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  1. That 3rd kit is disgusting... I love it
  2. Whilst I was shocked to see Taylor and Elmo (although not so much) in the starting line up on Saturday, both of them based on that performance should start on Saturday. DS has tried create 2 players competing for every position! What message does it send when a player gives his all, has a good game, plays for his shirt, to get dropped anyway! I know how I would feel. I know that if a player gives his all and is still not good enough it is different.... but by that game against spurs...Taylor does not deserve to get dropped. The same 11 starts for me.
  3. kodjia is gonna score more than Wesley this season.... there i said it.
  4. Jimmyg

    Tom Heaton

    I was firmly of the opinion that Steer should be given the shirt and that a keeper was not a priority. But I never realised how much we needed Heaton until yesterday. He just looks to get solid hands to everything.... great debut in not an easy game. Although I’m not sure where this leaves Jed.... I suspect even tho he has signed a contract he may end up on loan again, with a call back option. But Of course I’d love him to be back up.
  5. Engles Impressed me the most today, I thought he looked calm, some good blocks and clever passes out of defence. RBL have some good forwards and we looked like we dealt with them well. Encouraging.
  6. Totally agree, hence saying where we can. With the amount of improvements needed around the ground I would even hazard a guess that they would scrap the idea of redeveloping the North stand and go straight for a new stadium. With England pushing for a World Cup there are ground regulations that Villa park are short of, NFL and Baseball games getting bigger and bigger coverage in the UK and with an American owner with some clout... a new stadium makes sense. Villa park for how dear to our hearts it is, is getting left behind.
  7. True, but let’s see how that waiting list is at the end of this season. Let’s face it we all know how fickle villa fans are, it’s all exciting at the moment and I have no reason to believe that the owners are gonna do anything **** that up anytime soon, but Relegation at this point (although I don’t think that will happen) is still a possibility which could throw us back to square one. I agree with just filling in and making ground improvements and expansions where we can, especially some kind of “fan zones” similar to box park at Wembley would be awesome. Long term I’d love a new stadium personally, keeping the looks and traditions of what we have currently, the rear of the holte is still a sight to behold. After seeing what spurs have done how can any supporter not want a piece of that.
  8. He was really pleased with him self after his own Marvelous player joke. It was as if he has never cracked it before.
  9. My sentiments exactly. Some of the comments I’m reading on some facebook groups are ridiculous. A lot of the comments coming out from villa players tells me he will be missed around the place. Good luck to him.
  10. Yep... I’ve written it on the box. Next to a picture of Andy Murray.
  11. This....this.... is the only thing that 1% scares me. Although the circumstances are different with owners and coaching staff.... my inner dark thoughts of “villa are going all about this all wrong, they are untried at this level and we have seen this before, veretout was so promising....Too many” pops up now and again..... but I’ll lock it in the inner parts of my dark mind along with wanting to nail Andy Murray’s mom... and throw away the key.
  12. Not sure how much longer I can take the Marvellous drops..... it’s only gonna get worse.
  13. I’m kinda with you.... I have neither been impressed or...not impressed. I think partly the problem for me is that Guilbert is the full back we have needed for years and has impressed me...(I know it’s pre season blah blah) and i want Target to be the same on the left. He has looked tidy enough and I have no reason to say that he is naff. I feel the same about Target as I do for the new home shirt. It’s alright.... but it’s growing on me.
  14. De La Cruz!!! Jesus I forgot about him, god he was bang average to be kind. I just looked at his Wiki and it describes him as an Aston Villa fans favorite! I don’t remember that.... I also didn’t remember him signing for blues.
  15. He’s a good looking bloke his mrs is fit, keep.
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