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  1. I understand this TBF. If we ever reach a point where we are able to turn our noses up at Grealish, we'll have done very well...but it would be very satisfying for him to want to come back at the end of his career and for the club to just leave him hanging.
  2. I think there is a fine line to walk between actual legendary status and being a "hero" to the fans. Less than a legend, but fondly remembered. For me, players like Laursen and Carew would probably fit into that second category. The closest players to legends in my time supporting the club would probably have to be Mellberg and Ian Taylor. I was born in 92, so I don't really remember much of the sides that last won us trophies. Grealish for me would probably also have been in the "hero" camp and has left short of fulfilling the potential to become a legend.
  3. Yeah I don't think I would want him back either to be honest. Would just smack even more of "doing us a favour" when he rocks up at 33 for a final pay-day. No thank you.
  4. As much as I understand why some people are frustrated at others for being seemingly so hung up on Grealish's words from last year, I have to say I've found the takes and behaviour from other football journalists to be quite distasteful as well. As much as Preece's piece is divisive, it is definitely honest and heartfelt from the point of view of a villa fan, whether you agree with his stance or not. What I am finding more irritating than Preece's honesty is the sneering condescension of City journalists in particular who feel the need to tell Villa fans that they're overreacting and should get over it. Easy to say when you're the beneficiary of such a transfer. That's doing just as much to wind people up as Grealish's own comments and interviews, in my opinion. To say that Villa fans should be eternally grateful for Grealish's, if we're honest, fairly meagre achievements at the club both does a disservice to everyone else who has played a role in re-establishing us in the prem (NSWE, other players, Deano, etc) and pedals the notion that we should be happy for Grealish to get his "big move". I'm not happy for Grealish, I'm not a Grealish fan. I'm a Villa fan, I want Villa to win things and we arguably stood a better chance of that by keeping him, so naturally it is disappointing to see him go. I really hope we as a club can eventually throw it back in the faces of everyone who is determined to cast us in the role of a perpetual also-ran. Fans are allowed to have ambition as well, not just players. Rant over.......
  5. I'd much prefer if we'd outgrown him by then.
  6. So our business is done according to Ashley Preece? Bit disappointing if true as we all know CM needs strengthening, but hopefully it gives us the scope to address it in Jan if needs be. Hope Sanson can step up and make a big impact once fit.
  7. I went to school with Connor Goldson. He was a knob there, and still a knob now it seems.
  8. Love Bert's attempts at crossfield balls. Every game, without fail.
  9. Feel sorry for Bailey that his signing has been overshadowed completely by the Grealish circus.
  10. If JWP does sign, the first few weeks of the season are going to be really interesting in terms of how we line up. I can't quite work my head around how all of this is going to piece together.
  11. The one that hurt me most was Barry in 2009, but Jack has eclipsed that this summer.
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