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  1. Misinformed there Sir. That game was in November. The 18s were at BMH preparing for next Tuesday’s Youth Cup game..
  2. There’s a spectator stand now in place by the floodlit show pitch on the “new bit” at Bodymoor. The pitch is now being used for games, just guessing the final H and S clearance for public access to evening games is still to come as there are still things being done up there.
  3. 23’s fixtures now on the OS and include evening games at Bodymoor from November.
  4. Dadster23

    Bodymoor Heath

    Sure, the three year thing is standard. Just made laugh as the “site preparation” has been going on in earnest for some time. Guessing they want to get this done as soon as possible ready for pre season.
  5. Dadster23

    Bodymoor Heath

    Plans passed Funny that the conditions state work must be started within three years. - They started about six weeks ago!
  6. Dadster23


    Hi, a Cov fan here (yes, I know...) who unlike most of my compatriots doesn’t have a pathological hatred of Villa due to having a vested interest. Have read your forum for some time so joined up as occasionally might have something to contribute! Wishing both clubs a decent season.
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