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  1. Villa Stu

    Micah Richards

    ?? Football and Micah ??
  2. Villa Stu

    Steve Bruce

    I meant Kodjia seemed a bargain at £15m compared the £12m we spent on McCormack. I maybe should have worded it better
  3. Villa Stu

    Steve Bruce

    Fair point, but at the time of spending £12m on McCormack, Kodjia seemed an absolute bargain. How times have changed for us.
  4. Villa Stu

    Steve Bruce

    Kodjia and Jedi for me too
  5. Villa Stu

    Steve Bruce

    Was Chester a Bruce signing? I thought he was RDM signing.
  6. Villa Stu

    Tony Xia

    If worse comes to the worst and we lose Jack, is there anyone of the above you think could step up? Obviously I’m not expecting them to come in and be as good as Jack, but just someone that could come in and add that creative spark in the middle of the pitch.
  7. Villa Stu

    Tony Xia

    It was £100m he had in a uk bank
  8. Villa Stu

    Tony Xia

    I agree but just worry about what type of owner would we be getting? Would they have the clubs best interest at heart or just come in and sell any and all assets?
  9. Villa Stu

    Tony Xia

    So would that make you, as a Villa fan, not want to play for Villa?
  10. Villa Stu

    Tony Xia

    As a fan I would say Grealish would choose to play for Villa over any other club, just imagine being in his position as a fan playing for the club you love and being the main man on the pitch, hearing the crowd sing your name, the question for me is why wouldn’t he want to stay at Villa?
  11. Villa Stu

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    What would happen, in terms of FFP, if we managed a swap deal? No fee, just player for player and look at getting someone in on lower wages.
  12. Villa Stu

    Jack Grealish

    £28m for Slimani says that it has
  13. Villa Stu

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    It will be fun after the Sheffield Utd game mate, never mind between the Norwich and Ipswich games
  14. Villa Stu

    January transfer window 2018

    He certainly could be, do we have the money to be signing him without selling first though?