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    Depends on how you look at it in hindsight the Martinez signing looks worth it but you paid £20 million on a keeper that only played 15 games for arsenal and at 27 hadn’t played 100 games in his career most of which were in the lower league but at the time arsenal could have felt like you were paying way over the odds for a keeper that has barely played for them. But it as has worked out. just people think you’ve paid over the odds for buendia who didn’t exactly shine in the prem with norwich with white I’m certain he’ll prove to be money well spent so in the end arsenal will happy they did
  2. Or it could be that sheff United Barely scored goals in the first season, top scorer was sharp on 6. Then they signed players like Brewster who couldn’t score goals. So those 1-0 wins in the first season became 1-0 losses in the 2nd. leeds have had no issue scoring goals this season. Even if they dried up a little next season that wouldn’t see them struggle as sheff United have
  3. Like I said, there are plenty on this thread that are annoyed Leeds are above you so it’s not 1 sided as you’d like to convince yourselves
  4. Haha don’t be daft if anything it’s the other way around... all we’ve heard this year is.. why is Bielsa getting praise what about the job Dean Smith is doing or we are they getting praise for losing 4-3 at anfield we beat the champions 7-2. If anything it’s your fans that have the jealous streak that we stole your thunder doing so well on our first season back after both clubs suffering lows but it’s taken you 2 years to have a good season and us 1.
  5. no it’s a myth that we have. £27 million on Rodrigo who’s been in and out injured all season £20 on llorente who’s played 10 games. £13 million on Koch who’s been injured for 3 months £17 million on raphinha who’s played most of the time the 2 other signings were players we had on loan last season. £5 million on mesisler £16 million on Costa. so £77 million on 4 players that haven’t featured together all season. & from reading your Leeds thread most seem to think our squad is poor and we’ll go the way sheff United have next year how much have you spent in 2 years?
  6. I appreciate some of these points but Douglas was a regular for the first half of Bielsa’s first season got injured the 2nd season he wasn’t first choice. That was either allioski or Dallas who are still playing now. mesilier was with us last season and played the last 8 games of last season berardi was injured in the final game of the season only just got fit forshaw has been injured for almost 2 years but klitch who plays the same position has been at Leeds for 4 years. I will agree on Hernandez but he’s been replaced by Rodrigo who’s been injured on and off all season so we are currently playing Tyler roberts who has been with us for 4 years as well. We brought in 2 CB’s in the summer 1 llorente has only managed 7 starts the other Koch has been injured for 3 months. So we’ve spent the season playing with ayling and either Cooper or strujk who both have been with us for years. the only signing that wasn’t here with us last season that has consistently played is raphina
  7. & then relied on goal line technology going wrong to keep you up.
  8. But isn’t this the argument. Bielsa got the best out of a “championship” squad and has currently 10th where as yourselves felt it necessary to spend big on the squad and smith barely kept you up. What would smith have done with your championship team?
  9. You do realise that we were playing the same way we’d played all season and were winning until we went down 10 and were forced to play more conservative.
  10. The Leeds system revolves around Phillips so allows him to get more involved. Phillips at 8 is basically where Henderson will play if fit so doesn’t give more creativity really but against the better sides gives more protection.
  11. He didn’t say he didn’t care about the opposition. He wants his to team be the best he doesn’t say he wants to do it against the easiest opposition. When he was at Newell’s if teams didn’t have tapes of his team for scouting he would send them the tapes. he doesn’t hide how we play it’s always the same. If it’s not working he won’t change it. His plan B is do plan A better.
  12. He definitely means. Why do you think he doesn’t change his style & is called “naive”. He wants to win in what his mind is the beautiful way to attack from the front. everyone knows how we play & he’s happy to say this is what we are let’s see if you can stop it. it’s the same reason he announces his lineup in the week before games. He’s nothing to hide.
  13. Very easy and lazy comparison to make. Sheff United stayed up with their top scorer getting 6 all season. they added to it with an unproven young player in Brewster. Leeds with the way the play have plenty of goals in them due to the way they play. So they won’t struggle worrying where their next goal is coming from. Even if they don’t hit the heights of this season they’ll still create and score enough to get enough wins. Remember if they play defensicely and draw 3 games or play attacking and win 1 of 3 they still have the a same amount of points, so losing games doesn’t effect them. Attack is the best form of defence Add to that any players they bring in. defensively both centre backs we signed have been injured for months. Meaning fullbacks have been playing CB, midfielders have played at both fullbacks. That won’t be the same next season
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