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  1. I really don't care if JG leaves or not. I only care about those who play for us at any given time. The cash we get for him will move the club forward (if spent wisely with the right manager at the helm)! JG is a very good player, but he's nowhere near 'world class' as some are suggesting on here. The fact that we rely on him so much weakens our team in many ways making others around lazy and complacent imo. In other words we have become a one man team rather than a team who 'work for each other' as it should be! I think we will be fine when he moves on. We have lost far better players than Greallish in my 62 years watching the Villa. We will come back stronger and better as there is no 'I' in team! Heads up and UTV
  2. Smith out, out, out! Another embarrassing evening. Just one of one too many! Need to get someone in with next season in the Championship in mind. Smith out, out, out!
  3. Smith out. I have no idea how Elmo V Evans at corners cannot be seen to be a complete mismatch! Picking Hourihane...wow! Nakamba is woeful and Gilbert has been worse than woeful this evening. Heart gone and dressing room lost IMO
  4. Charlie Aitken .... true Villa legend
  5. I know more about JG than basketball(if that's what's being discussed here)
  6. Well, I can only guess like everyone else but I really don't think so....so that's my genuine answer. What I do know though is that when FFP fades there will be a far better return on their investment (potentially). These are very savvy and wealthy owners who will know when/if to sell up and and don't believe they'll leave us in the lurch like the 2 previous owners.
  7. Its inevitable that Man City will win their appeal with their 'financial clout''.......no doubt on that whatsoever. Moreover they are kindly testing the waters saving us a small fortune in the process! Subsequently the floodgates will open and will be able to spend whatever we want! Do you seriously believe that the owners would have purchased our great club without knowing that FFP was extremely 'life limited'.....?
  8. Matt and Jack are a joy to watch on the left, the best combo we have had for a few years. I think Matt will go on to show that the money we paid for him is a very good investment. Needs to improve defensively and will be a very good acquisition.
  9. FFP will disappear up its own a**e when Man City win their appeal....our owners already know this!
  10. Spot on! Jack won't 'jump' ship and we have no need to sell him
  11. I don't think Jack will leave in the summer regardless of whether we get relegated or not providing the owners come up with a 'really' ambitious plan. I Also believe that both Jack and the owners have already agreed this! I agree 100% with JV!
  12. Lol Just for clarity I'm talking about the Automobile Association
  13. Almost a sell out then. Great support as always!
  14. We could have taken 3 points here if we had shown the same aggression in the first half as we did in the second. We really need to 'toughen up' and play the full 90 mins with application, a fighting mentality and a will to win! I'm not sure we have the players or the fitness to do this at present. Nzonzi would be perfect as A DM in this team imo. Show some bottle for the final 15 games and we have a chance of survival.
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