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  1. I bought 2 memberships in my name ,I was unable to speak to anybody on the phone and want to check does that allow me to buy 2 tickets?
  2. Steer playing in goal for both halves might indicate we have a new keeper coming and not risking Kalinic
  3. Looks quick and tall .We are going to have the tallest team in the league. Could come in handy if we have any Leeds type situations.
  4. I personally would rather stick with Smith even if we are in danger of relegation which I think is a strong possibility. Unfortunately the money we are spending on transfers (100 million plus)means relegation would be a financial disaster. I don’t think the owners can allow that to happen.This means Smith is under a a lot of pressure to start our PL campaign well. I have mixed feelings about the money we are spending ,on one hand we could be a strong mid table team but it means 3 or 4 defeats in a row and people will start questioning Smith.The media will also use this to criticise Smith and Villa. Part of me would prefer a lower transfer spend which accepts relegation as a possibility and would allow time for Smith to rebuild again in the championship if the worst happened.
  5. I think we need another striker and Maupay might be the right fit.It might take time for Wes to settle and having some other striking options may help to ease some of the pressure on him especially as he doesn’t seem to be prolific. I would keep Kodja he provides continuity and can play in different positions .His main weakness is his work rate but last season he chipped in with some crucial goals.
  6. Not sure about a manager needing to understand the history of the club and what it represents. Did Clough understand the history of Forest before he was there.Was Wenger following the history of Arsenal ?Both of them created their own history and style. Smith seems an incredibly likeable person and his playing style is easy on the eye.He is a Villa fan and knows our history . But at the end of the day he will be judged on results.lf he loses his first 6 games no one will care if he gets us or our history. To me him being a villa fan is an afterthought.His most important attribute is his ability to get players playing as a team and winning football games. I expect next season to be really tough for us.We are not used to losing games and getting beaten heavily.Ihope our fans are prepared this this and don’t turn on Smith.
  7. I may be in a minority here but I think Bruce has some managerial skill. He is a good judge of player and knows how to set up a team to avoid getting beaten. He made mistakes here especially in his last season and the style of football was poor but I think he will do well there. He will get in some experienced players and they have some really good players. His problem is the general direction of the club ,it reminds me of our relegation season when Lerner wanted to sell.
  8. He was crucial to our promotion 8 goals and 11 assists .In the playoffs his goal against WBA and his pass to Adomah in final were vital. I think he is an underrated player who might surprise people next season.
  9. We have made a number of signings and will probably make a few more. Will it be successful ?Nobody knows. We are building a new team,in a new league with a manager who has never managed in this league. Things I can be certain of:Grealish will shine,McGinn will give 110% and Smith can get players playing better than than they have done before. Will Wes score goals,Will Konsa be able to cope,Will Jota recover his Brentford form,etc I don’t know. I would take 17 th now.There is one priority this season don’t get relegated.
  10. I do remember the Juventus team that knocked us out of the European cup in 1983 it had Zoff,Gentile,Tardeli,Platini,Rossi and Bettega. My main memory of that game that for very long periods we didn’t touch the ball.
  11. The fee for Mings appears high but he is a known quantity to us and hence a much lower risk.We need a partner for him and maybe this is where we need to be more economical.Talk of Webster for 25 million seems too high for us.He has had 1 season in the championship against championship strikers. I thought Dawson for 5 million was a perfect fit for us but he has gone to Watford. The cntreback position could be filled by someone experienced and even 30+
  12. Completely agree with this. I expect us to start badly but improve as season progresses.I think if people are prepared for this and fans give Smith time to get things right we can avoid relegation next season.
  13. I have a different take on Delph.He was signed for 8 million but was injured for first couple of years and I think he didn’t want to leave for nothing.So by signing contract then leaving he felt he was giving us something back.He could have easily have left in the summer on a free.
  14. He played for us like it mattered.He also was extremely talented his dead ball delivery was excellent. Strangely this is rare.Mcginn is another example of a player you feel is really giving their all. For a team to be successful you need at least five players like this last season we had McGinn ,Mings,Grealish ,Abraham and Hutton? I would love him to come back but after he has signed a new contract that now seems unlikely.
  15. If Webster is worth £30 million. Then Dawson costing£ 5.5 million is very good value for money. We can’t be spending £15 -£30 million on all the players we need. This is our first season back in the premier league for 4 years.We need to be pragmatic about the amount of money we spend. Our priority is not to get relegated anything else is a bonus.Look at Burnley they sometimes take experienced players just to fill a position for a couple of years.Some people are expecting major signings in every position .I think this is a mistake.Every transfer is a risk.We have spent huge sums on some players that have been disasters.Taking on a experienced player like Dawson whose transfer fee is small and lives in the the area and has premier league experience makes a lot of sense to me. We need other striking options ,look at Glenn Murray for Brighton ,we would benefit from an experienced player to chip in with goals.

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