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  1. In all fairness if you read the Bournemouth fans forum now there is a lot of regret among many of them that they sold him. Ake's an outstanding defender of course, but I don't understand the idea that two left footed centre halves can't play together. His injury problems also didn't help him there, and touch wood he can keep himself fit for us as he's a vital part of our team now.
  2. Proud of Mings last night - very solid performance albeit against a very poor team, and seemed to install a leadership into that defence that had been lacking. Shame that his England debut was blighted by mindless racism but he dealt with it in a typically professional way. The thing I love most about him is his intelligence, whenever he is interviewed like after the game last night he is always so well spoken and clearly thinks through everything he says without prejudice. Very good role model to young kids in my opinion. Going on last night's performance I think he can win many more caps for England and he has a very good chance of cementing his place alongside Maguire - they seemed to forge a decent partnership last night. But we'll see a lot more what he can do at international level when we play stronger teams next month.
  3. Congrats to our manager on a great first year Comfortably the best managerial appointment the club has made in recent years and his positive approach to the game is exactly what’s needed under our current owners. I’m confident he can keep us up this season and hopefully he can push the club on further in the coming seasons so we can make ourselves a force again.
  4. Yeah, you can't drop anyone after the Norwich result. I'd like to see Luiz start alongside Nakamba at some point but Hourihane was brilliant yesterday and it'll be the same team against Brighton I'd have thought. They got a good result against a dire Spurs team but we've got to be targeting another three points here and I think we'll do it. Don't see us getting much from the three games after against City, Liverpool and Wolves (two of them away), but having seen Wolves beat City today and Newcastle beat Man U just about anything can happen in this league.
  5. 3-0 yes! Now surely even we can’t throw this away.... Given how bad Norwich’s defence is I hope we go for more goals.
  6. Yeah, I think it's our strongest team on paper. I think Luiz could play more of a playmaker role from deep with Nakamba doing more of the dirty work. McGinn as a number 10 is a bit different but he's been our biggest threat so far and has the legs to get back when needed. I prefer Grealish central but it means he can cut inside and Targett can get behind him to put in crosses. It was tough choosing between Trezeguet and El Ghazi as El Ghazi has already notched two goals, but I just feel Trezeguet has that extra yard of pace and that assist against Burnley might give him the confidence he needs. He just needs a goal to get going. If the game management is right today we have enough quality to win, Norwich will try to play football and have some good players of their own, but there will be gaps in behind them. Really hope we have our shooting boots on today and can secure a much needed three points.
  7. This is true but we are a completely different team from the one that finished 5th last season. We've upgraded both our full backs, our goalkeeper, our defensive midfield area, our central defence (think Engels is better than Tuanzebe at this moment), and our wingers. I also think we underachieved somewhat last season, with Grealish missing three months and Tuanzebe our for several months too, and early on under Bruce we were dire. Our end of season form would have won us the league. Add to this fact that Norwich are arguably weaker right now than the team that won the Championship, with a third choice keeper likely to play and their central defence and midfield missing first team players. Whereas we are pretty much injury free by the looks of things.
  8. Would go exactly the same team except I'd like to see a 4-2-3-1 with Nakamba and Luiz both holding and McGinn playing off Wesley but dropping back to defend when we don't have the ball. ....................................Heaton.................................... Guilbert............Engels.............Mings............Targett ........................Luiz...............Nakamba...................... Trezeguet....................SJM..........................Grealish ..................................Wesley......................................
  9. To be fair it’s our defending that has let us down recently, not goals scored. We scored two at Arsenal and they had 10 men and two against a Burnley side not renowned for their attacking displays. A side with a stronger defence would have seen those games out. That’s why we need Targett fit for the game, he looked decent against Burnley and a lot better than Taylor. The rest of our defence is potentially good, they just need to learn to not switch off and cut out the errors. This is a real opportunity. Not only do Norwich have several first teamers out, the goals seem to have dried up and their defence is definitely weak with the likes of Hanley likely to play. We should definitely score at least one and if we can handle Pukki that takes a lot of their goal threat away. Their fans don’t sound too confident but their home form has been good this season. If we play for 90 mins like we did for two-thirds of the game against Arsenal we have a great chance. UTV
  10. I’d agree with you that if Targett isn’t fit go with Mings at LB and bring Konsa in, Taylor just isn’t good enough at this level and was at fault for both goals yesterday. If Targett stays on we win against Burnley, simple as that. I’d rather Mings at CB but if it means no Taylor then so be it. Not trying to dig anyone out or make someone a scapegoat, as Taylor does his best, but he just doesn’t have the quality needed. I’m 50/50 about taking Wes out, but he has been disappointing so far. I do think we have to try to get the best out of him and persevere until January at least but Davis probably deserves a go. I doubt Davis will contribute many goals, if any, but his hold up play might get more out of Jack, Trez and others. Not sure whether DS will put him in though. Got to start winning games home or away before it’s too late, starting with Norwich. Will take a 2-1 win.
  11. I'd have taken a draw from this if we beat Burnley, but we didn't so for me it's a game we must win. I looked at Burnley, Norwich and Brighton and thought 7 points would be a decent return, as we've screwed up the first game we now must look to win the next two. If you look at our run of fixtures after Brighton it doesn't look pretty. No game is easy and Norwich away won't be, but there comes a time where you have to say draws aren't good enough and that is now. Every game is a cup final imo if we want to stay up.
  12. Agree with this completely. I'd like to see this team next game if Targett is fit: ..................................Heaton................................ Guilbert.........Engels............Mings...........Targett .......................Luiz.........Nakamba........................ Trez/AEG........................JM.............................JG ...................................Wesley................................. As for McGinn, he's the only player from last season who has truly stepped up a gear in this league. Will be absolutely gutted if he left us but it will definitely happen if we go back down.
  13. Burnley are effective at making games scrappy and picking up points but to say they are ‘decent’ is wrong. Most boring team in the league.
  14. Today has told me that, despite my early optimism, we’ll be struggling all season and will most likely go down. We just cannot see games out and while I think the quality is there, we just don’t know how to manage games and that is DS’s doing I’m afraid. Another disappointing result against a team we were leading twice against and once again we throw away a lead. Just so annoying and disappointing and there’s not a lot else to say.
  15. Burnley are a tough nut to crack but this is the sort of game we need to be winning if we're to be safe this season. Therefore, we need to find a way to get in front and stay in front and not give them many opportunities from set pieces. Individually Burnley aren't great, but they're a very well drilled outfit who are comfortable sitting back. Two ex Villa players in their first 11 (Westwood and Lowton), safe to say they wouldn't get in our team these days but were always hard working pros for us at a time when Lerner was running the club into the ground. Dwight McNeil looks a talent, Burnley will do well to hang on to him, and we need to find a way to get through Tarkowski who is a very solid defender. Either way we need to find a way to win this one as another game without a win would be hugely frustrating. 2-0 Villa for me.
  16. Tend to agree, even if it is still very early in the season. DS looks tactically naïve and it isn’t the first time he has as Villa manager (remember our woeful run of form between December and March last year when Jack was injured). He needs to sharpen up tactically because we need to start winning football matches. Arsenal have a very bad defence and we let them off the hook yesterday when we were 2-1 up, should have continued to get at them and made bold attacking subs earlier in the game to kill the game off. Trying to preserve a lead against Arsenal is not the same as doing it against Championship teams or lower level PL teams, Arsenal were always going to score. The last two games we’ve had a great opportunity to get 6 points and we’ve ended up with 1 – and we’re stuck in the relegation zone. Next three games we must be winning at least 2, now is the time for DS to show he can manage at this level. These are massive games because Burnley, Norwich and Brighton will be in and amongst the relegation zone this season and it’s games like this we have to win, particularly the home games. Fingers crossed DS can pull some results together because I really want him to succeed with us.
  17. We've competed in every game so far this season, but managed to lose four times. I don't think we lack quality, but we definitely need to tighten up our game management and a lot of that comes down to Deano. Shouldn't have gone as defensive as he did against 10 man Arsenal, we needed to go for the third to kill the game off. Next three games imo are huge: Burnely (h) Norwich (a) Brighton (h) Need to be winning those games before a tougher run starts in late October. I'd take a 1-0 scrappy win in all three. Anything less than 2 wins from those games will not be good enough.
  18. Was there in 2008 and 2013 when we beat them. I didn't particularly rate him but on both occasions Gabby was superb in those games. Completely tore their defence apart with his pace. They are atrocious at the back but our front three looks dire at the moment, would expect to see Jota dropped for Trezeguet but otherwise think he'll stick with the same team. Don't get people saying drop Wesley for Davis, for one thing we're only 5 games into the season and for another Davis is not the answer. Hold up play is no better than Wesley and he could barely score in the Championship so he's not going to be capable in this league. If we get to Christmas and Wesley still hasn't improved, then we'll need to sign someone in January but right now we haven't really got anyone capable of replacing him in the team. We need to try to blitz them on the break to get a result, but even if we lose I don't expect a hammering - Spurs imo are better and we nearly got a result there but for some bad mistakes. Missing Lacazette for them takes away a major threat too but I'm wary Pepe hasn't done anything yet so knowing our luck he'll probably have a blinder against us. Their defence and central midfield isn't great so we need to have a go at them when we have the ball and put them under pressure.
  19. Wish we'd been able to get Abraham back. Banging them in for Chelsea. Wesley looks a carthorse to me.
  20. Just think we're really gonna struggle to score goals this season. We're not creating much but when we do Wesley isn't clinical enough to take the chances. First half he should have buried that Grealish cross. Surely a striker is going to be top of the January shopping list if things don't improve up top. Not convinced by any of our wingers either. Jota just looks a bit weak and lacking in quality at this level and gives the ball away too much. El Ghazi is too obvious in what he does and doesn't track back enough. Trezeguet could come good but hasn't looked up to it so far. I'm not sure if Benrahma would have made the difference there but he could hardly be worse than what we've got. Positives are the defence looks very good, I like the centre backs and Guilbert was a fantastic signing - was motm today for me. Marvelous fitted in well to the team tonight and apart from a couple of sloppy passes did a really good job anchoring the back four. Think we will be struggling much of this season unless we can pluck a goalscorer out the air. Wesley doesn't look up to it for me and we don't have any other options. Makes you wonder why we didn't get another striker in.
  21. Need to get the first goal tonight imo, think whoever scores first will win the game. Need to start on the front foot if poss and really raise the energy levels, having the crowd behind us will certainly help. Hopefully we can get a positive result. UTV
  22. Exactly. This is a game we've shown we can win, as we beat Everton who I think will finish higher than West Ham. Any side at home outside of Liverpool and Man City should be a game we aim for 3 points in, yes we won't win every one of course not and games against the other top 6 sides will be extremely tough to win but we are capable of beating anyone outside those two sides at home imo. And I still think West Ham are a midtable side who will probably finish around 9th or 10th, they have a strong set of attacking players but their defence is not as good as Everton's and we scored two against them. Also, while they signed Haller and Fornals, they lost Arnautovic, Hernandez and Perez who contributed 20 goals in the league last season. There's no question that we can't take West Ham lightly but I also feel that we need to believe in ourselves a bit more. We have a very talented team, yes it is new and still getting used to each other, but there is absolutely enough in this team to get a result against West Ham at home. And there's also enough in this team to stay up comfortably, the home form will be crucial to that.
  23. Targett out I think as SGC said. Quite frustrating as I would like to see a defence of Guilbert, Engels, Mings, Targett but Taylor will play again against West Ham I suspect. Most likely the only change from Palace will be Trezeguet out and El Ghazi in but we were awful against Palace so those players keeping their places need to play a lot better, especially the midfielders. Grealish needs to up his performances, as do the wingers and Luiz too. Can't keep giving the ball away so cheaply and gifting the opposition so many chances and we need to start creating more for Wesley. Against Arsenal Smith ought to be thinking about bringing in Nakamba and Targett by then I think but that's a discussion for that match thread. I'd quite like to see us go 4-2-3-1 because currently we're not creating enough and we're gifting the opposition a lot of chances worryingly, with Nakamba alongside either Luiz or McGinn. Hopefully we'll start to see how strongest team and formation in the coming weeks.
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