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  1. No, bang average. I can almost guarantee that Dean won't be bringing him to Villa park.
  2. USA_Villa


    Travel for me starts tomorrow at 3pm EST, whereby myself and two daughters head to Philadelphia airport for our overnight flight to Heathrow. This is our third flight back in the last two months for games, this is costing me a fortune. What the hell. Two nights in London, their first time seeing Villa at Wembley, a comfortable victory, promotion to the premier league. This is likely to be one of those magical unforgettable experiences. And, I get to experience it with my daughters, the next generation of Villa fans. It doesn't get any better. UTV
  3. Understandably fans are a little more nervous heading in to this game due to our mediocre performances in the semi-final. One thing I think we forget is that we played a team of premiership players that came to nullify our game, and were very good at it. On Monday we play a team of Championship players that have struggled to contain our more experienced and talented team. I am confident in this team and manager. Can't wait. Going to be fantastic. UTV
  4. It all starts today for me. Heading to Philadelphia with my daughter this afternoon for an overnight flight to Manchester. See the family tomorrow and then Villa Park for a massive game on Saturday, returning back to the US on Wednesday after the return leg. Hopefully we will be planning to do it all again for the trip to Wembley. Got a feeling this is going to be a special few days. Can't wait.
  5. Flew out for the Bolton game on Friday, returning to Philadelphia last night. Had the pleasure of watching our 10th straight victory on AVTV this morning. What a weekend. May I just remind everyone - WE ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS - Unbelievable - Exciting - Hopeful We are now a club that believes in our team, our owners, our coaching staff, our players. We are in a wonderful place today and looking forward.
  6. I remember what McGinn was like after he served his suspension. Give him the next few weeks off and watch that man in the Playoffs.
  7. Players want the ball all over the park. No matter where they are. I love it.
  8. This game better be on. I'm flying in from Philadelphia tomorrow. First away game of the season. Can't wait.
  9. USA_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Isn't it refreshing to see our coaches coaching, delivering instructions and ensuring our players know what they're responsibilities are.
  10. I agree, looks really good going forward. Just needs to be a little more careful with his passing.
  11. Two wide men aren't up for this at the moment
  12. This is why Jack is so important to the Villa, and the way Dean plays, just watch the last minute or so and see how he commits players. First touch is quality as well.
  13. Adomah and Kodja have been really poor. Real lack of quality.
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