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  1. ? Think it gets taught as a stock answer by all in football - I didnt think you'd get the irony!
  2. You need rid of TX - a carbon copy of Fawaz - scarily so. His twitter obsession is so similar to Fawaz - ego, ego ego... Get as much money for your players good enough for the prem - try and rid as many of the fat wallets you can (good luck with that) and invest in your quality youth. But as fans you will need to be behind them - forgive them for their inexperience and roar for their enthusiasm and get through the next 2 seasons. THEN GO AGAIN!!1
  3. As a NFFC fan I have been reading with interest. We've been through the hell of an incompetent owner who loved Twitter; an 18 month embargo; selling off of our best academy prospects - Burke; Lascelles; Darlow and our better players - Assombolonga, Antonio and Lansbury (not arsed about that one) ; a conveyor belt of mediocre managers (some of whom did good jobs only to be sacked and start again); weekly winding up orders due to Kuwaiti bank holidays; No board of directors and dodgy agents advising or even running our club; an ex scoreboard operator effectively our CEO - that after a struck off cousin of a manager being our CEO; A club legend being undermined and sacked whilst in 10th place - escaping L1 by the skin of our teeth it goes on and on. However... a new owner - (despite a shady reputation) and a new extremely well respected team of football people now in charge we seem to be being run really well - 19,000 season tickets sold; new sponsorship - new ground development - great academy players coming through and now a £15m George Mendes Portuguese wonderkid being signed we are out the other side of it. I think you will be fine eventually but a long road ahead for you. We feel your pain.
  4. Hi, would like to give a perspective on a mad owner, ffp and coming out the other side

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