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  1. I hope so as Villa need to be back in the top flight and not in the Championship. The challenge for 2019 is that the FFP Loss for 2017/2018 is estimated at £20m. If you add to the loss the reduction in parachute payment for 2018/2019 (£17m) and that there isn't a £16m profit on player sales then the FFP Loss for this season is approx £53m. If £14m is allowed for a FFP loss for 2018/2019 then savings of £39m are required to stay within the FFP rules.
  2. PriceOfFootball‏ @KieranMaguire 2h2 hours ago More Despite this Villa may be okay in terms of FFP as some costs are excluded. Have estimated that FFP losses for last two seasons are £25.1 million so maximum loss for 2018/19 is £13.9 million. Will be tough due to parachute payments falling but not impossible #AVFC
  3. The difference here though is that at Wolves there was a clear canvass to work with as profits had been made in a previous year to allow for the spending to be made to reach the Premier League. If reports that were circulating everywhere in the summer are true in that you are already at your FFP spending limits and that huge savings were required, it makes this less easy to do? Sell Grealish for £25m and that allows for four £20m signings to come in on 4 year deals on say about £30k a week for FFP purposes for one season. That is easy to do if you have that wriggle room in your allowable losses, less so if you require the sale to meet the allowable losses.
  4. I understand that your owners are ridiculously wealthy and could bankroll the acquisition of a new management team, players and wages but there is an elephant in the room that still needs to be addressed. FFP is going to seriously restrict any major overhaul of the squad for the foreseeable future. Are some of the top names being linked with the post going to be attracted by the possibility of working within such restrictions?
  5. The shares have been allocated haven't they? If the Sanchez deal has been sold to Macquarie then I'd say that no fresh cash has come into the club. I'd say that all of his £5m loans that it has been reported that he was putting into the club on a month to month basis have been converted into share capital.
  6. Fosun own businesses all around the World so don't have to take money out of China in order to fund their overseas operations, the Thomas Cook group being one known to many in the UK.
  7. Hopefully your owner will either sort this out very quickly or find another owner that can. A club the size of Villa should be plying their trade in top division of English football and their supporters don't deserve this kind of shit. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for and whilst Doug Ellis was never Exactly popular at least he had the best interests of the club at heart and he would never allowed this to happen. Good luck over the next few days/weeks.
  8. I've seen plenty mentioned about Villa being tired against QPR as there was only a two day break after the Wolves game and Bruce toyed with the ideas of freshening things up. What hasn't been stated (admittedly I've not gone through the whole thread) is that Wolves had played on the Wednesday before the Villa game so had less time to recover and prepare than Villa who had played on the Tuesday. I think that fatigue may have come into it second half although in all fairness I don't think that we coped very well with Grealish carrying the ball through the lines of our formation.
  9. Congratulations on your win tonight. I thought that it was about equal (in play and obviously the scoreline) up to the 40 minute mark but from then onwards Villa were the dominant side and thoroughly deserved the win. Well played and good look for the rest of the season in chasing Cardiff. I don't think I can bare the thought of you going past Cardiff and the side in front of them.
  10. I'd guess that it was sold on the basis that if the club is successful and they go up, you'll get a huge pay rise and would have exposed yourself to the Premier League clubs who will be looking at signing you. If the club doesn't go up but you've done well the same applies. If it goes tit's up for you and the club i will get you a move back to Portugal. The project in my opinion is to get exposure for the Owners FOSUN to a worldwide audience. If they get the club promoted they would have also has a return on their investment something like 10 times what they paid for the club.
  11. At the start of the season most were laughing at our recruitment of manager and players. There was a championship preview programme on five live where all the presenters and guests were giggling about how badly wrong we'd got it. Players not up to the physical nature of the league, a manager that knows f all about it, they won't like it up em, they'll be crap when it's cold and on a wet night in Barnsley. Paddy powered even tweeted out mocking us for signing Barry Douglas whereas Villa were signing John Terry. The talk of doing stuff illegal only started to surface when we were walking the league ( something we're not doing now). Steve Bruce talks of Champion's league players whereas he signed the captain of a winning champions league club whereas it was widely reported last season (in Portugal) that Neves was in tears one night as he couldn't get in Porto's champions league team.
  12. The likes of Neves, Costa, Jota and Boly couldn't get in their respective clubs first team last season. They were plying their trade in a league that doesn't have anywhere near the financial clout of England and with the exception of Boly they are barely out of small trousers. I doubt that any of them were at anywhere near £20k a week last season. As for them all being wonder kids who everyone in Europe was trying to sign, please read the following article. http://sportwitness.co.uk/wolves-transfers-dont-fit-leeds-owners-rant-perhaps-look-closer-home/
  13. I'm not worried really Jareth. Fosun are a huge organisation owning a number of Companies around the world, Thomas Cook being one of them. I'd say that one of the reasons they have got into football would be to get further exposure to their Worldwide brands and I would imagine that one of their companies will be sponsoring us when the deal with the Money Shop runs out. If it is to come out that Wolves "cheated" their way into the Premier League it wouldn't look good for Fosun and their business interests.
  14. It will be close Jareth and I think that the accounts statement released yesterday stated that they are looking at this month by month to remain within the limits, which I believe is pretty much the case with Villa for this season.
  15. It depends on the deal struck at the time. It could be that we are paying him more than what he was getting at Madrid and it could be the case that a loan fee was paid. Neves and Jota are young players who couldn't get in their own club sides last season so I'd imagine that their wages aren't as high as some of the internet rumours suggest.
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