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  1. He looks a superb player when I've seen him play. Reminds me a bit of Mahrez. Would you say he's a similar type of player to him?
  2. 6 hours it says, as far as I can tell.
  3. I've found a big Ikea and Tesco about 25 minutes walk away. Both have free parking and open until late. Anybody parked there before?
  4. I was going to ask a similar question. First time going to Tottenham. Will be driving there. Any ideas where to park within a 30 minute walk from the ground?
  5. Yeah, I know what you mean. I just clicked on the first area I saw and luckily there were 2 seats together. If I had clicked another area that didn't have the seats available and then gone back to select a different area, they'd have all been gone. Just pure luck I clicked the right one.
  6. Mate, look at the list of players we released. Some of them can barely walk, let alone be anywhere near premier League standard. If we had gone with that calibre of player for our squad next season we'd do a Derby from 07/08.
  7. He started out quite promising and for a while looked like he may live up to the hype but I think he's finished now. But my main point in my original post was that he has never been one of Europe's top finishers. Even at the peak of his game, he was a crap finisher. It's always been his biggest weakness. Also, I don't think Smith could get the best out of him. Smith's type of player is someone who is quick, agile and good on the ball. Lukaku is not a "footballer". His technique is woeful and that is something that can't be taught. Honestly, when he has the ball he looks like he's stumbling all over the place. Anyway, he's never ever coming here, thankfully.
  8. Got two tickets at about 30 seconds after 5! Don't know how. Never navigated a website so fast in my life haha!
  9. He's definitely not one of the best finishers in Europe at all. His game is based on power, pace and strength. Even back during the best spell of his career he used to miss bucket loads of chances.
  10. Still says coming soon on the website. Have they definitely sold out?
  11. I'll take that as a sign. I follow PSV as much as can as I've always had a soft spot for them. He's been my number one transfer target for Villa for a while now. 15 goals and 13 assists from out wide last season and he's only 21 now. Can play up front or either wing. Would be such a statement if we did sign him.
  12. If between us we keep throwing names out for this mystery attacker/wide player we're bound to get it right. I'm liking Thauvin and Werner so far. I'd like to mention Bergwijn and Lozano from PSV. They have been knocked out of the Champions League qualifiers so they'll both almost certainly move. Would definitely be a club record fee for either.
  13. But how much does he get completely wrong? If you throw enough mud... I followed him for about 6 months. He just comes across as an attention seeker, loves to boast when he does actually get something right and if anyone dares call him out or question him, he blocks them.
  14. He knows how to lie and block people. That's pretty much it. He's a cock!
  15. Did you hear this mystery strikers name too? Can we have a cryptic clue?
  16. Any idea how many tickets are left? Probably no chance of getting to season ticket holders is there? Wish I could have gone to more than 3 away games last season.
  17. Careful saying things like that. It might make Nixon join here just so he can BLOCK you!
  18. Where did you see that? That would be a fantastic signing!
  19. Don't give us his name. Just his date of birth, club, height and previous clubs will do.
  20. Yeah, I think we'll sign a quality wide player for big money at some point. It seems to be the only position so far we haven't bought a first teamer for. Maybe we'll go full on meltdown mode and go for Bergwijn or Lozano from PSV!
  21. Exactly this. At the moment we have Mings, Hause, Konsa and let's just assume Chester is fit. 4 centre back is not enough for a whole season. And if Chester is crocked, then we have 3! And one of them is very young and may take a few years before he's ready for the Prem. So I'd say we'd be mad not to get in one or two more centre backs really.
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