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  1. I’m swaying towards liking the home kit... thought it looked really smart last night. The fit and longer sleeves reminded me of early 2000 Roma shirts.
  2. 100%..... granted I was half asleep and watching with one eye open at times but totally agree. I thought for a friendly mufc provided a decent game. We looked decent going forward especially in first half, yeah we did get caught under pressure trying to play from the back at times but I’d expect that at this point. Decent game...for what it was and not too much to moan about.
  3. I get ya.... and the home shirt does defo have room for a bit more jazzy ness. But having seen that pic above I do really like the away shirt. But I actually like kappa as a brand and have always thought their kits to be a bit different. A little let down by these tbh but they growing on me. Also at a risk of sounding a bell end I have always been pretty trim so I like the idea of a continental style fitting shirt.
  4. Home shirt “too boring, no effort”...away shirt “too busy, too much effort” I like it personally.... Really like the colours and stripes. The home shirt is growing on me also.
  5. Oh, But I thought that’s how all European scouts evaluate potential players? I always thought they have so much fun listening to euro trance while they work. #dreamjob
  6. Interesting.... like I said I have nothing to base my opinion on but a hunch. Looks like his club have priced him out of the deal anyway. Side note: Wembley tour worth doing? I fancied it over the summer.
  7. Yep...El Ghazi from his videos looked twice the player...in a better league...and a lot cheaper.
  8. Just listened! Pretty good and in-depth conversation about our recruitment and squad, and for a change...well researched. Can’t disagree with any of their points really.
  9. Dunno why but I’m not fussed about this one.
  10. So glad we have a guy like this at our club.... its a cliche but he seems a “proper football bloke” and has earned his chance at the big time. I cant believe at one point I thought having Henry as manager was a good idea....
  11. I’ve seen some comments on Facebook that we have “made enquires” about Ryan Sessignon. Seems complete tosh....I’d be very suprised If there is an ounce of truth in it.
  12. I was gonna mention.... it really sucks. A part of me dies with every interview.
  13. Pleased for him.... he was really important to us the back end of last season and I think he will only get better under Smith and his system. He will be just as important this year.
  14. Jimmyg

    Douglas Luiz

    I hear you... but at this point in our transformation, consolidation is building for the future. I’ve mentioned before that if he is that good for us Man City would come back for him clause or not. (I get that we may not get as much for him, but would still profit). I think we getting a little too hung up on the potential clause. Any player that performs well for will have teams sniffing regardless, Even signing a contact extension means nothing nowadays other than guaranteeing a larger fee when the big boys come. I think even tho our transfer policy is clear and management will do all to stick to it, I think there are going to have to be exceptions here and there for the good of the squad.

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