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  1. newhavenhibby

    Dean Smith

    Good luck to Dean and I personally think it is a good choice............experience in the division and has done well at both Walsall and Brentford which in the case of the latter was with more limited resources than are available at Villa. Obviously there will be more expectation to get them out the division so time will tell how he reacts to that. I used to watch Dean when he played for Hereford United in the 90s and he always came over as the consummate professional. Terry is a little more left field but got to give him time as the fans do with Dean Smith. Good luck to them both and to Villa for the rest of the season. Obviously if he doesn't get on with McGinn we will take him back on loan in January .......seriously I hope that doesn't happen and John goes from strength to strength with Villa.
  2. newhavenhibby

    Watch this and Cry

    Great memories.......had just returned to live back in Birmingham from Edinburgh and remember going to all the home games that season............also meant I could keep an eye on an old Easter Road favourite in Des Bremner.
  3. newhavenhibby

    New Manager Speculation

    Played 93 times and scored 13 goals. ( thanks to Wiki lol )
  4. newhavenhibby

    New Manager Speculation

    Mentioned today in the "Sun" lol. Not the man you need although his Celtic side was much better than Rodgers present one. He is a good manager ( at our level and League) but suffers from a degree of mental illness so don't know how he would cope with the pressures at Villa. He did have a go at Bolton a couple of years ago but financial constraints there cut that venture into the English Leagues short. His number 2 is of course Gary Parker who some of your slightly more mature fans will remember from the Villa sides of the 90s.
  5. newhavenhibby

    Colin Calderwood

    He was our manager a few years back. ..............................hadn't a bloody clue, so was really surprised when he got appointed at Villa . Fantastic you have also got rid of him.
  6. newhavenhibby

    New Manager Speculation

    Incidentally 2 of the worst have been Terry Butcher and Calderwood.......couldn't believe he ended up with you guys under Bruce Was glad to see he was shown the door and not given temporary charge.
  7. newhavenhibby

    New Manager Speculation

    Any appointment is a gamble and it will come down to how the Board see it.................experience at this level against a left fielder. Eyebrows were raised here when Tony Mowbray was appointed out of the backroom at Ipswich with no experience but proved to be one of the best we have had in the last 20 years or so. The same also was true to a certain extent with Stubbs. However he has now failed at 2 follow up clubs in Rotherham and St Mirren.
  8. newhavenhibby

    New Manager Speculation

    Someone with good experience in the Championship or higher who has a genuine passion for the game and the Club he is in charge of. We have had a few left field appointments who have proved to be excellent, eg Mowbray, Stubbs but this is a different League / pressure and I don't think you can beat that experience.
  9. newhavenhibby

    New Manager Speculation

    Blimey I thought Rodgers was a bad shout but the "Breadman" and his magic wand Warburton.......NO WAY.
  10. newhavenhibby

    New Manager Speculation

    Really feel you need to avoid Rodgers. Comes across up here in Scotland as an arrogant p***k who has achieved nothing more than expected based on the huge gulf in finances between Celtic and the rest. (with Sevco struggling to regain their former strength which may be changing this season with Stevie G at the helm) At Liverpool they had a great squad and should have won the League but somehow didn't and then fell away. I have never been that convinced of him when the pressure is on. Trying to get Villa back to where they belong will bring great pressures so you need someone who has shown they are capable of enduring this. For the same reason I feel John Terry needs to be avoided as although he was a great player there is no Managerial history especially at such a high profile club. Lets hope for the right appointment soon who can coach the present squad to become a potent force in the Championship and achieve promotion. It was interesting to see how John McGinns performances have dipped after a few weeks under Bruce!
  11. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    Sunshine On Leith is an incredibly hard song to sing .......even for someone who can sing. It is only sung perhaps once or twice a year by the fans after either an important Cup victory or after beating Hearts etc (so some years it is never heard! ) and it has to have the record in the background to get the timings and phrasings correct........no chance JM could have pulled it off
  12. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    Interesting points about if attention is directed at him it will allow Grealish more room and time. This certainly happened at Hibs where teams obviously targeted McGinn but in doing so allowed our other midfielders to operate more freely. This worked well for us last year as we had then ( both left now ) 2 other lads who could exploit this extra time and space. Hopefully your midfield and especially Grealish can do the same. When you have 2 midfielders like McGinn and Grealish teams will struggle to mark them both out the game / kick them both up in the air .Fortunately McGinn showed he is not fragile and could take the hard man tactics without always being out injured.
  13. newhavenhibby

    John McGinn

    Mighty you think poz.......and mighty they are
  14. newhavenhibby

    Ron Saunders in care

    Aye mjm.......totally different from the modern squad game. When we turned up to see the Villa we could name the side before it was announced, barring injuries.
  15. newhavenhibby

    Ron Saunders in care

    So sad to hear this. Was the Villa manager through a large part of my Villa supporting days through the 70's and have fond memories of following him and his teams in that era. Some great days and memories...........................thanks for that Ron. Thoughts are with him and his family.