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  1. At times for us he was frustrating, especially some of his passing. Putting him into a league higher and things show up even more. He seems to have concentrated too much in the gym to do weights and bulk the muscle obviously to try to deal with stronger players in the English Premier League..........but he needs to concentrate more on his cardio as his greatest strength was always getting about the pitch for 90 minutes and going box to box.............................he now looks done very quickly. Looks better when in more of a DM role but even there he should be breaking up play more and still be able to get forward more and make positive runs towards the opposing goal. Opposing coaches have realised what he is all about and now seem to nullify his game. Smith should be looking for another midfielder and jolt McGinn to work harder to try and get a starting position back. ....................especially on his cardio. At present he is a good squad player but shouldn't be a guaranteed starter. Didn't need to bulk up so much with his arse shielding anyway.
  2. 3 points are the most important thing, although it was a struggle. If you have to win ugly, take it. Need someone to replace McGinn as a starter.............looks too slow for 90 minutes in the Premier League. Take the 3 points and move on......build from here.
  3. Lennon just said......... on talking to Edouard yesterday that he was tired having played for France and then against St Mirren on Wednesday night. He wanted him fresh for their Europa game against Riga next week. He also didn't rule out that he would be staying at Celtic Park this transfer window.............so you never know.
  4. Lennon would have rested him for more difficult opposition. Most of the second half they were comfortably 2 goals to the good and coasting so no need to bring him on in Lennons eyes. Livvy have some tough "tacklers" at the back so not worth the risk.
  5. Always an exciting time as the first match looms. Wondering how the new signings will perform and gel with what is already there. Here's hoping the new boys work out and Villa can get off to a winning start. Playing catch up and games in hand are never as good a scenario as having points on the table. 'mon Villa
  6. How true.....................even up here, once opposition coaches watched him for a while it was obvious that they would instruct a second player to close the space down . Even if they don't get the ball cleanly a subtle foul can stop any sort of momentum. Add then the extra power and strength in the English Premiership and his trademark arse roll and turn away doesn't become anywhere near as effective. I am also hoping as I am sure you are, once 100% fit then he can step up the extra gear to make him more of a dominating player in your League. If this doesn't happen and Smith brings in another box to box midfielder I can see John back to the bench and mainly used as a sub.
  7. Aye...........we don't need an Academy ..........we've got Mrs McGinn
  8. Great news lads ...................and lassies
  9. John is certainly a different shape compared to his 2 brothers . Both Stephen (St Mirren) and Paul , who plays for us, are fairly slim in comparison. .........they certainly don't have Johns arse. Perhaps its because he is a twin...........but you would have thought that would have made him more slight.
  10. when you take their penalties...........
  11. Having watched Celtic a fair amount I wouldn't say he was the one that makes things happen much of the time. He benefits from the good players around him especially their wide players creating chances for him. When teams are chasing the game against the smellies, after parking the bus before going a goal down , it is the speed of the midfielders on the counter who create much for him. Celtic are often at their most dangerous at a corner or freekick to the opposition around their area as their speed of counter is too much for many sides and when the ball gets to Edouard he will be in yards of space as a rule. It is usually a good "team" performance rather that a couple of individuals that get the results for them. Following on from this, I haven't looked into Edouards goals but like to know how many of them are the first goal scored when Celtic are up against an 11 man defense. whilst the game is goalless? Space then is at a premium and most teams are just defending for their lives. As I said before he needs testing at a higher level to see if he can raise his game........somebody will take a chance!
  12. Depends how Brendan Rodgers sees it. He brought him to Celtic and under his management they invariably played with 2 strikers. In the English Premier League he may see that as a luxury as a starter but may believe to use him from the bench later in the game perhaps if chasing the game whilst at the same time developing his game and learning on the training field. Who knows?
  13. Quite correct..............the uglies are the only 2 with their little bit more money and wages and their side would be akin to Championship level at this moment. The rest of us do what we can on a shoestring but the plight was underlined in 2018 when an established striker at Aberdeen went to a non league English club...................as he would be paid more. Any "striker" playing for the uglies, each game, gets a hat full of chances due to the domination and so they tend to notch a fair number of goals each season. In the same pretext they also miss a fair number of easy chances.......I've seen Eduoard miss some simple chances one in particular against us but I feel some of their players get complacent as 99 times out of a hundred 100 they dominate SPL games and more chances will come along. The big question is........have they got that extra gear to raise their level in the Premier League and manage on perhaps two or three half chances a game whilst facing some of the best defenders in the World? He is at the age now where he needs to test himself so believe he will move soon........but where?????
  14. Aye, you are right. but keeping his powder dry to see if a "bigger" club want him. Virgil van Dyke had to use a stepping stone of Southampton from Celtic, before his "big" move to Liverpool and Andy Robertson went to Hull before ending up at Anfield. ( albeit from the arabs.) Here's hoping he goes to Villa first .
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