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  1. My English side, Hereford FC ( I know I'm a Trophy hunter ) are playing Aston Villa under 23s at the end of July. Chance I will be down at Edgar Street to see how the Bulls are looking for the new season but will be good to run an eye over the Villa youngsters trying to make the grade into a Premiership side.
  2. Aye, in Hibs circles that is a vast amount to boost our season. Peanuts now for the Premier League and even the English Championship.
  3. Guy who wrote it in the Scottish Sun.......say no more.........is an idiot and before SJM went to you from us he assured everybody and especially Celtic that the deal was 100% done and dusted for his move to Parkhead. Up here we take whatever he says with a massive pinch of salt ......and a bottle of buckie As much as Hibs would like it to be true ( sell on clause would give us vital money) I believe it to be sensationalist clap trap. SJM is unproven in the Premier League so I think he should stay at AVFC for another season so we can all see how he copes against some of the top players in the World. On the same thought clubs such as MUFC will then have time to see his development and then come in with 50 million if that is his fee.
  4. Robertson apparently picked up an injury in the last game and Clarke started with a side to just defend and to a certain extent, park the bus. Was surprised McGinn didn't come on when they needed a goal and legs were getting tired. Too early to really get an impression on how his tenure is going to develop the Scottish national side.
  5. As long as it is not with us.................'well beckons again.........not even sure they will want him either. Big difference now is that Villa aren't there to pay the vast majority of his wages so he may come down to earth with a bump once he has spent his severance pay on his ex, haggis, irn bru and buckie.
  6. Well done Villa.......back where you belong Pleased for everyone at Villa..... players, staff, fans and of course SJM. Missed the game and I expect the final minutes were a bit squeaky bum time but you got the result and that is all that counts. .........we've got McGinn, super John McGinn........ sorry should be.......You've got McGinn......
  7. Done marvels at Killie with next to no money and average attendances at around 6k per game. Like him and a good shout to be the next Scotland manager......now theres a poisoned chalice
  8. Well done Villa. When some Norwich City mates came up for a game a few weeks ago I said then that they would be Champions, Sheff United would be second and Leeds would lose to Villa in the final...............................going well so far. Missed the game last night but have been at a few semi finals that went to pens and know how nerve racking they are. Last one was the semi when we won the cup in 2016 and our keeper that day had a blinder and saved their first two.................went on to win against sevco so hope it is a good omen for you lads in 12 days. 'mon Villa, get back to where you should be.
  9. Aye, very true Stockbridge..............I remember only one when given a straight red v Falkirk but that was downgraded on appeal. I think his style of play means that a yellow in the game is always on the cards........pardon the pun
  10. He's a St Mirren boy really like his brothers but like to think we guided him in the right direction for you.
  11. Another great result, especially with a weakened side. I thought you would miss Mings and Jack more but you kept the run going. Play offs certainly beckon and then.......who knows
  12. We still struggle with wages as do most clubs outside the 2 uglies although agree we can pay a little more than St Mirren. This was highlighted when Aberdeen lost Adam Rooney to an English non league club ( Salford ?) as they could offer him twice the wage that the dons could.
  13. Aye, we always reckon he buys his shorts from the kids section in the clubstore lol
  14. Well past his best but clubs allow him to stroll around the park and wind up the opposition. He would struggle anywhere outside of Celtic now. His main job today was to wind sevco up which worked a treat.
  15. Typical bigot fest that the media and authorities will be creaming themselves over up here. Fans on pitch after Smeltic score, steward hurt Morelos sent off having been set up by Brown Usual sectarian singing Kent should have been sent off after flooring Brown again after Smeltics second...............Brown should have received a second yellow and should have been off also. Halliday ( Hibs favourite sevco player ) should have gone after the whistle for the fighting at the end. ( Kent and Halliday I feel will get retrospective punishment???) .............................and what will happen to the 2 clubs..............................nothing as usual as they are all that is important. Lennon out of his area again....................will be interested to see what punishment he gets for that Yet us and all other clubs in Scotland have to be grateful for what ever small scraps we can get off the big boys table and take our punishment from the SFA as required with the usual minimal copy from the media.

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