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  1. Watching that video makes me think what could have been this year how many good chances we missed Grealish would have bout 30 assists
  2. At the end of the game you could hear him shouting at the ref while speaking to him should be banned for it
  3. Aim was twelfth this season Smith said so only the last week So were above target
  4. Ya that's not a bad idea some sort of unified message sent from everyone's personal account to players at the same time would be good We might not be able to stop the abuse but we can show love for our players and team
  5. I know my idea wouldn't work I was just throwing something out there Just so disappointed in some of our fan base As you say only the social media company's can sort it but they won't
  6. That's the thing there is one thing me and you debating stuff on here but what sort of enjoyment do people get going on somebody's personal page and abusing them It's just not on
  7. I agree but how do we do it maybe some from of protest where the genuine fans have a social media black out after a game no matter the result maybe it would allow the players to block the idiots
  8. It's not about the players leaving social media they should not have too It's about the people with no face online and no accountability
  9. Just seeing dougies post about the abuse he got for giving away the penalty against utd Just got me thinking about Anwar leaving social because of us fans Is there anything we can do stop this as a group because this is not my Villa I always thought we were better than than the rest but it seems were just the same a the rest of the arseholes
  10. I'm sorry I agree with all your post bar being never a penalty That is a penalty everyday of the week in the Times we are in If there is contact it is a pen (I don't think this should the way but it is) there was a much contact for pogbas pen If that was rashford at the other end it would be a pen I don't know if the refs are being bought or it's psychological but something not right it's happened to many times to be a coincidence
  11. An opinion is based on fact what you have is a theory but a theory may never come true I could theorize that we will win the league next year from our first half to the season and it has the same validity of your theory that were shit from the second half of the season An opinion is based on facts There is a difference
  12. If this true surely has to be the end for him Smith can't be playing players who are not arsed
  13. You might get the odd mistake but if we play like at the start of the season you can forgive it
  14. I actually think our bad form has coincided with mings not dictating the play or bringing the ball out from the back after he got hounded for his last mistake
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