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  1. Londonastonvilla

    Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    There were some good things to come out of tonight's performance. 1 tzuanebes defending 2At least it stops Bruce out comments 3 Realisation that team has real weaknesses that won't be fixed quickly.
  2. Londonastonvilla

    Steve Bruce

    I think the time for a change had come but the team that finished last season was one of best teams we have had for quite a while. I think this cabbage references are in poor taste.If we are supposed to be a big club with an illustrious history then is wrong.If we hope to attract managers in good jobs eg Dean Smith ,Rodgers then I don't think this sort of thing does not do us any favours. Bruce may have many faults but he retained his dignity something we should try to emulate.
  3. Londonastonvilla

    Steve Bruce

    Some people on here have talked about it being Bruce's fault we have limited central defensive options.I am not sure what input he had in our summer signings.I think the owners have set a policy of only signing young players .We missed out on 2 young central defenders and didn't have an alternative. The team that finished last season was one of the best Villa teams of recent times.Snodgrass , Terry and Jounstone were all Bruce signings.The combination of Snodgrass and Elmaaddy on one wing and Adomah and Hutton on the other gave protection in defence and a strong attacking threat.I don't see that happening this year.
  4. Londonastonvilla

    Ratings & Reactions: Blackburn v Villa

    Draw probably fair we had some players who were playing their first game I think we need to show patience . Defence is a concern Tuanzebe looked better at cb
  5. Londonastonvilla

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Nobody gets promoted after 6 games. Where were Fulham this time last year?I think at Christmas they were 9th. We have 6 new first team players they are going to take time to gel.I think we will improve as the season progresses we just need to not let the gap between the top two get too big.I think Middlesborough look to be the strongest team but they are no Wolves.I see Leeds imploding like last season .
  6. Londonastonvilla

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Brentford

    I thought we played well and really should have won easily but were glad to get a point in the end.Bruce deserves credit Axel looked good especially in first half..Kodja looks to have regained his skills with the addition of some loan signings things look promising.We definitely need CB and LB
  7. Londonastonvilla

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Some of the players we no longer have like Snodgrass and Terry gave us a mental toughness which I think we are going miss.Last season we rarely conceded goals in the last 10 mins something which we seemed to do regularly in the previous seasons. That strength of character the team seemed to have last season is going to be difficult to find again and this is going to make promotion less likely.
  8. Londonastonvilla

    Steve Bruce

    This is the right decision now.It restores my faith in the new owners.This would not be a good time to change manager with FFP problems, uncertainty about key players ,season starting in 2 weeks etc. What we really need now is to looking to replace the key loan signings from last year.
  9. Londonastonvilla

    Thierry Henry

    Can you imagine the reception we are going to get when we play away at Millwall, Brentford etc We are going to be playing against teams desperate to put one over a weathly club .The only thing Henry will bring is a lot of media coverage - and maybe this is the intention.
  10. Londonastonvilla

    Time for a takeover

    I think we could making more of that quarry we own. It could be used to get McCormack and Richards back to full fitness .
  11. Londonastonvilla

    Time for a takeover

    Some financial guy on the radio today the other club hasn't been established yet
  12. Londonastonvilla

    Time for a takeover

    Apparently our owners combined wealth is third highest in the country. Does that include the 1-2 billion that Xia is worth.
  13. Londonastonvilla

    Jack Grealish

    People have suggested that we were days away from administration at various times why was no player sold? Maybe the financial situation was not as bad as reported or Xia didn't want to let players go cheaply
  14. Londonastonvilla

    Jack Grealish

    We will never know. I am sure Levy thought by taking more time might make us more desperate and accept a lower fee and with this takeover the exact opposite is going to happen.Levy is under some pressure now having made no signings and 9 of their players still on holiday after World Cup.
  15. Londonastonvilla

    Jack Grealish

    I hope if he does go we get a proper transfer fee for him.When our financial problems surfaced I am sure Levy was intending to take advantage of us and it is to Xias credit that he delayed the deal.The ideal situation would be to sell him but to stay here for 1 more season thereby helping us with FFP