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  1. Spot on Ken..... VLD.
  2. Do you mind if I respectfully enquire how old you are? VLD
  3. Hi , Are you purposely misunderstanding my posts ( it is making you look a bit childish, if you don't mind me saying ), REGARDS, VLD.
  4. Hi Sam, I mentioned this simply to illustrate my point regarding 'free expression '. Lewis wanted all the F1 drivers to ' take the knee'. Some said that they didn't feel 'comfortable ' doing this. Lewis then said ' they showed a lack of understanding ' on the issue ( which was inaccurate and insinuated they might not be sympathetic to oppressed black people ). My point was/is that they simply wanted to express their opinion in a different way, and should do so ( which they did). Sorry for the long winded reply but I hope you can see my point know. VLD.
  5. I'm with you 100%, and a well thought out post that is far better explained than I could manage. You are particularly observant regarding how people with far left/right views are twisting what is required to reach a very necessary goal. As I have mentioned , we wouldn't even need legislation if people would simply act in a reasonable way and teach their children accordingly, that has to be the nub of the issue surely ( for all colours and faiths ). VLD.
  6. I don't mind being old, I would be more worried if I was stupid........ VLD.
  7. I see F1 were happy to allow drivers to 'take a knee' or not, depending on their own point of view.... Refreshing to see in our do as I do / pc /thought police world...... VLD.
  8. What specifically do you want to see changed? It is one thing to 'take the knee' but this is just a gesture of support, but for what? What exactly needs to change? ( please don't say 'everything '). Be specific. VLD.
  9. Graham t

    Wesley Moraes

    Why, we were struggling when both of these were in the team..... VLD.
  10. Graham t

    Wesley Moraes

    'A huge number of goals'.............. VLD.
  11. We don't have an 'attack'....... VLD.
  12. Graham t


    I would like to see a three way charity 60yard dash between Jota, Drinkwater and a tortoise. My money is on the tortoise..... VLD.
  13. Yes a better team performance but only 2 points out of a possible 15 tells us we are going down ( as I said last September......). VLD.
  14. Thanks Sam, a good post. The reason I don't think it is invalid to say that racism can be overcome by its victims is that I don't believe that racism will ever truly disappear. It is a state of mind and of course it is already illegal. It is up to all of us to try to educate all around us as in some cases it is insidious. That is why I come on here and discuss it, we all should. If ,like me ,you believe that some people will never change their vile beliefs then I think that it is fair to suggest that all people of all colours and faiths should be encouraged to stand up for themselves as we support them. This does not mean simply complaining that they are victims, we know they are, but to try to overcome these issues themselves. I have never said this is easy but obviously many people do this already. I was brought up in a house where nobody could use the word ' can't ' when faced with a difficult situation that needed resolving. UTV. VLD.
  15. I said it could be overcome, not that it wasn't there. Please read the post again. Not much point posting if you don't read ( or understand )the original post. VLD.
  16. Agreed, good post, thank you....... VLD.
  17. Why? And please don't say ' well if you don't know'!!!!! Elucidate...... REGARDS, VLD.
  18. Hi , Yes there is racism in the U.K., no doubt about it. But it can be overcome, just ask £36 million a year Lewis Hamilton for example.....On formula one....Nigel Mansell believed that he was not taken seriously because of his 'brummie' accent but he had talent and determination and fought his way to the top. If a Brummie can make it anybody can........ (The last sentence was a joke by the way.........). VLD.
  19. Personally, I don't believe you can legislate racism out of existence . It begins and ends with education, mostly at home through the efforts of parents etc. I have two grown up girls, they don't see 'colour' at all, just character..... Maybe I didn't do a bad job after all. 'Regards' VLD.
  20. Yes, very interesting. I hope you don't mind but time for my Hot Chocolate and off to bed. Thanks to all the lads who made some salient points. VLD.
  21. You are right (thanks, just goggled it) but I think if you scroll down a little you will find a post where I try to better illustrate my point... VLD.
  22. Try ' Freedom of Expression', Article 10 Human Rights Commision. Not trying to be clever, just think this might help.... Regards, VLD.
  23. Explain your thoughts on democracy please.... VLD.
  24. Yes, that was it........It doesn't have to be 'racism' it's about allowing people to disagree and debate openly without fear of reprisals just because they may have a different point of view. Thanks for the replies, VLD.
  25. Of course, it is called freedom of expression. It's what democracy is all about. Regards, VLD.
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