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  1. Jimmyg

    Dean Smith

    Same...... I am finding it really hard to stop thinking just that myself. I accept that we maybe ahead of schedule in the eyes of the board, but relegation would almost certainly put us back a year. I am starting to think the same I did towards the end of the Bruce tenure, no quality, no threat, no improvement but more importantly no identity. Deano seems to have gone against all his beliefs... We sold out season tickets on the promise of a brand of football.... it’s no where to be seen at the moment... with absolutely no sign of it coming back.
  2. He wouldn’t be on my list of strikers to get in, however if he comes at a decent price...along with another young and hungry striker It could be a master stroke... I have no idea what kinda price he would come for but anything around the 5m mark Give him the 20 shirt....and I think it could be worth a gamble, the spark he needs to end his career on a high. But it’s just that... a gamble! Buts it’s not my money so **** it let’s get him.
  3. Jimmyg

    Dean Smith

    I just wonder as a Villa fan does dean smith want himself gone?
  4. Jimmyg

    Dean Smith

    Exactly.... And I think the black and white of it is if he wasn’t a villa fan I’d want him gone.
  5. Jimmyg

    Dean Smith

    Exactly what I thought!! I remember his earlier post match interviews when he used to say things like “we didnt set the traps we talked about” .... “they played between our lines to easily” .... “we didn’t move the ball quick enough”.... or words to that effect. It’s worrying that he is using officiating for excuses for conceding. I don’t think the ref was at fault for the final two goals personally. I have said elsewhere...I don’t want smith to be sacked, but I really don’t know what to say anymore. Throwing more money at this team in January is not going to make any difference without a change of direction and tactics. We are too reliant on Jack (which I believe is stopping us playing). No threat upfront, we don’t move the ball quick enough and at the moment we are certain to go down there is no doubt about it. The board have to ask the question if they are happy to go down and rebuild? which I doubt. Or do we want to maintain premier league football?! If so some serious changes and questions need to be asked. The last few games (Norwich included) have shown no promise, we haven’t been unlucky, we have been poor....period! Even with Mings and Mcginn I believe they would have had no influence on the results. I don’t want to say getting rid of smith is the answer as I so badly want him to succeed as do most Villa fans I’m sure.... But I’m starting to wonder if thanking Deano for a great year or so and getting us back to where we belong and moving forward without him is the right thing to do. I’m not saying we should.... but I have never been so torn with a manager.
  6. With you mate, at the moment he does. I’m hoping it’s just a massive dip in form.
  7. I love the guy.. I do... but He has got away with murder to be fair the last half dozen games at least. Ineffective! 10/10 for effort but he hasn’t been a patch on last season. It annoys me when I hear pundits sing his praises, they obviously have not seen him this season. Needs dropping and is part of the reason for our bad form of late. I want the old SJM back.
  8. Jimmyg

    Wesley Moraes

    I was dreading him getting subbed to sarcastic cheers today.... I think he needs to be dropped somehow (No idea how) pretty soon to avoid this happening as what little confidence he does have will be sapped.
  9. Jimmyg

    Wesley Moraes

    He has shown that he can finish (simple ones but still) he has shown that he can hold up a bring people into play on occasions if he was that bad he wouldn’t have shown it at all..... albeit nowhere near consistently enough obviously. This just really isn’t his level.
  10. Jimmyg

    Wesley Moraes

    I honestly think that if hogan had the run of games Wesley has had he would not have done much worse. Thing is I don’t actually think he is that bad a footballer. He just doesn’t do anything... anything. The front 3 of Leicester today shown us how a front 3 should play. Wesley needs some time out of the team... it’s just a real shame we have no options.
  11. That 3rd kit is disgusting... I love it
  12. Whilst I was shocked to see Taylor and Elmo (although not so much) in the starting line up on Saturday, both of them based on that performance should start on Saturday. DS has tried create 2 players competing for every position! What message does it send when a player gives his all, has a good game, plays for his shirt, to get dropped anyway! I know how I would feel. I know that if a player gives his all and is still not good enough it is different.... but by that game against spurs...Taylor does not deserve to get dropped. The same 11 starts for me.
  13. kodjia is gonna score more than Wesley this season.... there i said it.
  14. Jimmyg

    Tom Heaton

    I was firmly of the opinion that Steer should be given the shirt and that a keeper was not a priority. But I never realised how much we needed Heaton until yesterday. He just looks to get solid hands to everything.... great debut in not an easy game. Although I’m not sure where this leaves Jed.... I suspect even tho he has signed a contract he may end up on loan again, with a call back option. But Of course I’d love him to be back up.
  15. Engles Impressed me the most today, I thought he looked calm, some good blocks and clever passes out of defence. RBL have some good forwards and we looked like we dealt with them well. Encouraging.
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