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  1. Just seen El Ghazi decided not to Fast yesterday so he was on full form for the game, I like the guy more and more , hes got so much potential.
  2. Try fan pass , they had loads up over the last few days anywhere from 385 upwards at the last check , I dont think they charge the admin fees either.
  3. Yes they did , I come accross mine the other day lol.
  4. We score first and this game is done , speaks volumes that theyve set up with 5 at the back again , negative club
  5. 3 goals in his last four starts is pretty consistent
  6. Hopefully you got one bud
  7. If anyone else couldn't get a ticket the other night , they've just released the untaken season tickets there were a few hundred a few minutes ago !
  8. Hes such a good player , I'm certain if he hadent had so many injuries hed be a good premier league player !
  9. Hutton leaving acres of space already, cant wait to never see him again
  10. After watching them today I think it suits us that they have gone up automatically , I'd fancy our chances at Leeds over Sheffield United .
  11. Go onto the sky sports football channel then if you have either virgin or sky there is literally a red button on your TV remote , press that and it brings up a link to all the available games
  12. Not on the sky go app but they can be watched on the sky sports app , I do it all the time

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