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  1. i think we miss terry coaching defense
  2. earned victory on proper wicket lans win on a shambles of a wicket
  3. anything from club on injury
  4. bailey and buendia end up like samso n not playing much
  5. going to have a long career with us
  6. suerley bailey for pace on break
  7. lee hendrie says he has been brilliant
  8. hope some one does him on pitch i know its wrong but in his case anything goes
  9. he is in big time not championship can't rely on youth in worst case scenorio
  10. dont think its owners not known for quick fads bit smith could end up a eddie how
  11. notn going to play bailey tomorrow didn't he want him
  12. mings better finisher than watkins aqnd watkins is good
  13. still think we are done smith does seem happy with squad
  14. it was playing marv and aeg that got me and not playing buienda in right place and not fit
  15. seeing marv and aeg doesnt help in starting line up
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