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  1. Grealish needs to be further up the pitch, playing far too deep, yeah he's still dictating but we need him starting it a bit further forward. Hourihane has the vision for a pass and can strike from distance, think he deserves a chance, he should have came on when West Ham went down to 10 men imo. Jota is skilful but doesn't have the pace to play out wide in this league, he either has to be central or introduced as a sub. Trezeguet is the better option due to his pace. I would even give Kodjia a run there and maybe drop El Ghazi to the bench. Wesley needs more players around him, far too isolated. Defensively we look solid, that's the major plus point. Just need to tweak it going forward and hopefully it clicks sooner rather than later.
  2. Ming's value went up without getting any minutes, given Keane & Maguire's showings imo.
  3. I've been doing it since start of the year, only invested £70 but got a profit of £98.00 atm. Mainly Grealish and Mings. I feel like if you buy a player here and there isn't to going to work for you. You've got to have at least 30 plus shares in a player to generate good profit.
  4. I think Premier League defenders will hate playing against Kodjia, he's unpredictable. Even he doesn't know what he's going to do at times! So he might surprise us as and when he is given a chance. Just need to hope Wesley finds the net quickly and that we can share goals throughout the team.
  5. Belotti!? Surely not, if we sign him, we'll truly have had the best transfer window of any club since the beginning of transfers.
  6. I would rather have Engels, Konsa & Hause, rather than the risk of having Elphick as back up if we did sign an experienced PL defender.
  7. @VILLAMARV Andre Green & Keinan Davis missing from the squad?
  8. What a window this has been so far! So when does FFP come into things, I read somewhere we had around £120M to spend before FFP came into play, that right?
  9. Are you including last season's loan players who are now permanent in this? As I would personally discount those even thought we signed them now. So to me, it's only Wesley, Jota, Konsa & Targett in so far who are new signings. Hope that makes sense.
  10. I don't care who we buy or how much we spend, you give me 17th now and I'm taking it. I want stability over anything going forward. Obviously that's the sensible me, The crazy me wants to push for top 10 and then go for a European place.
  11. Hadn't heard of this guy until today, looks an exciting prospect tbh. Also building a relationship with Man City isn't the worst idea either. He plays well and we make profit selling him back to them.
  12. I'm happy teams like Man Utd & Chelsea have Solskjaer and Lampard in charge, reduces the fear factor greatly imo. Throw in Bruce possibly at Newcastle and it's going to be a crazy season.
  13. Living & working in Leeds, Leeds fans today are worried as Phillips wasn't at their kit launch last night, in some of their own words "Our worst 3 players turned up to it". In all honestly why wouldn't arguably their best player/one of their own not be the centre piece to their kit launch? I've had my doubts about this, as my own thoughts were it was all a smokescreen and we were trying to land Jansson but that's obviously not happened. I now think Phillips might be a goer.
  14. I wouldn't say he can play CB, more like a last resort than anything else. He's never a CB.
  15. Tierney isn't worth the money, been very injury prone this season. Rumours up North it's a long term issue which can only be managed going forward. Also his stats for an attacking full back are awful, mind you that might be more to do with the fact he's compared to Robertson every two minutes.

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