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  1. Agreed. Has a very similar gait to him, probably just a tad more agile.
  2. To me the fact that we are spending 20 million on a goalkeeper which seems more of a ‘luxury’ than a ‘need’, just goes to show that we are in a very wealthy position
  3. I think he has heart, just absolutely zero talent
  4. Great post. Given the link seemingly quoted us and Valencia as in for him, it could well be that the owners are genuinely willing to go for him early with a big money move as a signal of intent. Signing a player like him will improve our appeal for other players considering joining us + keeping Grealish in future. If we pull it off - great, I say it’s a worthwhile investment for so many reasons If we don’t - nothing to lose, plenty of time/targets to look for elsewhere.
  5. He’s only touted as the next Suarez because he is Uruguayan... He plays for Celta Vigo not Barca Agree he would be an astounding capture but we don’t yet know what our owners are capable of.
  6. Let’s not forget that Jed Steer has been excellent. By all reports Jed trained the house down, earned the right to an opportunity and took it with both hands. I commend Smith for making the call to put faith in a keeper competing for a spot with one of his major signings so far. Sends a message to the squad that everyone will get a fair crack regardless of stature. As someone above has mentioned, I’d be quite content heading into next season with these two competing for the number one spot.
  7. That’s nice that he tried.
  8. Just dreadful today. I don’t have an issue with his defensive game but his attacking play is the worst of any professional footballer I’ve ever seen. He makes Stephen Warnock look like Roberto Carlos.
  9. If he was getting red cards every second week I’d agree, but he’s not.
  10. Have to respectfully disagree with you here. Aggression (within the laws) is a great way of unsettling your opponents and influencing crowds and even referees. I think it also has a way of showing your teammates that you have their back, which can make them more confident, better players. I think when we say we lack aggression we mean we lack hunger for the contest. Im loving how Mings and Jack are showing a bit of grunt and a mean streak. I don’t think it’s a coincidence up until Leeds we had won 10 on the trot with this aggressive style...
  11. Fair enough, everyone’s entitled to an opinion. My logic is that Hause was keeping out Taylor when he was playing at LB (although from memory Taylor may have been injured for some of that?) and I get the impression Smith prefers ball-playing defenders. The other thing is that the Villa media channels seem to be making a massive deal of Tuanzebes return which usually implies that they are going to play a key role. Smith rates Axel and brought in Hause whereas Ill eat my hat if Smith see’s Taylor as part of his long term plans.
  12. Axel comes in for Taylor and shifts Hause back to LB where he was also doing wonders before Elphick went down injured. Whilst Taylor has played well by Taylor’s standards during Elphicks absence, Hause is just a much better option IMO
  13. The Hawk

    Kortney Hause

    Between him and Mings, you can see they are both technically good players (particularly for their size!)

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