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  1. I think villa should just keep winning.....win every game they play from now and forever!! #footballcompleted
  2. Forget promotion for this season guys, it's just not going to happen, were just not good enough right through the club. Hopefully a busy but less edgy summer will give us a decent chance next season. Promotion will feel like a big achievement after being in this league for so long rather than just getting back to "where we belong"
  3. I agree that he does do everything that you say he does and I think Jack is an awesome player but I believe that we rely far to heavily on him. I think that once he goes in the summer it'll benefit both parties and Jack can go on and develop his career. Thanks for everything JG
  4. Big 45mins ahead. Big push needed from both players and fans... Get behind the boys, let your voice be heard
  5. I loved and really miss the togetherness that we had last season. Some of our wins and performances were solely down to that team spirit and togetherness. Even when things weren't going our way we still had hope and optimism because of it.
  6. My first choice to replace Bruce would have been Rodgers although I was never sure that he would leave a champions league team for a toxic mess of a championship side and I wasn't surprised that Smith got the job. I see his appointment in two ways, firstly totally unconvinced that he's the man to take us up such a massive jump in club size and fan expectation but on the flip side maybe the right and clever appointment in getting us a championship manager for a championship club which some need to get used too
  7. Leave Celtic for Villa..... You're having a laugh!!!
  8. Gravillahope


    Hey, so I'm villa through n through, been a fan since I can remember. My earliest memories are in the early 90s. My favourite players have been..tough to pick but Dean Saunders, Deon Dublin, Gareth Barry, Olaf Melburg, Jack Grealish to name just a few! I've been reading this forum for quite a while and sometimes have opinions and questions that id I'd like to voice. thanks Gra.
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