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  1. gaffer85

    Dean Smith

    I'm gone all tingly this could be special
  2. gaffer85

    New Manager Speculation

    Ha I missed him first time round
  3. gaffer85

    Watch this and Cry

    Maybe somewhere in between how bout a triangle
  4. gaffer85

    Watch this and Cry

    Yes we are not Bolton but sometimes you could a pin drop in villa park and this makes it to easy for opposing teams
  5. gaffer85

    Watch this and Cry

    Not on the fence anyway
  6. gaffer85

    New Manager Speculation

    Let's hope they're wrong on this one
  7. gaffer85

    New Manager Speculation

    So was Henry in the summer I think they even suspended betting at one point
  8. gaffer85

    Watch this and Cry

    Makes you think now with so little good chants do we need some sort instruments in the crowd Like preseason at dynamo Drsyden they had a good atmosphere there and it was a friendly
  9. gaffer85

    New Manager Speculation

    You might tell it as is but it is sure as he'll more fun up here in the clouds
  10. gaffer85

    Watch this and Cry

    Would have liked to been there on those days atmosphere must have been electric Pity we didn't take to some song it would be nice to have a proper anthem
  11. gaffer85

    Watch this and Cry

    Also why were we singing you'll never walk alone at the end
  12. gaffer85

    Watch this and Cry

    Ha seen more football in that highlights than I did in 2 year under bruce
  13. gaffer85

    October Optimism Gauge

    Bloody hope so
  14. gaffer85


    Well it'll be hard for him to pick the same team as Bruce when Bruce didn't even know who he would play
  15. gaffer85

    Steve Bruce

    Oh the sweet relief Thanks for your efforts Bruce sorry it didn't work out but it's time for a change