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  1. I actually think wes might be more suited to Barkleys position maybe he could replace him if we can't buy him
  2. Ha Westwood wouldn't have got on any better last night Criticise him all you want when he plays for villa but not one irish player came off well last night and I'm Irish so I'm generally buyist when it comes to irish teams but not one of them laid a glove on England last night not just hourihane Also rattle a few , crunch someone Why are you expecting in to do this when he never has and never will he is not that sort of player
  3. Well he is good enough just not as a starter which I have already said, You blatantly said he never played well for us , I was stating that you don't get that many goals and assists without playing well , I even gave examples and before you say again regarding set plays go check and see how many were actually from set pieces
  4. That statement is just wrong Yes he is not the best but you don't get as many goals and assists without playing well For example we don't beat Newcastle last year without him or the Norwich game where he got a hat trick It is one thing not starting him but when were looking for goal not bringing him on is criminal Just look at the last league game he played goal and assist and them stats are the ones that win games
  5. How the **** did we stay up last year with that team obviously minus a few
  6. I know what your saying but the way I see the first team has to be sorted before the squad I sure every team is in the the same position with the back up options Sure city even crumbled when they lost laporte last year
  7. I don't get this hause hate what do we expect from a back up player He is the back up for reason I can't expect konsa or mings would be happy as back up or if we do get another he might not be good enough if he happy playing 2nd fiddle
  8. Yes but the individual has to create the stat for the team And it's not Conor fault hause can't head a ball straight he can only put it on his head
  9. Stats are what win games isn't it
  10. And this makes el ghazi better how If you were to go by stats like that alone you would say Conor is better than Jack football ain't all bout stats my friend
  11. You know this may be shocking to hear but traore might be a better player
  12. C'mon guys let's get reel with this thread
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