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  1. The Hawk

    Dean Smith

    Woah woah woah... Careful bringing those sorts of realistic expectations and rational thinking here, this thread does not tolerate it.
  2. People who can’t move on
  3. The Hawk

    Dean Smith

    Their foundations were built. Ours weren’t. We needed to buy a whole new team. They didn’t.
  4. The Hawk

    Dean Smith

    It’s well documented that Purslow said that the expectation/aim was to be promoted within two seasons once Smith took the helm. Setting a goal is not the same as “determining when we will get promoted”. Boards set goals, that’s a basic fact. Smith achieved the goal set for him and the club in year one, hence it was ahead of expectations. You then started suggesting that other people were suggesting that the board “did not want promotion in year one” and that they were thinking “oh, now we got promoted we should get relegated and start again” which is just nonsense and not what was being said at all.
  5. The Hawk

    The NSWE Board

    What’s your blueprint for achieving this? Collectively the dynamics of the players we bought (different leagues, nationalities etc) was a dogs breakfast but as individuals nearly all of our signings fit the bill of what you are saying.
  6. The Hawk

    Dean Smith

    Sure, if you view failing to achieve promotion from the championship for two consecutive years the same as getting promoted in year one and then getting relegated. I dont. As for this season alone, relegation would be a failure of very fine margins. The difference between this season being a “success” and a “failure” could be a last minute goal on the final day. In either scenario, I’d be giving Smith until Nov/Dec before considering the sack.
  7. The Hawk

    Dean Smith

    Thank you for pointing out that a board can’t see into the future with complete certainty. This nothing statement alone proves you’ve missed the point. What a board CAN do however is make an evaluation of their current position and set a realistic target/goal for promotion. As for your comment about your realistic expectation as a fan - fair enough and I agree to an extent. The board want attacking football as in the long run it’ll give us greater opportunity to reach the heights that we want to versus playing defensive survival football. Smith has committed to this, it hasn’t worked out, and you can definitely argue that he’s been stubborn in his approach to changing this despite the change in formation. I firmly believe however that the damage was done with our summer recruitment and that even if we shifted to a more defensive style we would still be rubbish. We bought players from completely random nationalities and leagues and made the task of integrating a new squad together even more difficult as a result. As the season has gone on, our confidence has completely disappeared which has led us to our current predicament. It’s not necessarily a matter of “Smith has taken us backwards”, people need to realise that.
  8. The Hawk

    Dean Smith

    No one is suggesting this, you’ve missed the point completely. The board set a realistic target of promotion within two seasons which Smith achieved within 1 = overachievement. That early promotion thrust us into the premier league with barely half a squad and a complete rebuild to do which is a ridiculously tough task in any league let alone arguably the toughest league in the world. This has ultimately put Smith’s job at risk because the majority of our fan base have absolutely no concept of realistic expectations nor patience.
  9. More a case of fans seeking to make sense of a bad situation by attributing blame to something or someone - a scapegoat. Trez is an easy target as out of all of our players he has the worst touch and “footballing brain” which makes him stand out. Like I said, he’s not been great but he’s certainly chipped in with some important moments. He’s not been that far off an £8.75m signing.
  10. Agree with you Gaz. He hasn’t been great, but the abuse he gets needs to be tempered and put in perspective.
  11. The Hawk

    Dean Smith

    Wow, a voice of reason!
  12. The Hawk

    Dean Smith

    Purslows comments no more than a month ago: ”“He’s a great fella and superb at the job. The owners and I felt in December that it was really important that you all know that Dean is very central to our long-term vision. “He’s somebody who understands we’ve got to build the club from the bottom up. He’s got the values and so the board made the decision to extend his contract. “Football is a funny old game but we shared your view that because his contract wasn’t long enough we decided to address that.” I just can’t see how you would then fire someone so quickly. It’s not like we were safe from relegation when he signed the new deal. The board would have discussed the possibility of what they would do if we were relegated and yet they still offered him a long term contract. If they do fire him, I can only think that something (other than results) has seriously gone awry behind the scenes (players head butting others for example...)
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