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  1. Sadken79

    Dean Smith

    I think the most frustrating thing for me over the past 5/6 years is whenever we are attacking teams the opponents always look like they have extra men on the field. Same also goes for when the opponents attack our final third.. ... There is never space when we go forward but the second they attack us it's like the part of the field we are defending doubles in size. I don't know if we are far to slow going forward and getting back , simply void of ideas and creativity or the opposition managers just do a better job of getting the tactics right. Either way I hope this is something Smith can change.
  2. Sadken79

    Steve Bruce

    Well I did hope I'd wake this morning to some news of his sacking. WTF is he still doing here
  3. Sadken79

    Steve Bruce

    Is he still here ?
  4. Sadken79

    Steve Bruce

    But we need us to suffer for Bruce to suffer. Hate seeing us lose but sometimes you need a blessing in disguise. I just want him gone and if we have to sacrifice a few points for that to happen then I can live with that.
  5. Sadken79

    Steve Bruce

    Sounds bad and I'll probably get shot down but I was gutted when that free kick went in !! I thought we were finally shot of him.
  6. Sadken79

    Steve Bruce

    He's not getting the boot is he
  7. Sadken79

    Steve Bruce

    Bret Hart would probably do a better job than Bruce
  8. Sadken79

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce out !!! He's never gonna change so we need to change him. Anybody who thinks he can get us up is living in a dream. I'm not fooled by all this "we are still unbeaten". He's just lucky we've played average teams who couldn't take advantage of how crap we've been.
  9. Sadken79

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    11:55 GREALISH 'GOING NOWHERE' Big news coming out of Villa Park. Sky sources: Jack Grealish will not be sold to anyone in this transfer window, despite interest from Tottenham and 'other clubs' this window. Sources are telling us Aston Villa's new executive chairman Nassef Sawiris has told Tottenham and any other potential suitors he is not interested in their money.
  10. Sadken79

    Jack Grealish

    Could be wrong but it could have been that Wolves fella. Steve Bull ? If that's what you called him.
  11. Sadken79

    Jack Grealish

    Excellent post. I agree with you 100%
  12. Sadken79

    Steve Bruce

    Remember those games like they were yesterday. Dalians goal in 94 felt like it took 2 weeks to cross the line. Even when I watch it now I'm on the edge of my seat willing the ball into the net.