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  1. digiTALLdave

    Steve Bruce

    good to see, nice goal from Green and Davis looks a handful
  2. digiTALLdave

    Steve Bruce

    Either Bruce isnt right for Villa or the chef is putting sleeping tablets in the players food before matches. I liked Bruce and thought he was the man, but i am happy to accept i was wrong. Its a "Bruce out" from me.
  3. digiTALLdave

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce came into this club taking over a team 10 points from the play-off places. That team was falling to the bottom of the league but he managed to squeeze some vital results. It was clear to everyone we needed a good few more players. Its a shame the players that came in couldn't instantly gel into the team and hit the ground running. There was a very worrying point when i thought they had got it wrong in January and we were doomed but given time and the returning Kodjia this team is coming together nicely. Any team that can look shite and still get results is a team that knows how to win. I think they have got it spot on. So to be 11 points away from 6th considering the slump we had whilst we had a bunch of players that had never played in the same team before is very promising.
  4. digiTALLdave

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Barry coming back and steadying the ship, guiding the team to promotion... That would be unreal. At this point in his career i couldn't think of a better option for him.
  5. digiTALLdave

    Steve Bruce

    I've got to be honest i like Steve Bruce. In my opinion i feel he deserves a better club to work at and his experience warrants that. He did his time down SH and he got punished with some pretty shit owners but now he has his chance. He has a brilliant owner in the always positive minded Xia at a massive prestigious club like Aston Villa. He knows this league arguably better than anyone. I trust his decisions and accept that it may not always be pretty to watch... but this is championship football, what do you expect?
  6. digiTALLdave

    The push for the Play offs ?

    This is a new team, even though we haven't been great to watch we have still pulled of an amazing run of results. Bruce hasn't even been here a year. Its good to be a villa fan again, i don't care what league we are in as long as it doesn't hurt anymore. The last few weeks have been refreshing and i can't wait for next season in the championship after the team have a whole pre-season together with maybe one or two additions. We have a striker... finally, that can score goals and as ropey as it has been at times, we also have a tight defence that will only get better. Lets not forget how shite we were. we will push for promotion but it will be 17/18.
  7. digiTALLdave

    The push for the Play offs ?

    If we win every game we most certainly have a chance, 75 points could well be enough. I would hope we can go to Burton and pick another 3 points up on Saturday. We then have 2 very tricky games in Reading and Fulham, win those and even the pundits will be predicting a possible Villa miracle!
  8. digiTALLdave


    There was once a young boy sat with his father. His father told him... "Son, i am a baggies fan, my father was a baggies fan and his father before him, are you following the tradition?" to which the boy replied... "Er No Dad, i support the mighty villa, sotb!" My name is David, i was born and raised in Great Barr and i now reside in Kingstanding. I have been a villa supporter all my life, i am 30 years old. Season ticket holder of the past i currently attend 5-10 home games per season. I want to be able to join discussions amongst fellow villains and give my views and opinions. I feel it is important to state i passionately support the villa and loathe the blues, the baggies, and the bloody dingles!