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  1. USA_Villa

    Dean Smith

    This is a top interview with a Brentford supporter who gives a great breakdown on the style of soccer we should expect to see, and the type of man and manager we now have. It's 30 minutes long, but it's a great listen:
  2. USA_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Dean Smith Coaching - The Early Years (Prior to Walsall) https://www.facebook.com/nikefootball/videos/1187933092361/
  3. USA_Villa

    Dean Smith

    I must have read this post 10 times, and each time it gives me chills. Looking forward to next Saturday and welcoming our next manager. It's going to be emotional. I can't wait. Great Post.
  4. USA_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    Today will be the day when they start talking with managers that are currently employed. Think about it, it's the International break and most likely players will have been given today and possibly tomorrow off as they don't have a game for another week. No-one is going to contact the club and ask for permission to speak to a manager unless it's to negotiate a financial package and compensation. Instead, clandestine meetings will be held in directors and chairman's homes. Henry and Terry have most likely already been spoken with. Today and tomorrow will Rodgers and Smith. One of these could just wow the owners. It's not a done deal yet.
  5. USA_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    Smith - Yes
  6. USA_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    Honestly, I would prefer a Dean Smith / JT combo. At least we would have some coaching and championship experience in there.
  7. USA_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    One experienced coach is one thing, two is another. Be careful what you wish for. Either / or, I am conformable with. Both, I'm not so sure. I'd still pick Dean Smith - Experienced coach
  8. USA_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    Following on from KMac's comments, Brentford play Leeds at 12:30 tomorrow. Therefore, Dean Smith could be watching the game from the comfort of a hotel room, prior to final negotiations on Sunday. Just a thought.
  9. USA_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    My thoughts on a number of the names discussed so far: Smith - Would jump at the chance of managing Villa. The 'I'm happy at Brentford' talk is just that. Rodgers - Won't come to the Villa. Wants a Premier League job next, and why wouldn't he get one? Henry - Just don't know if he has the coaching background to succeed. Does he have his UEFA-Pro License? Does he see himself starting in the Championship? Foreigners - No idea. Don't know enough on any of them to offer a constructive comment I would give it to Dean Smith.
  10. USA_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    I think the cabbage might be skewing the votes in the poll somewhat.
  11. USA_Villa

    Pre-Match New Dawn Patience

    This is the first game I will be looking forward to for a long while. The future is bright .......... whoever is in charge
  12. USA_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    Brentford don't have a player on more than 10 grand a week and look where they are and how they play. Give Dean Smith our squad and all our wishes will be granted.
  13. USA_Villa

    New Manager Speculation

    This has to be a wind-up surely?
  14. USA_Villa

    Steve Bruce

    How's the view from that island of yours?
  15. USA_Villa

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Zero shots on target. Quality. We are the most defensive team in this division with the most expensive strikers.