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  1. The youth team is not in the second tier. There are two U18s Leagues - North and South. Villa’s U18s are in the Southern section with Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and others.
  2. ... apologies, current first and second years are listed. In other words the new ones aren’t on there yet.
  3. The scholars listed are all current “first years” ie soon to be in their second year. Next batch don’t sign until the end of this month.
  4. It’s not as dramatic as “refusing to sign a contract”. At Carney’s age a promising U16 will have a scholarship offer from the club, but also have other clubs showing an interest. An important decision like this doesn’t have to be made yet and it’s only sensible to weigh up the options.
  5. If it isn’t officially out there I wouldn’t want to be the person to do it tbh.
  6. He had a frustrating game today but has been outstanding over the last few months.
  7. Callum is absolutely smashing it at Cov this season, with his physicality not being an issue at all. If Villa don’t stick him on a decent contract they’re mad. The club have recently recognised the importance of getting their young players out on loan for “real” football experience and it’s certainly paying off for Callum O’Hare, and he’ll get better and better.
  8. “Surprised he has stayed at the club so long”? He was six months into the second year of his scholarship! How many years have you been watching him?
  9. Started on the bench because he’s been carrying a slight injury.
  10. Misinformed there Sir. That game was in November. The 18s were at BMH preparing for next Tuesday’s Youth Cup game..
  11. There’s a spectator stand now in place by the floodlit show pitch on the “new bit” at Bodymoor. The pitch is now being used for games, just guessing the final H and S clearance for public access to evening games is still to come as there are still things being done up there.
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