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  1. I think you will find that 'older' voters have experienced a succession of Labour governments some years ago and have learned from that experience. Fortunately ( for them) younger voters have not had to endure this experience so are unaware of the pitfalls of voting labour. ATB, VLD.
  2. Is it an imposition on our civil liberties? or A very necessary part of modern policing to ensure a reduction in knife crime in particular. VLD.
  3. I'm not 'rich' I'm 'comfortable ' thanks, keep smiling, VLD.
  4. Is it fair to think you and one or two others on here voted for Corbyn? That went well didn't it.... VLD.
  5. P.S. If you need any investment advice, then I'm you man, keep smiling, VLD.
  6. No I retired at 60 and live comfortably off my pension thanks, what do you do? VLD.
  7. A good post with some excellent points. I have mentioned earlier that my anology was clumsy. But. You simply can't ignore the law just because you don't think it is appropriate. If you do then you will have anarchy, and then what? Regards, VLD.
  8. Well that was complicated. It even included a word I have never heard of (canonical ).... My anology may have been a bit clumsy but, as I have stressed, my point was you simply can't decide when and where to adhere to the law to suit your own particular feelings on any given day. Thanks for the link, Regards, VLD.
  9. Sorry 'London' I have never heard of the guy. Please educate me, I don't know everything,( I just think I do ). VLD.
  10. They are all people who thought the law was irrelevant. This is not trolling just because your argument is full of holes.... Regards, VLD.
  11. Or Stalin or Pol Pot 'I shouldn't need to explain this any further....... VLD.
  12. You didn't mention Hitler........ VLD.
  13. Incorrect, the council did not give permission for the statue of Jen to be erected. It will be removed for this reason only. It isn't racist to obey the law. If people want a statue removed they should start a online petition and approach the relevant council indicating the support that has been shown by the petition. Surely this is the way to behave in a civilised society..... Regards, VLD.
  14. Lovely, and me an old rocker too, thanks for posting, VLD.
  15. Yes an interesting point of view. Whist it is okay to break the law and vandalise a statue to bring 'attention' to racism it is wrong for someone whose beliefs you disagree with to do the same? I personally think that it is okay to persuade councils to remove inappropriate statues but not to simply tear them down ( I am expecting the usual 'Gammon ' rant). We have laws for a reason .It is to prevent anarchy. Whats next, public stoning for anyone who disagrees with you opinion....... Regards, VLD.
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