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  1. Aye, they are certainly making their ground a fortress.......no pundits that might have a connection with the other arse cheek, no away fans allowed in for the foreseeable future this season and as expected their fans had the full bigot songbook out last night . Good job the authorities at Chelsea FC aren't up here as they are only trying to catch one bigot for having a go at John McGinn whereas up here they would be after at least half of the Ibrox crowd. Mind you I cannot remember how many times I have been called by their fans a Fenian b***ard and I am Welsh and christened as such The media and papers up here lap it all up and pander to it and we will always get the usual club statements that they are working hard to eradicate all of the sectarianism etc Orange Order marches tomorrow but they do have to be silent when passing Catholic churches Well done Lyon...............................and Real Betis.
  2. Aye, both Macey and Gordon played well today although I feel Gordon is the better all round keeper. Macey is improving, the more game time he gets, something he didn't get at Arsenal ...........including his loans. in the seven years on Arsenals books he only played around 50 games in total. ( mostly in one season at Plymouth) His distribution with the ball at his feet still needs work and sometimes positioning on crosses is suspect. I'm sure the coaches are working on this and as I said there is nothing like being involved in games. We were concerned when Marciano went to Feyenoord but Macey is growing in confidence and doing well.
  3. Correct Hornso. His brother Leslie played for Middlesex and Arsenal but was not as successful at cricket compared to Denis.
  4. Thanks Australia......not. We needed him for the derby on Sunday
  5. Stenny are a great little club and are at the heart of the community in the town. They have a community foundation and gave great support especially during the recent lockdowns due to covid. Apart from delivering meals etc to the vulnerable in the area they also had their own helpline manned 24 hours a day for those who needed someone to talk to in dark times. Volunteers, players , management and staff all get involved. Its nice in these days of obscene money in football to go back to small community based football clubs who are approachable and everyone gets involved. The only thing wrong with the club is the colour of their shirts.
  6. Last I heard he had retired back to the Bristol area and was enjoying his golf. Certainly one of my favourite Villa players along with John Gidman ..........many great 70's memories.
  7. Good luck on Saturday lads and lasses. Always a great buzz around the first game of the season, especially to see how you get on without Jack and how the new lads settle in. Obviously up here, we will be watching SJM and see how he plays without Jack with him and whether Smith changes his role in midfield. Watford is a reasonable fixture and on paper should be winnable. Having said that Watford can be quite a stodgy side, especially at home so should be a fascinating game. All the best. 'mon Villa
  8. Totally agree, at times its more Div 1 or even 2 level, that's not the point, Its not about the quality ............as I say you get what you pay for. Its about following and being attached to a club, its players, supporters through its highs and lows AT THAT LEVEL. Outside Smeltic and Sevco the games are usually competitive at that level. . When you get a result against the two arse cheeks you still get the same feeling ,if not more ,as you did when you gubbed Liverpool last season..............ask Dundee United fans how they were feeling last Sunday after beating sevco. 2016 was more incredible for me as a football supporter than Rotterdam. At least when our striker fluffs an open goal I can tell myself he is only on 2k a week.............what about the English Premier League players? The amount of money up here sits better with me rather than the obscene amounts in England which is why I support a poor Scottish side now and not my hometown club whom as I said I followed for years. My suggestion would be.......don't watch on a Sunday lol.
  9. You are probably right. You get what you pay for plus it can still be entertaining for a fraction of the gravy train that is the English Premier League. Still has given me the best times as a supporter .........which includes 20 years following Villa home and away, including Rotterdam.
  10. Well done Malmo, brilliant second half having gone down to 10 men following play acting by Goldson of sevco. GIRFUY Sevco.
  11. Well done Malmo, brilliant second half especially after the play acting by Goldson to get the Malmo lad sent off. GIRFUY Sevco and SG. Most of the rest of Scotland were right behind you.
  12. Aye, just back from ER and again he was very good. Neat and tidy again and links play well. If he continues as he is, he won't be with us long.
  13. Well done Arabs..............so pleasing , GIRFUY Sevco.
  14. Well done to the Perth Saints last night getting an excellent draw against Galatasaray in Turkey. Considering the difference in finances between the clubs that is some achievement especially away from home.
  15. Doyle-Hayes, man of the match at the ground in our game v Croatian side Rijeka tonight. He'll have to play even better next week if we are to have any chance in the return leg.
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