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  1. Just win tonight and we're out the relegation places, simple as that! 90mins of Villa Park rocking please.
  2. Brighton's defence really struggled with pace against Everton at the weekend. So El Ghazi through the middle might not be a bad idea. Didn't realise how slow Dunk was until I watched the game. They've also only won 1 game in the last 6 in all competitions. We've definitely got a chance of getting something if we turn up and play well.
  3. If Benteke does sign, he gets my full backing. With the talent we have on the wings, he will score but more importantly, his hold up play is a lot more rounded than Wesley's and that could be more vital than his goals in allowing us to get up the pitch and starting playing more in the final third.
  4. I'd take Benteke. He's been really unlucky in front of goal, an early one for us and he'll be flying. I have no doubt about that.
  5. Maja finally just broke into the first team over the past few weeks, scored a hat trick at the weekend as well. Don't think they will be looking to sell atm.
  6. It's vital we win the majority of our next run of games. Everton have a run similar to what we've just been through coming up. They could be well in the bottom three comes the new year.
  7. They have actually said, they won't sell him for any price in January. Anyone wanting Morelos is January is going to have to pay a ridiculous amount of money. He broke a few records last night. First Rangers player to score in 4 consecutive European matches and most goals (13) scored in Europe in a single season by a Scottish club breaking Henrik Larsson's record for Celtic (12).
  8. Surely Southgate would have got the nod that Jack was injured, hence this was the true reason he wasn't called up most recently!?. He's not exactly going to come out and say that though as then our opponents would have known he was likely not playing against them (Wolves). Southgate alluded to it last time that where Jack is playing for us now, he's up against Sterling, Sancho etc for places. However I think Grealish could easily end up at the Euro's at the expense of Mount, Maddison or Barkley.
  9. He just brings something to the team, none of the other options can. We seem to get results when he plays, simple as that.
  10. The Scottish league is far better than people down south give it credit for imo. Very rarely do players move south and fail. I think any transfer involving Morelos will be a record breaking fee for Scottish football, so above Tierney's £25 million. If Morelos keeps playing the way he is, avoids injury etc. Then the value a team could possibly agree in January may be a bit lower than what Rangers would be looking for in the summer when he will most definitely be sold. The Rangers chairman has previously spoken about merging the two, so he may have known about this. How feasible that is, I'm not sure. We are in a really good position at the moment both on and off the field, despite what many Celtic fans would have you believe. Hence we managed to spend £7M on signing Kent permanently. With regards to Morelos, his attitude has vastly improved, he's not as confrontational when he receives a bad challenge, he is still playing with that fire but he's using it the right way. It's like he knows scoring goals will hurt them more than confronting them. He's got everything you would want or need in a striker, pace, power, aggression, vision, Awareness of everything around him. I accepted a while ago that we'll lose him, so I'm just enjoying him whilst I can. If and when he does leave, I would rather he go to Villa but if he keeps developing a the rate he is, I wouldn't rule out a big gun taking the chance on him. I know Man Utd and Spurs had scouts at the Porto away game. Now I don't believe they were there to specifically watch Morelos but he must have left an impression.
  11. Closer to the £30 million mark imo. Gerrard and the new sporting director (Ross Wilson who came from Southampton) have both said he's going nowhere in January. If we sold him, we're basically throwing away any chance we have of beating Celtic to the title imo.
  12. I've grown up a Rangers fan, my Villa love came along a bit later later (around the Little/Gregory eras). So I've been following Villa most of my 33yrs. I watch every Rangers game home, away, Europe. I can say without a shadow of doubt, Morelos is the real deal. In recent years he's definitely the best striker we've had since Jelavic. In saying that, he's probably better than him already. Rangers have probably held on to him a season more than we should have due to his temperament issues last season but it's been a blessing. I think missing out on the Copa America squad with Colombia during the summer was when the penny dropped and his discipline has been amazing this season. Yes, he still has that fire but he's using it in the right way. This season he's taken it to a new level, culminating with him bagging his 1st goal for Colombia over the weekend. His hold up play for someone so young is incredible, you can't even compare it to Wesley, he's miles ahead of him in the department. He's been dropping deeper to great effect this season, his passing is very good as well. People will always compare him to Edouard, both are very promising young strikers but Morelos hold up/link up play is far superior at this moment in time. I would also say he's a bit more mobile as well. The only thing is, Rangers won't sell him in January unless it's funny money. I know there is a lot of different opinions of Morelos on here, but imo if we had Morelos since the start of the season, we would have more points on the board, it's as simple as that.
  13. With their fixture congestion, it's either gonna be a young team or a mix of experience and youth. So we have a great chance of progressing to the Semi's imo.
  14. Well his price just went up further after last night, apparently Palace had scouts at the game watching him. Man Utd & Spurs scouts were there also, not looking at Morelos specifically but must have noted his performance. Ran Pepe ragged, albeit he is 36 now but still one of the better defenders in Europe.
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