. Every season since being promoted we've had long term injuries that have hampered us. Injuries are of course part of the game but I really think we suffer more than most other teams. The only sides I can think of who've had similar injury problems are Arsenal at the start of this season (though they are OK now) and Liverpool last season - and maybe Newcastle but that was more a COVID issue which happened to us as well.
  6. Valid point, it just irks me that we have so many injuries all the time. We finally look to be getting a clean bill of health, then Bailey gets injured taking a shot and Sanson can only manage 42 minutes after finally starting a game for us for the first time in 5 months. It's either just horrendous luck or something isn't quite right with preparation.
  7. Bailey, Barkley (last season), McGinn and Wesley (2 seasons ago). I bet Grealish’s annual 3 month layoff doesn’t occur this season either.
  8. Seems to be made of glass like a lot of our players. Shame because when he has played he has looked very good. Another one who was barely injured at his previous club but as soon as he comes here he turns into Darren Anderton.
  9. Bailey is great and potentially our best outfield player, but these injuries are a major concern. Now a doubt to face Man U which is effing annoying as I think he would cause them all ends of problems. Still not started a game for us and we need him healthy if we're to have a successful season.
  10. The Noses went down the same season as winning a cup too but think that was the League Cup. They are so tinpot that they still celebrate that success now! Success for me would be challenging for top 4/top 6 every season as that’s where a club of our size should be and allows us to build a great squad. Winning trophies is a luxury and should be an additional aim but it’s difficult with city, Chelsea and United and their clear advantages to everyone else. Most neutrals I talk to think Villa has the potential to be a huge club. Even my dad who’s a spuds fan thinks that.
  11. Poor for 60 minutes but Bailey changed the game. The set-up was too defensive from the start which is why we had no rhythm until Bailey came on. Cash and Bailey's goals were both belters. Hopefully McGinn and Bailey are both fine because we were just starting to get a fully fit squad finally and we need them. In the end a very good win but hope Smtih doesn't persist with this 5 at the back for much longer.
  12. It’s a defensive, negative formation when we have genuine threats on the bench. I knew it as soon as I saw the lineup. Smith gets it wrong again.Maybe he’s pleased with a point.
  13. Given we have 5 at the back yes. Should never have played 5 at the back from the start. And I also wonder why Sanson isn’t on the bench. Clearly you don’t question these things for whatever reason. Its been a really poor performance.
  14. Axel shouldn’t be shoehorned in, he’s done nothing in his career so far. Watkins I understand but it should be Ings to make way. If he keeps persisting trying to play them both he will be under a awful lot of pressure because it ain’t working.
  15. My point wasn’t about taking him off, it was about replacing him with a defensive player when we’ve already got 6 defensive players on the pitch and a youngster who never scores and has looked anonymous since the start of the game. Smith should be ashamed playing so defensive against a weakened Everton team.
  16. This is absolute dog sh** if I’m being completely honest. And then Smith takes off McGinn for Nakamba to make us even more defensive.
  17. This is pretty painful to watch so far against a much weakened Everton team.
  18. Everton team looks a bit weak though. No Pickford, Richarlison, DCL. Playing 3 CBs too.
  19. Too defensive at home to Everton with the attacking players at his disposal. Why doesn’t Bailey ever start. Trying to shoehorn Ings and Watkins together is frustrating. Really could do with a win today.
  20. Think his mum speaks fluent Polish so he may well know at least some of the lingo. They clearly want him as they've been tracking him for 18 months now. I quite like Cash but do think he has some improving to do. Playing for Poland may well take his game up a notch as they are a fairly decent national team and he will almost certainly start every game for them. Good chance they qualify for the World Cup next year too. Wish Konsa would declare for Portugal too (if he feels comfortable). I reckon there's a real opportunity there to nail down a place with Dias. The decision to call up Godfrey for England over him was laughable in my view.
  21. Martinez has to play, but Buendia on the bench I reckon given he's not trained with the squad. People keep saying he's our record signing so must start, it's not like Ings, Watkins, Bailey cost much less. Personally I'd have Ings on the bench too and play Watkins as a lone striker with Bailey and Traore either side. He caused havoc for them in the away game in that role last season with his pressing and would have done in the home game had he not been suspended. I'd go something like: Martinez Cash Konsa Mings Targett Ramsey Luiz McGinn Traore Watkins Bailey With Ings, Buendia and Sanson coming on in the 2nd half.
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