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  1. They only had 4 on target so not possible for them to score 2 from there extra shot on target
  2. In fairness players can change position just look at Antonio at West ham
  3. Honestly couldn't give a shit bout Jack now, hes done the dirty and he never be a legend here because it, Anyone who is a legend played the prime years here Jack didn't do this and will always be remembered that way He his eyes we are not good enough for him No true villan would make that decision especially when you can see the progress under the new owners So he can go win some plastic money trophys for city but I think he'll regret it in the end, He could have been the greatest player to ever play for this club but he chose more money and fame He a sell out.
  4. Just because you don't rate Conor doesn't mean you can't count Conor We still have to pay him so he does count it's not like we can throw him in the bin cause were finished with him
  5. It's not that imbalanced it's just needs a proper destroyer in front of the back 4 Who that is I don't know preferably 6 foot plus would also help on set plays Some thing like this would work I think similar to Liverpool formation Emi Cash konsa mings targett Dm Emi2 Mcginn Bailey ings watkins Front 3 are all interchangeable
  6. To get it right from the start Not when were 2 nil down
  7. This deserved more than a like so quoted it and like it
  8. I think ings watkins and bailey will be interchangeable or fluid with no set position just a front 3 This would need mcginn and buendia to be all action also if we could a proper dm this might work
  9. Only one player left from that team A lot of turn around in short space of time
  10. Maybe he'll do a snake in reverse
  11. I will begrudge him he only coming into his prime and he wants to leave, I don't get all this bollocks that he stayed with us, The only other bid was the derogatory one from spurs, as soon as someone puts the money where there mouth is, he says goodbye to little villa, I hope he doesn't win a **** thing there cause once he leaves he's not a villa boy anymore Maybe a bit of karma us beating city in the fa cup final would be nice I would love to see Jack's face as Tyrone lifts that trophy instead of him
  12. And your point is what France were odds on to beat the Swiss but that didn't happen , nethersland favorite to beat the Czechs that didn't happen it's tournament football that's why England havnt reached a final since 66 doesn't matter how you get there if you win it no body will remember who you played to get there Trust me im irish and I know you played Germany in the final in 66 but don't have a clue who you played other wise
  13. To be honest Southgate is right Jack isn't fit enough at the minute he is not the player he was earlier this season He can still pull a rabbit out of a hat but to be honest as an irishman I don't mind Jack's minutes being manage as it is good news for villa
  14. They do realise our owners are rich and Jack signed a new contract in September If nswe don't accept the bid it's not like Jack is going to down tools at his boyhood club
  15. Ya probably critisize mings for being too good in the previous games
  16. Watching that video makes me think what could have been this year how many good chances we missed Grealish would have bout 30 assists
  17. At the end of the game you could hear him shouting at the ref while speaking to him should be banned for it
  18. Aim was twelfth this season Smith said so only the last week So were above target
  19. Ya that's not a bad idea some sort of unified message sent from everyone's personal account to players at the same time would be good We might not be able to stop the abuse but we can show love for our players and team
  20. I know my idea wouldn't work I was just throwing something out there Just so disappointed in some of our fan base As you say only the social media company's can sort it but they won't
  21. That's the thing there is one thing me and you debating stuff on here but what sort of enjoyment do people get going on somebody's personal page and abusing them It's just not on
  22. I agree but how do we do it maybe some from of protest where the genuine fans have a social media black out after a game no matter the result maybe it would allow the players to block the idiots
  23. It's not about the players leaving social media they should not have too It's about the people with no face online and no accountability
  24. Just seeing dougies post about the abuse he got for giving away the penalty against utd Just got me thinking about Anwar leaving social because of us fans Is there anything we can do stop this as a group because this is not my Villa I always thought we were better than than the rest but it seems were just the same a the rest of the arseholes
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