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  1. I get what you’re saying and I do love football in general (I miss playing a lot), but I only really follow football for my love of Villa. I don’t give a **** what’s going on at other clubs. And unfortunately the last few weeks had been unbearable, and we were heading straight back to the Championship after such optimism at the start of the season and how we weren’t ‘doing a Fulham’ (personally I hated those comparisons and believe we were right to invest what we did, I’m just disappointed most of the signings haven’t performed to the required standard). Don’t agree 2006-10 was ‘great’, they were good years but we didn’t win a trophy or finish any higher than 6th, and overloaded the wage bill which put us in the position we were in in subsequent years. I agree we appear to have good owners who have invested heavily this season, they have backed the manager massively and must be disappointed to be 19th and playing so poorly at this stage of the season, we obviously have a better squad than last season but we’re a division higher and there are still a lot of positions where we need to upgrade, I don’t agree about the manager and I think he’s failed to make the step up to PL management adequately.
  2. Yeah, I think that’s true but I think the team as a whole has regressed since the start of the season tbh. Our performances from back to front have progressively got worse and the last two performances before the season was postponed (Southampton and Leicester) reminded me of the Lerner years. Kinda why I haven’t missed football that much. Hopefully the extended break galvanises us and gives us the kick up the backside we need, if the powers that be decide we must finish the season.
  3. Platt's stats for us were ridiculous, he'll surely be in a lot of teams, but before my time. I'd probably go Young, Merson, Barry, Grealish as my four best. Petrov just misses out. Grealish getting in is going on his talent alone, as Petrov and other midfielders from past years have achieved more with the club. I also agree Taylor should be mentioned here, not the most glamorous of players and didn't ever get an England call up (surprisingly), but was a very consistent player for us and loved the club. Strangely, most of our best midfielders (Petrov aside) have been English. Very few foreign playmakers to play in a Villa side. I wonder if that will change in the coming years - it would be nice to sign an Alonso, Neves, Fernandes or Van der Vaart for a change as opposed to so many of the disappointing signings we've seen for overseas midfielders.
  4. Unfortunately McGrath's best years for us were probably just a year or two before my time. The best CBs I've seen at Villa who meet the criteria are Southgate, Ehiogu (RIP) and Mellberg. Mings probably deserves a mention but unfortunately his PL form hasn't been great. Unfortunately Laursen didn't get over 100 appearances due to injuries, otherwise he'd be in there. RB is harder as we haven't had a lot of quality here really. Charles has been mentioned but I don't remember him too well. LB is hard too but would be between Wright and Staunton probably. If I was choosing a back 4 in my lifetime it would probably be Mellberg, Southgate Ehiogu, Staunton, but obviously McGrath will be in for those who saw him in his pomp.
  5. Rimmer and Spink before my time but will surely make the list. Bosnich first for me, followed by Friedel.
  6. The best strikers I've seen in my lifetime would be Yorke and Saunders, who also both won a trophy and played over 100 times for us. I only really saw Saunders play for us in his last season 94/95, it wasn't a good season but whenever I went to a game Saunders was different class. Yorke has been the best striker I've seen at Villa by far, sadly no one has got close to his level since really and that's one reason we've been so shiiiite for many years. So my vote is for these two. Other decent strikers I'd mention in my lifetime that I saw would be Milosevic, Dublin, Benteke, Carew, Abraham, Angel, Bent. I suppose you can stick Gabby in there as he is our record goalscorer, though I personally think it's ridiculous he holds that accolade as while he did some good things particularly in his early 20s, he had more bad seasons than good with us. I don't think any of these strikers come close to being as complete a striker as Yorke or Saunders were: Dublin, Benteke, Carew all big strikers good in the air with not much else, Bent simply a poacher but didn't really do anything else, Tammy did well here but in the Championship so can't be judged on a level playing field as the others (plus he was only on loan and not ours). Milosevic and Angel were both skilful players that were great to watch at times, but unfortunately very inconsistent and didn't really hit top levels consistently while they were here.
  7. Yes unfortunately despite Jack's clear footballing ability, he doesn't seem to have very much at all between his ears sadly. Those muppets down the road were merely taking advantage of the situation (if indeed it was them).
  8. Pretty sure it was a dirty Nose who took the pictures too
  9. In times such as these with the country on lockdown, IF he was out at a party it does show he still fails to exercise sound judgement despite his supposed maturity in recent years. I think Jack is a fantastic footballer but I've always been uncomfortable with his excessive use of the limelight and party boy lifestyle. As a footballer coming into his prime, his objective should be to stay fit and healthy and particularly in times like these, he should be staying at home having a couple of beers in front of the TV on a Saturday night rather than out gallivanting looking for entertainment.
  10. I had Baresi in my mind when I did my team, but realised I’d only watched him a couple of times and as a CB I think it’s harder to gauge a player’s class. Whereas with Maradona, I literally only saw clips of him in 86 and 90 World Cup and some clips of him training with Napoli and it’s clear as daylight the guy was a football genius in his prime. That goal against England in 86 I have to say begrudgingly was incredible and probably not seen a better individual goal since. Also difficult leaving Roberto Baggio out (and surprised he’s not in more teams), he was one hell of a player and always a joy to watch.
  11. In my lifetime I'd go: .............................Schmeichel.............................. Cafu..........Cannavaro..........Nesta..........Maldini ..................................Matthaus............................. ..........................Xavi..........Zidane......................... Messi.....................................................Maradona .............................Fat Ronaldo............................... Had to leave out players like Ronaldinho, C. Ronaldo, Pirlo, Henry and Iniesta, all fine players in their own right
  12. Mine: ...........................Bosnich...................................... Mellberg......Laursen......Southgate......Staunton ...............................Petrov..................................... .......................Barry..........Hitz.............................. ..............................Merson................................... ....................Yorke..............Angel........................ Subs: Friedel, Alpay, Ehiogu, Milner, A. Young, Grealish, Savo (hit and miss here but a cracking player)
  13. On Purslow I can't comment, though I'm really not sure he's doing a great job as our CEO anyway. What I pull you up on: "he did a shit job at Newcastle"- erm, no he didn't. Won the Championship, finished top 10 first season back, and comfortably safe last season despite not spending a great deal. "We couldn't afford him even if we wanted to" - you do know we've spent £150m this season don't you? How much are we talking here? A billion to release him from his contract? He won't be cheap of course but saying we couldn't afford him is ridiculous I agree with you he doesn't play great football and we would be more defensive, but at least we wouldn't concede 3 goals a game like we do under the incumbent. As I've said many, many times, we won't be able to play Dean Smith football and be successful until we have good enough players to do so - do you honestly believe Dean Smith can attract those players to get us competing in the league and still playing that type of football? Regardless of the point you're making, as TRO said, us as fans are not here to name suitable replacements anyway. We don't get paid for scouting the globe for the best managers to do this job - that is up to the club to do that. I'd never heard of Nuno before he took the Wolves job but we can all agree he's done a fantastic job for them and we would love him to be managing us at this moment in time.
  14. I agree that right this instant is probably not the classiest thing to do as a football club, but I am of the belief we need to replace him before next season unless we want another relegation battle. Two names I'd put forward to be manager would be Ralf Rangnick, who previously managed RB Leipzig and now works in a development role for Red Bull Salzburg. The other is Rafa Benitez who obviously now manages in China. I don't think either would be unobtainable but we might have to pay their existing clubs money to get their services.
  15. That's handy it's been suspended as I was planning to avoid football for the foreseeable future - problem solved! It's likely they will have to cancel the season as people have mentioned because this virus is likely to get worse rather than better and will not be resolved in a couple of weeks. Good news for football fans as it means the Scousers won't win the league and the Boing Boing Baggies stay in the Chumpionship Oh, and good news for us seeing as this season has been utter bollox. People's lives are more important than football anyway.
  16. Yes it should be now, but I’m sure they’ll carry on with him regardless of what happens between now and the end of the season. Even if he loses every single game, which wouldn’t surprise me the way we’re playing, they’ll still delay until the summer and even then I have my doubts they’ll get rid given the farcical circumstances surrounding his 4-year contract. He did look a beaten man last night so hopefully he is considering resigning, but unfortunately I don't see it as the sack would be much more beneficial for him financially. I really am done with us now for the season, I have kept trying to believe in the team under this manager but after last night’s debacle I just can’t. I feel like crap every time I watch this team seeing us perform as badly as we do, so I will do my best to be indifferent to the team's results whether we win, lose or draw. Life's easier when not taking the Villa so seriously to be honest.
  17. Damning stats when the bluenoses, not even midtable in the Championship, gave Leicester a better game than we did: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51707663 It really is embarrassing and I'm offended that there is no talk of Smith going after another awful performance against a team that hadn't even scored a goal in three games in the league. I'm starting to really doubt the owners now and if they actually have a clue what they're doing.
  18. It actually is. We were a much better team at the start of the season to now. Conceding too many chances and goals, yes, but at least we had an attacking threat and weren't getting battered every week like we are now. Now we can't score, still concede lots of chances and goals, and create very, very little. We've definitely gone backwards.
  19. I liked the Smith at Brentford. They pressed and harried the opposition, they played attractive, attacking football, they retained possession really well. This is why when he was appointed I supported the decision very much, and having a love for the club was an added bonus. But in the time he has been here I have seen very little of the football he played at Brentford and it's made me question whether it was really Smith who was responsible for getting Brentford playing like they did. Our possession stats this season are amongst the lowest in the league, we play lots of long balls, our pressing is atrocious and the players look half-arsed to do it or not fit enough, and while we have played attacking football we also give the opponents as many if not more chances than we create for ourselves and in some games we don't even both to attack (see Southampton away, or even today). It really is right now like watching a Steve Bruce team, as others have said, except it's even worse because this team can't even defend like a Bruce team can. It really has reached a very sad state of affairs.
  20. I agree but whose fault was that? I don't think Smith is the only incompetent one leading this squad, I think JT, Suso and the people on the transfer committee are just as much responsible. If it were up to me I'd sack the lot of them.
  21. This may be true, but Smith organises the set-up and players. He may not have the personnel at the right quality, but does Wilder have it at Sheffield? Does Dyche at Burnley? How much have they been backed in recruitment and where are they in the table? If he doesn't have the quality of personnel he craves to play his open football and not concede a shed load of goals, he should stop playing it and adapt his game. He clearly can't do this. It's very easy to blame the personnel but we're Aston Villa, not Real Madrid. Smith is never going to have a team of superstars to be able to play like them. He has to adapt to the league like Dyche, Wilder and Howe have done, and every week he is proving he cannot do that. We're a feckin shambles under him and it should be obvious to everyone.
  22. But we just look like a bunch of headless chickens out there. I just think he's a desperately poor manager and not good enough for a club heading in the direction we should be heading, and the only reason people want him to stay is because he's a Villa fan.
  23. I actually would have taken Allardyce in December and would still take him. It will be horrible football but we might actually defend and grind out results, and it's hardly joyous watching the utter crap we're seeing every week at the moment under our current clueless manager.
  24. Why do you still back him? Can you not see what is happening on the pitch every single week?
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