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  1. This game better be on. I'm flying in from Philadelphia tomorrow. First away game of the season. Can't wait.
  2. USA_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Isn't it refreshing to see our coaches coaching, delivering instructions and ensuring our players know what they're responsibilities are.
  3. I agree, looks really good going forward. Just needs to be a little more careful with his passing.
  4. Two wide men aren't up for this at the moment
  5. This is why Jack is so important to the Villa, and the way Dean plays, just watch the last minute or so and see how he commits players. First touch is quality as well.
  6. Adomah and Kodja have been really poor. Real lack of quality.
  7. I love Mings, he wants the ball all the time. Not afraid to go forward. Always positive.
  8. Hourihane. Doesn't want the ball, doesn't tackle, just follows players around the field, offers absolutely nothing. He needs to come off now.
  9. USA_Villa

    Dean Smith

    I see a number of Villa fans on here are going off their minds because off recent poor performances. Here's how I look at this. If I took the starting line-up from Friday, and asked myself how many of this team would I want to see starting the first game of next season, assuming we are still in the Championship? I had five players that I would want to start next season, irrespective of if we could keep them or not. So if it's only five, it's no wonder we are having problems as over half the team just aren't good enough. You can carry one or two, but not six.
  10. On the plane on Wi-Fi watching various Text streams. Keep the comments coming tonight. UTV
  11. USA_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Here's an example of why we are in the mess we are with our playing squad. In the summer of 2017 the Villa signed Glen Whelan on about 30 grand per week. At the same time Brentford signed Ollie Watkins from Exeter for 2 million and are paying him about 6 grand a week. Tell me which one you would want in this team today? Give Dean a little time as the Bruce legacy will need at least a summer to eradicate.
  12. In Summary: McGinn is not a number 10 - Not a replacement for Jack Hourihane - Just awful Both Wingers - Poor today. Complete lack of quality Defense - Middle two looked very comfortable. The full backs still make me nervous.
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