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  1. We've loaned out Bree to Ipswhich , Hutton and Elmo then ... Wow
  2. CraigyAVFC1987

    Tammy Abraham

    Is this guy reliable ?
  3. CraigyAVFC1987

    Alan Hutton

    I couldnt disagree more , no way should Hutton be starting over Taylor
  4. CraigyAVFC1987

    Alan Hutton

    Hutton is bang average , the amount of times this guy is half a yard off his man allowing a cross our he has to recover with a last ditch effort is incredible , i also think he offers very little going forward other than the odd suprise.
  5. CraigyAVFC1987

    Pre match thread

    Theyve also had a very kind run (woth the exception of maybe sheffield united)
  6. CraigyAVFC1987

    West Bromwich Albion

    They are Villa obsessed , every other song is Villa related , do they not realise we couldnt give a sh*t about Sandwell Town
  7. CraigyAVFC1987

    Pre-Match Thread

    I fully expect that we will smash these tonight, I can see about 5
  8. CraigyAVFC1987

    Alan Hutton

    I can't stand Hutton he's literally always half a yard off his man , gets turned nine times out of ten , he ends up making recovering tackles which gives the Holte end an opportunity to song that stupid Scottish Cafu song , he wouldn't need to make those tackles if he didn't get beat in the first place , he's got nothing going forward , no skill to beat a man , he either stops the ball dead and passes back or he throws himself to the ground , so overrated, old now and past it.
  9. CraigyAVFC1987

    New Manager Speculation

    I just heard on Talkspoort that the Monaco manager is about to get the boot so they think Henry is possible holding out on Villa incase this happens and he could end up there instead.
  10. CraigyAVFC1987

    AVTV 2018/9

    Ahhh I see , cheers bud
  11. CraigyAVFC1987

    AVTV 2018/9

    Haaaa ? , I went with the international pass not plus as we are on sky sports a lot but these 3pm games shown internationally thrown a spanner into the works lol.
  12. CraigyAVFC1987

    AVTV 2018/9

    I've just noticed we are being shown live on international tv Tommorow so there won't be a live video stream on AVTV , I wonder how hard it will be to get a decent stream online
  13. CraigyAVFC1987

    John Terry

    That's a shame And no it makes no sense really ?
  14. CraigyAVFC1987

    John Terry

    Has anybody watched the Jack Grealish interview that has been put up on AVTV today ? At about 3.30 into the interview the guy asks jack how John Terry helped him last season and then they pan onto Terry who's in the room .... is this an old interview or is Terry back lol