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  1. The Hawk

    Dean Smith

    Exactly. Let’s not blame the manager for the sake of blaming someone. El Ghazi was at fault for the first anyway and the second was a sloppy corner.
  2. You could see smith yelling “keep the ball” to kodjia when he was being subbed on. Clearly the idea was for him to waste time with his feints and dribbles and hopefully earn a free kick in the process to see out the game. It didn’t exactly work, but I don’t necessarily think that’s Smith or Kodjia’s fault. Just didn’t go our way. Hauling Wesley off for Konsa would just invite pressure onto us so I think yours is a pretty silly idea and to blame the manager is equally silly.
  3. The combination of Neil Taylor playing and the 10 men behind the ball tactics of Wolves nullified his effectiveness in my opinion. He was forced to run into the channels on the left to offer an option for Taylor as everyone on the pitch knew Taylor wasn’t going to exploit any space on the left, and I think that pulled him away from the edge of the area where he’s most dangerous. Whenever he did receive it from Taylor there was just a wall of Wolves defenders blocking any cross.
  4. So we’re laying in to Mings now? The guys been a nothing but a colossus for us since joining and leads the league for blocks, but when he makes his first couple of errors in a Villa shirt these past couple of games suddenly he and the 7 million pound Belgian masterstroke we’ve been praising all season aren’t premier league class? I love this forum.
  5. I love this lineup. id imagine Grealish is playing on the left and cutting inside for Targett to play that overlapping LB role. Really hope it works out tonight as I think this is the way we need to lineup going forward in order to be dangerous.
  6. I think you’re right, although with El Ghazi on the left and Trez on the right. Either that or with Jota on the right and trez on the left.
  7. It’s called media handling.
  8. I actually think our midfield 3 put in a real shift tonight. All 3 had their sloppy moments and lacked a bit of end product but to say tonight was “Grealishs worst game for us in 3 years” is ludicrously harsh. Had Wesley finished that header from his wonderful cross early on or had Jack finished that chance at the death, I doubt there would be any such comments...
  9. Here we go... Played his part.
  10. I think the midweek training at Villa Park means that we’re going to see debutants this week
  11. Disagree that he will start next game. We were always going to be hemmed in at the back against spurs and so we setup to counter with our two quickest wingers. Against Bournemouth it’ll be important to have more overlap that Taylor just doesn’t/can’t provide. Fair play to him vs spurs though, he was brought in to play a specific role and I think he performed it reasonably well.
  12. Could potentially mean that there are plans for Douglas Luiz to return to Man City in a year or two and that it’s more of a “work permit deal” and that we think it’s better to move for Phillips now than in a year or two? Just a thought.
  13. Seems the bookies are pretty confident the league is ours....
  14. I suspect just blindly patriotic. In other news, I cannot believe another premier league side hasn’t snapped up Mile Jedinak as they would be privileged to have him. He has more international caps than I have dollaridoos, is the best defensive header that football has ever seen and I once saw him make a grown man cry just by staring at him. *disclaimer: I may or may not be Australian*
  15. Agreed. Has a very similar gait to him, probably just a tad more agile.
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