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  1. Aye, very true Stockbridge..............I remember only one when given a straight red v Falkirk but that was downgraded on appeal. I think his style of play means that a yellow in the game is always on the cards........pardon the pun
  2. He's a St Mirren boy really like his brothers but like to think we guided him in the right direction for you.
  3. Another great result, especially with a weakened side. I thought you would miss Mings and Jack more but you kept the run going. Play offs certainly beckon and then.......who knows
  4. We still struggle with wages as do most clubs outside the 2 uglies although agree we can pay a little more than St Mirren. This was highlighted when Aberdeen lost Adam Rooney to an English non league club ( Salford ?) as they could offer him twice the wage that the dons could.
  5. Aye, we always reckon he buys his shorts from the kids section in the clubstore lol
  6. Well past his best but clubs allow him to stroll around the park and wind up the opposition. He would struggle anywhere outside of Celtic now. His main job today was to wind sevco up which worked a treat.
  7. Typical bigot fest that the media and authorities will be creaming themselves over up here. Fans on pitch after Smeltic score, steward hurt Morelos sent off having been set up by Brown Usual sectarian singing Kent should have been sent off after flooring Brown again after Smeltics second...............Brown should have received a second yellow and should have been off also. Halliday ( Hibs favourite sevco player ) should have gone after the whistle for the fighting at the end. ( Kent and Halliday I feel will get retrospective punishment???) .............................and what will happen to the 2 clubs..............................nothing as usual as they are all that is important. Lennon out of his area again....................will be interested to see what punishment he gets for that Yet us and all other clubs in Scotland have to be grateful for what ever small scraps we can get off the big boys table and take our punishment from the SFA as required with the usual minimal copy from the media.
  8. LOL.................Being a visitor, I cannot give "likes" etc but that is clever sidcow.
  9. Many clubs affected by this including us , Celtic and Hearts up here. They all say they are looking at an alternative to zebra and like you we are hoping they extend the "early bird" package if time drags on.
  10. Incidentally a return ticket stub for the uefa cup tie v Liverpool at Anfield in 1975 has just sold for £213. The game eventually ended up a Liverpool win..............................Hibs won 1.0 up here at Easter Road with a 3.1 scoreline at Anfield. We missed a last minute penalty at Easter Road which would have given us a 2 goal cushion and of course in the modern game we would have progressed due to away goals. ( Not sure when that rule came in but would have been much later than 75)
  11. I'm afraid money has taken a toll on the mighty . The thing that people forget is that if they were in the Premier League in England or the Championship they would become a force to compete properly with the extra revenue they would get courtesy of those leagues, TV , satellite etc etc. They have a fantastic fan base and the grounds already. The prize money also is a lot less with the winner of the SPL getting less in real terms than the relegated teams in the Premier League. Hence the reason they keep trying to get into the English Leagues who naturally enough do not want them whereas up here anyone who is not a fan of the uglies want them to f**k off. When I first watched Hibs in the 70's we drew with the great Revie Leeds side and should have won and we beat Liverpool in Europe. First game at Easter Road was against Juventus..............no way now can we afford to compete at this level now and the big differential for this has happened over the past 20 to 30 years. I thought you would be pleased McGinn was on the bench........no chance of being injured and comes back raring to go for the Villa.
  12. OK , some key players missing and a sh*te artificial pitch but even so that is a dreadful result............McLeish should go soon The natives up here are not happy Fortunately being Welsh it doesn't really affect me and am still hung over after the rugby last weekend.
  13. Spent the weekend up here with some Norwich City mates who came up for the Motherwell game........................................consensus amongst them and the Hibs forum is that.................. Norwich will win the league with Sheffield United second. Leeds to bottle the run in and lose in the play off final to Villa. Sounds good to me! Seriously I just hope you can pick up the momentum again after the International break but the big thing at present is the confidence factor will be back. The return of Grealish has been instrumental in sparking this and from what I gather Whelan { usually receives pelters on here!) had a great game against 'boro so it just shows what confidence can do to a side.......keep it going
  14. Another great result.......well done. I think the last few games show how important Grealish is to the side in so many ways. This guy Mings you have brought in is also stabilising the defense so the play off push is back on big time I also think with Grealish back in, it is helping your other midfielders especially McGinn as the opposition target Jack to stop him playing allowing the others more space and time.
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