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  1. Without doubt the best Villa manager in my lifetime. Took us from Division 2 (as it was known then )won 2 league cups,won title and respectable finishes in league in other years. Entertaining to watch and was able to let our best players go (Gray ,Gidman )etc and replace them with better players for less money. Reminds me of Smith in many ways especially being honest and straightforward.I remember him being interviewed when we were near to winning the title and interviewer saying there was a lot of pressure on him and the team he replied there is much more pressure being at the bottom . As long as players gave 110% He was happy.That title winning side was one of the great sides and its a shame he left and wasn’t able to maintain it. I think tomorrow fans will give him a fitting tribute.
  2. Their team looks very strong and their bench players cost £40 million plus Weakness perhaps in central defence with Zouma and Christensen .Good set piece delivery from HOURIHANE needed.
  3. It’s funny how memory plays tricks on you. I can still remember that goal and his defiant celebration.Strange how some goals remain in the memory and it was a draw! I think that goal was memorable because we were still in contention for the title? Now that shows how long ago that was.
  4. Our record against Manu is atrocious. In many years I can only remember 2 victories Staunton goal in 1992and Agbolahor In MON era.Infact I can’t remember us scoring any goals at old Trafford .I would bet in Premier league era last 27 years if we added all the goals we have scored there it would add up to no more than 5. Manu are weaker than they have been since pre fergie days but Rashford and James could cause us a lot of problems. I would play Nakamba for this one instead of Luiz or Hourihane 2-2 late equaliser from us for a change.
  5. Very impressed with Sheffield Utd for 75 mins their movement ,passing and energy. Very similar to us in that they played well dominated most of the game but almost lost. Wonder if they are going to be able to maintain those energy levels for whole season.This league has shown us that if you have a spell of 10 mins where you drop off the pace you can lose the game. I hope Fred and Phil Jones are playing against us next week.
  6. A few mistakes first half but second half looked solid. I felt maguire and rice were giving him the ball because they didn’t want to be responsible for losing it at the back. Maguire is supposed to be £80 million he should be bringing the ball forward and rice rarely took the ball from Mings and began a move . He just seemed to pass it back to Mings. Got to help his confidence for coming games as he becomes an England regular.
  7. Watford winning not good for us .Think they have the potential to move out of relegation zone. With so many top 6teams underperforming Manu,Spurs and Arsenal difficult to predict results.It would be better for us if we could guarantee they would beat our relegation rivals but it isn’t the case .Also teams like Bournemouth and Burnley are incredibly inconsistent. Newcastle play Bournemouth at home and I’m not sure of the result. We really need to string some results together and not rely on teams being worse than us.
  8. We seem to fade in the second half of games so essential we keep it tight until half time. This hopefully will keep our fans in good voice. I would start El gazi and bring Trezeguet on in 2nd half. Dont think Grealish should be risked if he is not fit -he is too important to us.
  9. Totally agree with sentiment above ,certainly the best villa player I have seen in my lifetime. He was a midfield player who could do it all; tackling,free kicks, long passes with a huge amount of running. Closest comparison with modern football would be Gerrard.
  10. This is so right. Over the years there has been some dreadful football played at Villa park.Trying to think of the worst periods Gregory’s team after a couple of years ,Lambert later years etc etc .Smith has us playing some of the best football I have seen at Villa park.Yes we look very open when we lose the ball and we will concede more than most but we play positive football.Even the games we have lost this season I have been entertained by our football at times .Our first goal against Arsenal came after we moved the ball from our defence and crossed sides,something like 25 passes. I would rather us be involved in entertaining games even if it means relegation.I have watched too much turgid football over the years. Maybe we could start a discussion about when we had the worst football at Villa park?
  11. Just been looking at their transfer dealings in last 3 years 19/ 20 net spend 60 million 18/19 net spend 80 million 17/18 net spend 60 million They have spent a a lot of money on players I have never heard of which may suggest they have wasted a lot of money. This summer they bought Maupay for 20 million and Webster for 20 million .Both of these players we were heavily linked with I hope they don’t prove we have made a mistake. This may not be the walk over many fans might expect. I expect a tight game maybe Mings to score winner late on??
  12. I totally agree about discussing all aspects but I feel sometimes we focus too much on negative things especially when so much was good.The game yesterday was unique and following our recent run where we have lost games or dropped points I just felt why not appreciate an amazing win.I also think we have a young and inexperienced team and finding faults may have impact on team morale.If we were an established side fault finding is more acceptable.Some fans have begun to suggest that Smith is out of his depth in this league which I feel is unjustified.We are playing some of the best football I have seen many ,many years and maybe some people are taking it for granted. With regards to Heaton as some have already suggested that was a 50/50 ball if he had contested the ball it might have injured him or he might have been sent off .At 5-0 it probably wasn’t worth the risk.
  13. I think only Villa fans could somehow focus on a negative when they have scored 5 goals away from home and won their first away game in prem for 4 years. From my point of view I think McGinn is the main culprit.We are 5-0 up why does he need to take it so quickly and his ball to Mings is waist high and difficult to control.
  14. I am wary of teams that are injury ravaged.Whenever we play these teams we seem to lose and the new players play out of their skin. Its a bit like going down to 10 men ,it puts pressure on us and we are expected to win.For some reason our players don’t react well to this type of pressure. Lets not forget Norwich lost only 6 games last season and won the league.We finished 5th.Any talk of an easy win is misguided. We are playing very well in patches but unable to finish off teams.Maybe time for Nakamba and Luiz to play together ,I see Luiz as a more offensive player anyway rather than a DM. 1-1 late equaliser from us for a change.
  15. We are playing some of the best football in the premier league that we have played for years.Our first goal against Arsenal last week was a work of art. Unfortunately we are being out muscled and out thought at key times in games that is costing us wins.We either need to learn quickly some of the darker arts of how to close games out or we need to recruit some older more experienced premier league players in Jan. I know we have a transfer policy of buying mostly young players who can be sold on but I think there needs to be some flexibility and some wise old heads may need to be recruited.
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