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  1. love him..to think he signed for us when we were mid table in the championship.
  2. Iv heard that some fixtures were leaked and Aston Villa are playing the first game at home to Leicester. Not sure how true this is.
  3. I hear James Rodriguez doesn't want stay at Bayern and Madrid don't want him. 5M and he's ours!
  4. Mitrovic could be decent did good for Fulham.
  5. Going for Wilson for RF would be a good shout. Also wouldn't mind an effort for Mason Mount. Both young and could sell on for a higher fee but untested in the PL but 99% of our team is.
  6. Whats this even mean? I keep seeing it and cant break it down to come up with anything.
  7. Its a relegation play off for Caen. There not down yet. I wont lie, I am not sure how the relegation play off works in France but I presume its probably like Scotland.
  8. Didn't Derby earlier this season sell Pride Park to themselves to meet their FFP. Wouldn't surprise me if Villa did the same. Why not? It has zero effect on Villa Park and gains a revenue boost for the following season. Headling from the BBC post regarding the sale of Pride Park: Derby have reported a pre-tax profit of £14.6m after selling their Pride Park stadium to owner Mel Morris for £80m.
  9. Merson08

    Dean Smith

    Could be Derby yet. Another game to go and Derby have to go for the win. I think there's going to be another twist in this race.
  10. Merson08

    Dean Smith

    Sorry but this isn't right. They have just beat a local team on penalties and taken us to Wembley. Let them celebrate, whats the worst that can happen. It will bring the team morale and bonding as high as it could ever be this season. This is football, live for the emotions. If ya want them to be quiet the venue should change to a graveyard.
  11. Dwight Gayle would be worth looking at. He scores and is a nuisance and would now suit our fast football play.
  12. I don't like the fact that Steer has been the busier keeper.
  13. In fairness, I think what you do is brilliant. If it was any other player than Hepburn-Murphy (sick note) I wouldn't of noticed. Feel a bit of a **** for pointing it out now. haha
  14. Hepburn-Murphy is a paradox. 4 appearances and 2 sub appearances and 852 minutes to show for it.

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