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  1. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    Thought he had another solid game. Great shot that hit the post but the way he made space for that was the impressive thing. Agree about the comments re looking up a little more at times and perhaps looking for the simple ball.........this was especially the case late on when he ran from deep in your own half right up to the WBA line and then just ran the ball out. Retaining possession and running the clock down were the most important thing at that stage so even taking the ball to the corner would have done. Mind you he always played the same up here, so always trying to make something happen is in his psyche. Three words sums up last nights game from your point of view...........You was robbed. Still, another game unbeaten and again you looked dangerous in attack and with a little more coolness in front of goal would have put the game to bed well before that obvious handball.
  2. newhavenhibby

    Pre-match thread

    'mon Villa.......keep it going Good luck against the baggies tonight.
  3. newhavenhibby

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Nottm Forest

    McGinn didn't look fully fit but that is two seasons running he has been involved in a 5:5 draw..........and didn't score in either Having seen Nyland tonight ( and especially the fourth and fifth goals ), If another goalkeeper is unavailable you could do worse than to have a look at one of our keepers, Bogdan, on loan from Liverpool. Wouldn't affect us much as we also have a Greek international in Marciano competing for the starting gloves..........and its not between the sticks where our problems lie.......its the other 10 positions
  4. newhavenhibby

    Scottish Fitba

    Aye, another certain John McGinn would be nice ..........wonder what happened to him
  5. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    First game at Villa Park in 1971 v Notts County in the old third division........packed house and a win! Through the 70's and 80's hardly missed a Villa game home and away. Still hate SHA more than I do Heart of Midlothian up here.......must be a birthplace thing.
  6. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    Great win for you lads over Small Heath on Sunday. It is more pleasing that the team put in a good performance without McGinn which shows confidence is beginning to rise in the rest of the team and that you are not a one trick pony. Obviously if he plays then the team will probably play better, but at times when he is suspended / injured Villa can still perform well. Heres hoping he is back for the Forest game but if not for the tough trip to 'Boro.................................Remember going to the old Ayrsome Park in the 70's at this time of year.........rained all day, not a blade of grass on the pitch and it was 0:0. Whats not to like
  7. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    SJM probably used to this "ball control" as it still goes on up here in Scotland with in the recent semi final between Hearts and Celtic, the Hearts striker McClean played the part of Jones with Kouassi of Celtic on the receiving end. Times have changed though as although it was missed by the ref at the time McClean received a retrospective ban. He said it was a bit of banter and had done it many times whilst playing.? (Tried to upload similar image but it didn't work...... )
  8. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    Sadly he's from St Mirren......doesn't really fit. ? Like the "Aston Villas" man ?
  9. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn used to be Alan Stubbs man ? ?
  10. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    Didn't mean each challenge is for the team...........he just hates to lose the ball and takes it personally. However if he plays as normal and Villa get good results then the general confidence will grow as a by product. He wouldn't be the same force if he starts to pull back from challenges for fear of getting a yellow card.
  11. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    McGinn has always been the same whether at St Mirren or Hibs.......when he lost the ball he does his best to get it back which unfortunately sometimes results in him being over zealous and getting on the wrong side of the ref and a yellow results. You will get used to this but that is just his way in giving 100% so just enjoy him when he is playing and if he helps confidence to spread through the entire Villa side hopefully they will cope without him for the odd game when he is suspended.............don't try and change him ?
  12. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    We certainly do miss him. ? ...........but good luck to him and his onward and upward career .............and another great result for the Villa today ?
  13. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    He certainly can shield the ball using his arse. ?
  14. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    We certainly haven't got anyone now and our midfield is struggling without McGinn , McGeouch ( went to Sunderland) and Allan (back to Celtic) from last year. More often than not players who come down to England don't seem to really make it , Stewart to Birmingham for example last year, and one exception at present is Robertson at Liverpool. Other players from abroad get a foothold up here before moving South eg: Sol Bamba, Van Dijk etc One attribute McGinn has ( amongst many) is his strength which you need if moving to the Championship or Premier league of which many young Scottish players lack and they are eased off the ball . If anyone else turns up at Hibs we will let the Villa scouts know. ?
  15. newhavenhibby

    Scottish Fitba

    Its funny that before he came to us and was at Celtic, Bolton etc most Hibs fans had the same bad feelings towards him.