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  1. I would absolutely love him here mate. We saw how good he was last season for us and this season for Chelsea. He will only get better too
  2. Just saw this myself mate, I was about to say if we stay up it’s worth looking into
  3. Sorry mate, I disagree. We want Konsa to do much better than Davies. Davies never really pulled up any trees for Villa and after leaving went to lower half prem/championship teams. We want (need) Konsa to fulfil his full potential and not be content as an ok championship CB.
  4. Yes mate, watched him 6 or 7 times
  5. I think that’s about the right price mate but it doesn’t hurt to go in with a cheeky offer to start negotiations
  6. I would much prefer Rashica. I have only seen Bailey play twice and he was awful in both (so it’s not a completely fair assessment from me) but I have seen rashica play about 6-7 games and he has been outstanding. He is fast, scores and gets assist and can take set pieces. His stats are also better than baileys this season and he is in a relegation battle. I also think Rashica would be the cheaper of the 2
  7. I didn’t even realise Bremen were in the relegation zone. If we stay up I would go all out for them. Rashica has similar stats to Jack this season and both of them are in relegation battles. He is what we need fast, skilful, direct and explosive. Sargent would be a great prospect also
  8. Tbf I do agree that the coaching department seems to be lacking which does need to be put right. If our tactics on set pieces was right we wouldn’t be in the relegation zone now
  9. We have owners that are willing to back us and have said last summer was about quantity and this summer if we stay up is about quality. We also currently have one of the hottest properties in English football Thae game against spurs away was good defensively for 45 minutes, we have put in better performances this season than the opening day
  10. You may be right mate. We do need to be in for quality players though this summer, we have had the squad fillers and now it’s time for quality
  11. Because if we stay up we are a club that will push on and have ambition and we are a bigger club
  12. DM and 2 wingers. Billing, benrahma and Rashica. Rashica is unlikely but if we stay up then we need at least 1 ambitious signing of real quality
  13. Agreed mate. Obviously we all want to keep jack and if we do and strengthen other areas then we can be pushing for mid table. I also think a few of our players will be better after having a year in the pl to settle such as Guilbert, engles, konsa and Nakamba all of which have had a few good games and a few bad.
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