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  1. Well done lads! That was a tough test but fully deserved in the end against a team that defended a lot better and more resolutely then their goals against column suggested they might. Taylor seems to have come in for some stick but I thought he played pretty well. Conner kept the ball ticking over nicely too. one of the main issues for me was our reluctance to whip the ball into the box quickly and our inability to get past the full backs. We kept turning back into traffic in the middle where the opponent was comfortable. I also thought the game was crying out for Kodja much earlier, with little defending to do he could’ve made the difference having been given more of a run out. RM remains the big weak point lets hope dean has something up his sleeve for that in 10 days time
  2. Phew, not pretty but got the job done and fully deserved. Jack motm. went with ‘average’ for Smith as he got the two selection toss ups (whelan/hourinahe; Adomah/green) wrong imo and should’ve hooked whelan at HT. Thought we controlled most of the match and certainly the whole second half and credit to the lads not to panic and keep plugging away especially when faced with some tough defending and some cynical time wasting from the opposition. mcginn was flat today and looked jaded, just didn’t affect the game like he normally does. very positive for Tuesday now, a proper game of football with more spaces in the midfield and forward areas will suit our game more so than theirs so I fully expect us to score, and I don’t expect them to out score us especially with Gayle out. UTV
  3. Really good win and a great feeling going into the international break in the playoff positions. Thought Boro were woeful, predictably they turned up for a draw but their lack of ambition was shockingly bad their fans must be pulling their hair out with pulis! Nonetheless we dealt with the task at hand with professionalism and composure with really good performances throughout. whelan MOTM, his professionalism and attitude can never be questioned but today he was better than a mere old pro he was everywhere, putting a foot in and then distributing well, totally bossed it and still going strong after 90 mins. Mcginn awesome again and took his goal very well with another laser like left foot strike. Defence looked solid again and another clean sheet will boost confidence even more. Jack well he’s just a wonderful footballer, even on a day where he goes about his business quietly like today he still oozes class on the ball, not sure there’s many better in world football at keeping the ball in tight spaces. Constructive criticism: thought Tammy was quiet again and green didn’t do much, I really want to see him come through but wonder whether he’s good enough (I may be in the minority but I prefer Albert in that position). roll on the next match, with players coming back from injury, this really is getting interesting now. Well done dean and the lads for turning this around when many of us me included thought this season had gone! UTV
  4. Went with Mings motm but grealish equally deserving. Ref was good I thought today for a change for the usua championship standard. If we’re nit picking the quality of our passing and forward play was pretty poor overall but I thought we managed the game well, toughed out the first half and then began to grow into the game and take over in the second. Great to see us ride out the last ten minutes with guts and abit of luck and let’s hope that as other players come back we’ll go on a run. With jack in the team we can beat anyone. Mention for mcginn too, that ability to hold men off and to bite into a tackle and win balls he’s not favourite to win is just so satisfying to watch! My work colleague (who supports villa but doesn’t really like football much) said the other day, “blues fans really are just a lower standard of human” - pretty much summed it up there
  5. We’d have more points under Bruce, fact. Really think the situation needs to be monitored carefully now. Always been a DS fan but if this trend of hopeless abject performances continues then I can certainly see a scenario where we say “thanks but no thanks Dean” come end of season. Questions to be asked: - why did we fail to sign a CM with physicality, legs and a pass in Jan? - where is the intensity in our performances ? - why does he continue to flog the dead horse that is 4-3-3 - Kalinic ? Did we not learn anything from the damp squib that was nyland, we now have a bigger damper squib in goal - what are we doing in training? Lots of questions to answer dean ps the whole “no one out footballs Brentford “ comments in midweek were straight out of the Steve Bruce self preservation manual, you’d be best advised not to do that dean
  6. Didn’t see the game so can’t comment but aside from that I can’t abide by the whole ‘rip up the plan and start again’ and ‘we need a clear out’ and ‘it’ll be better when smiths had a couple of transfer windows’ bollocks. These people expect the stars to align, everything to go our way magically somehow. Football doesn’t work like that. Hey it’s great that we’ll shed some utter dross deadwood players in the summer but guess what we’ll also be losing Abraham, Mings and most likely grealish, just how last season we lost sonograms and terry. The churn will continue to happen. Do people think cardiff hatched a 5 year master plan of ins and outs to crack the league last year!!! No!! They got the best out of what they had and fostered a team spirit and way of playing that was much greater than the sum of their parts, why oh why can we not aspire for that. We need to stop waiting for something to happen and get the best out of what we have, and that starts with the manager!!! Earn your money smith.
  7. Wow, football, marvellous, isn’t it totally out hustled all over the park for 70 mins and then Sheff Utd got all jittery and gifted us a couple of goals. Mings very good again, Elphick good, Hutton good. Tammy anon today but was feeding off scraps. midfield poor again, said on Saturday that the lack of athleticism; physicality and intensity is very worrying and same thing again tonight, completely overrun. Passing was also woeful, jedinak particularly bad! lets hope this is the turning point. Oh and that ref can f*** right off
  8. Disappointing result. Reading out a decent first 11 out imo so don’t agree that they are “the worst team in the division” or that we’ve faced etc etc. MOTM Elphick for me closely followed by Mings. There were some positives, the defence looked much more solid, Hutton was his usual committed best and despite some naysayers on here Taylor didn’t play that badly and isn’t half as bad as he’s sometime made out to be. Elphick was more assertive in his play and a couple of good sliding challenges caught the eye and Mings looks a class act. If this is the start of a solid settled defensive line up then today is a good first step. Thought Kalinic looked better today and his kicking was mostly accurate. The main problem for me, and a constant theme with the current midfield three, is how easily we concede control of the middle of the park in games. The first half today was a prime example. McGinn bless him (and he was great again today) goes off chasing the ball meanwhile hourinahe and whelan are dropping off way too deep behind and then standing off players when they have the ball. In general the lack of athelitism and physicality of the midfield causes me massive concern. Hourinahe just coasts for me, choosing the easy option time and again with or without possession. Whelan’s legs have gone, so whilst it’s clear he wants to get close to people and put a foot in, so simply can’t get there so is forced to jockey. Really don’t think Carroll is the answer either, on first view, albeit a brief sub appearance, he looks so slight and weak. Hope he picks up. second half we stepped onto them more, pressing together and upped the tempo, it was better and we definitely shaded the half but still no real chances creates expect Tammys header. for me there’s definitely goals in this team so if we can continue the theme of being more solid and resolute, whilst also creating and scoring chances then the playoffs are still very much in reach. A win vs sheff Utd is a must now
  9. Good result good performance and much needed. Smith is already putting his stamp on this team and you could almost see Taylor and Hutton fighting the urge to chip aimless balls up to the front men at the start such was the engrained Bruceball percentage football mantra that had been drummed into the team. Smith is drilling them to pass the ball on the floor first and foremost and without the ball there is much more intensity in our pressing. Ultimately we should be beating Bolton at home every day of the week and tougher tests are to come, but so far so good and the direction of travel is very pleasing to see. plusses - tuanzebe really finding his groove; Chester back on top form, Tammy really looking the complete forward but for his miscontrol at the start of the 2nd half; mcginn appetite to tackle is immense minuses - can we put in a sustained challenge with such a dodgy goalie?
  10. Hi there Been a Villa fan for many years, former season ticket holder from 2002-2008 but now living on south coast. Go to approx five to ten games per season. Keen follower of the forums on VT for the past 12 months and would like the opportunity to post and discuss all matters Villa. Mike UTV

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