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  1. Jedinak won't be going anywhere in January. He has all but committed to joining the expansion A League side next year as captain, so I think he just walks away at the end of his current deal.
  2. What's he like at unlocking gates?
  3. To the mods - Is it possible to capture all of the actual rumours and have them transferred to a standalone thread which then has no discussion, but only rumours from here. Perhaps use the #villarumour tag? Would make it way easier for the casual viewer or those in other time zones to catch up on the facts and not have to work through 20 - 30 pages of discussion :). All discussion carries on here as per usual.
  4. Wenin Rome

    AVTV 2018/9

    We really all need to send a letter to the club requesting money back. This is horrendous.
  5. Anything happened yet or just 2277 pages of ...
  6. Wenin Rome


    Fan from Australia! Here to chat about the mighty AV.

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