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  1. 10:30pm flight out of JFK New York this evening with the wife and eldest daughter. Stopping in London for a couple of nights, and really hoping for another day like the last visit. Flight back from Heathrow on Monday. A long trip, but you've got to make the most of these things. UTV Plan to stock up on Cadbury Easter Eggs, Chocolate digestives, HP sauce and Bisto in between a few pub meals.
  2. I never ever ever ever want to hear anyone say that Kodja should start up front ahead of anyone anymore - Lazy, weak, zero effort.
  3. Yes we lost. They are a very good team. Willian and Kante were class. Disappointed we gave the ball away so cheaply so often after we had worked so hard to win it initially.
  4. Just been to the movies here in NJ with my daughter to see Ford vs Ferrari. We both almost jumped out of our seat when we saw Ken Miles son watching the Le Mans race wearing a Villa top with the Classic old badge. I know I had one of those when I was younger. Great to see. Keep an eye out for it. UTV
  5. Expect a number of changes.
  6. I watched NBC Sports and had no issues. Coverage was great with no delay or interruptions. I watched it on Dish, did you watch online?
  7. USA_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Correct. Suit at home and tracksuit away.
  8. Thanks. Yes, made it to the game. Had a 30-minute walk from Seven Sisters tube station, but other than that a great day despite the result. Great stadium, team played very well under pressure. Sitting in Heathrow now waiting for the flight back.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. Depart in about an hour and a half.
  10. My trip to the ground will be as follows (And I am not complaining one bit): Friday 2 hour drive from New Jersey to JFK Airport 7 Hour overnight flight from JFK to LHR - Arrive early Sat AM Saturday Uber to Heathrow Hotel - Change and Shower Uber to Richmond Station 1.25 hour Overground Journey to Whitehart Lane Watch Game Reverse journey - Back in JFK on Sunday Can't Wait.
  11. Nice goal from Conner. However, he just doesn't seem to want the ball in that holding midfield spot. Looks uncomfortable receiving the ball in that position. Performs better higher up the field. Time to see Marvellous.
  12. I don't believe he has a future in this team. He will be sold or loaned out in the next few weeks.
  13. Heading out of Philly on Monday evening. Heard there's an open training session on Tuesday, so looking forward to that. Just got to find out the details. Game on Wednesday evening, heading back early Thursday morning. Looking forward to seeing the new players, the new kit, and knowing that the premier league start is just round the corner. Might have to make a trip to Spurs, I need to see that stadium and it's the first game of the season.
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