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  1. I know what you are saying mate, but if we get in a quality player on a free (e.g. Fraser) then it’s 2 players in with around £50m left
  2. Just saw on the sky sports transfer centre that Fraser is on £27,000 a week and palace are looking at offering him £50,000. Surely at that wage he is worth looking at, especially on a free. I know people have raised concerns about his downing tools etc but he is a good player and would be an improvement on trez and el ghazi, it would also mean that we would have more of the war chest still available for the other 3-4 incomings
  3. A high number on here have either wanted a new front 3 and move jack back to a number 10 (if he stays) or they have wanted to keep him on the left and sign a new cm. Even with free transfers, loans, loan to buy, cheap players etc I would want them to be an upgrade on the starting 11 and the previous seasons starter moves to the bench. We may have limited resources so we don’t want to waste it by signing a shed load of average players, it’s not really worked for us in the past doin a big overhaul in the PL. I would like us to add around 4 quality players and also hopefully keep Reina. As an example I would prefer us to sign someone like benrahma than trez and el ghazi again. It has to be quality over quantity. We also didn’t have the quality of Luiz until the restart so in a way he is kind of like a new signing, as most (including me) were crying out for us to get someone in to play that role.
  4. If we sign a better player than hourihane he gets pushed to the bench, Lansbury is further from the squad. I don’t get why people can’t understand that if you improve the starting 11 the knock on effect is you improve your bench/squad
  5. Rashica (also be happy with deulefou, sarr or buendia) Tammy Eze Reina
  6. Bang on mate. Would absolutely love him back here
  7. Mate I agree. I would prefer Tammy or belotti in over mitrovic, I was just saying for the price (if the figure you saw was correct) it would be a big gamble for us to spend that much on him.
  8. That’s too much I think mate. Maybe £30-£40m, but if it’s £50-60m I think I would prefer us to go for mitrovic for around £25-30m. Cheaper and slightly less of a risk on return
  9. Hasn’t he just triggered an extension clause in his contract for another year?
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