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  1. Does anybody else think it’s better to end the winning run before the play offs start? Winning 15 in a row is ridiculous
  2. Watching Leeds v Brentford wonder if it is better for us for Leeds to win and the race for Automatic to go to last game . The team that misses out on last day of season maybe affected more and makes them perform poorly and gives them no opportunity to rest players. Do we start resting players now or try to keep momentum going?
  3. Getting back to playoffs I don’t think we can take anything for granted. We haven’t beaten any of the top 4 this season(WBA have beaten all of them Norwich Sheffield away and beaten Leeds 4-1 at home) We are playing extremely well and beating teams outside top 4 with relative ease.Can we do the same against the top 4? We probably won’t know until the playoffs start as our last 2 games may be meaningless. Last season when we beat Wolves we all thought if we can beat the best team in league easily we can beat them all.We won’t know how good this team is until playoffs.
  4. He was the wrong manager at that time.There was a huge squad change coupled with the loss of Delph and Benteke.We needed an experienced Premier League manager.
  5. I am more concerned about West Brom. There squad is full of premier league players.The year before they were relegated they finished 10 th .They have added Gayle and Johnstone to that squad.They have been inconsistent this season otherwise and that’s why they have not achieved automatic promotion. Beating them over 2 legs is going to be more difficult than Leeds or Sheffield in my opinion. Maybe it would be better to finish 6th.
  6. I think our main threat to playoffs are now Middlesbororugh and Derby.I can see boro winning there 3 remaining easy games giving them 76 points.Derby have 3 winnable games including WBA on last day where Albion will have nothing to play for and will probably rest players for play offs.Derby do have that tricky game against Bristol.If that game is a draw that gives them 74 points or a win 76 points. We need to beat Millwall and get a point from Leeds or Norwich
  7. The last two seasons have provided more enjoyment than the previous 10. The goal of reaching the premier league is driving us all on but what happens when we get there? Be careful what you wish for.
  8. We have played extremely well (mostly)against other playoff contenders Forest,Derby, Bristol etched beaten some them very confincingly. We are playing some of the best football I have seen for many,many years. We haven’t beaten any of the top 4 this season so I think it’s extremely difficult to predict playoffs.Last season I predicted we could beat Middlesbororugh and we could beat Fulham but not Middlesborough and Fulham. I think people are under estimating Albion ,they were a prem team last year and before that were rarely in relegation trouble.They actually have best squad in the league. Lets just concentrate on getting in the playoffs I think we will need to get something from our last 2 games.
  9. A great team performance. We were missing some big players but still carried on winning.I think that is the greatest achievement from today.I can’t think of a single player who played badly.Yes chances were missed especially by Hurrihane but he was directly involved with our 2 gaols. Elgazi had his best game in a Villa shirt and McGinn played like McGinn does ,magnificently.Taylor ,Jed, Elmahad all good. Davis when he came on showed the potential that was evident last season. Smith is creating a style that can replicated with different personal and that has got to be the most positive thing from today.
  10. Worried about the game. Worried about our energy levels afters Wednesdays game. Worried about loss of Mings and Jed replacing him. Worried about Jack .Is he injured? Worried about Tammys confidence levels. Game feels like Wolves game last season but hopefully we have learnt that these games don’t promote you it’s just another 3 points.. A draw wouldn’t be a bad result.
  11. Our strong team spirit is getting us valuable points. Having players like McGinn is so important,he sets an example that others have to follow.
  12. Looking at Derby and Middlesbrough fixtures both of them have far from easy games (except for Derby this weekend against Bolton) So game against Bristol at weekend is more about whether we finish 5th or 6th providing we don’t do a QPR against Bolton and Millwall
  13. Difficult game to predict.Can we keep up our recent form?How good are Sheff Wed?How good is Bruce? I think a draw would be a good result for us.
  14. Couldn’t agree more .Maybe there is a lesson here for us in the future.
  15. We have been here before with raised expectations. The current run has been helped by not assuming we are going to win before the game has started.Whenever we start to take games for granted we come unstuck.Just because you beat a top 6 side 3-0 doesn't mean you are guarenteed to beat to beat relegation threatened teams. The combination of complacency from players and raised expectancy from fans is a dangerous combination. We need to concentrate on 1 game at a time and pray Grealish and Mings don't get injured.
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