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  1. Merson08

    John McGinn

    According to the Birmingham Mail, Dean Smith is using John McGinn as a LB in training while he is suspended. As he is unavailable he doesn't need him with the other midfielders. Seems a strange place to put McGinn for training.
  2. Merson08

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    If ya like this league I bet League One is a right hoot. *I am taking the piss.
  3. Merson08

    What Year Will Villa Be Promoted?

    We need get used to the Championship now. Our chance was when we had parachute payment's. Without the parachute payment's we have to adopt the Brentford model, it was never an option for us, it was the only choice left. Every season now a team will come down with more disposable income and each season we need to beat these teams plus the teams that are still receiving an income that never got promoted. We need to rebuild an entire team on a near shoe string budget. Even if it was a 20M budget, we aren't going to be able to replace all the players we are going to lose adequately. We might as well stick with Dean Smith.....because literally no one else would give a ****, at least he's a Villan. We got relegated and Newcastle promoted at first attempt and Norwich are doing it in the final year of the payments. Our chance was missed with the previous owner playing us with a ride or die attitude. Xia had destroyed us last season and the new owners might have a big wallet but FFP has put a rather chunky chain and lock around it.
  4. Merson08

    Dean Smith

    100% agree with this including the previous managers playing good football! Football is a constant changing beast, adapt and change to the environment your surrounded by. Dean Smith plays one formation, even if it doesn't work. His subs also back this up as they are like for like swaps. i don't mind him staying as manager next season but he needs to be more flexible and certainly improve our team's performances. This will be the yard stick at the end of the season and not results.
  5. Merson08

    Conor Hourihane

    In fairness of all the players we have signed hes a player we could turn a profit on. Make of that what you will.
  6. Merson08

    Dean Smith

    When the pressure is on and he needs to keep up with the pack we let ourselves down. We were well within a playoff spot chance not long ago only 4 points from it. Now were 9 points off which could potentially be 15 points. Thats what i find crazy.
  7. Merson08

    Loan watch 2018/19

    I hope that he can fire Sheffield United in to the Premier League and next season return to Villa with confidence. I think Bruce not playing him and maybe him not taking his chances after injury have derailed him. Villa Park is not a place to get this confidence back.
  8. Merson08

    Dean Smith

    The Villa Park spectrum of success is 2 extreme's. We have the blind followers that he can do no wrong and the ones that think he needs to be sacked today at 10 past 9. He has to show his coaching from now until the end of the season to keep his job. Yes, there not his players, don't fit his system, not his philosophy and not the age of players hes used to working with. He needs to give the owners a glimmer of hope, and the fans for that matter. I don't expect him to win every other game. In this modern era of football you need to adapt to your surroundings and grow with the evolving game. Forget everything that cant be changed. Change what can be changed, the intensity of training, the formation, the players, the diets and your tactics to suit each game. Even Mourinho has fallen by the way side for not keeping up with the game. He is now considering managing in Ligue 1.
  9. Merson08

    Conor Hourihane

    Sadly thats not the rule. Its the exception.
  10. Merson08

    Tammy Abraham

    For those interested: In short: Tammy has had 84 shots (joint third), 48 shots on target (first), 20 goals (third), 24% shot conversion (joint sixth)
  11. Merson08

    Tammy Abraham

    He's a good enough player but its blatantly obvious why he wouldn't make it in the Premiership. He has a habit of hitting the ball at the keeper and he is strong in the air but his headers are very hit and miss, generally more miss, unless he is a couple of feet away from the line. There is a story on Sky for the race for golden boot for the Championship. It shows Tammy's issue, he has a conversion rate of 25% of shots on target. He also has the joint third highest of shots on goal. This mainly shows his movement is Premiership level and his finishing is mid table Championship level. Probably just where we are right now and also where Bristol City were when he played for them.
  12. Merson08

    Conor Hourihane

    Oh I aren't doubting that there is value for money out there in players. Potential low fee players with a good return on investment. I was just highlighting the fact that many fans get annoyed with Hourihane in the team and his performances. He performs like a 2M player and that's what we paid for him. We can't really expect more for a player with limited capabilities but playing with a good enough performance that also reflects the value paid for him. It's hard to be annoyed with him. He gives what I would expect him to give.
  13. Merson08

    Conor Hourihane

    2 million pound player plays like a 2 million pound player. shock, horror and suprise!
  14. Merson08

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    AKA The Norwich model. Every season they sell their best players and Daniel Farke's knowledge of the German league's as helped them with their promotion push. Good luck to them.
  15. Merson08

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    After the West Brom game Aston Villa have 44 points out of a possible 99. The final projected points total will currently be 61 points that is points after 46 games. Basing this off last seasons final table will put us 12th. There is still 39 points to play for giving us a maximum potential points haul of 83 points. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since the appointment of Dean Smith the new projected points total would be 62 points that is points after 46 games. That has included of 1.25 PPG from Steve Bruce and the current 1.38PPG from Smith. Using 1.38PPG over the remaining 13 games. Basing this off last seasons final table will put us 12th.