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  1. Currently Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Brentford Football Club (June 2016) S&C and Sport Scientist/ Msc Student at Brentford Football Club (June 2015- May 2016) Previous experience in numerous other sports such as Rugby, hurling and gaelic football. S&C intern at Hurricanes Super Rugby Franchise in Wellington, New Zealand for the 2015 Super Rugby season.
  2. We do. Patrick Moore. Just moved over from Brentford.
  3. USA_Villa

    Leeds United

    The Bielsa spying thing is a disgrace. By Thursday the players more or less know who is in the team for Saturday. Thursday is then spent with the first team against subs, etc. practicing positioning, tactics, etc. Now considering the manager doesn't get the team sheet normally until an hour before kick-off, I would say that's a pretty big advantage. Imagine spying on the Villa a day or so before the Leeds game and seeing that Axel is not on the field. Now it's a huge advantage. None of us knew Axel was injured, what if Bielsa did? Friday is spent with a walk through of set pieces, defending corners, etc. Again, another huge advantage if you know exactly how Villa re going to line up, and where the ball is expected to be delivered, for attacking and defending corners. Don't underestimate what a huge advantage it is to see all of this prior to setting out your team. If you know exactly how the opposition will be set up you can plan against it. Otherwise, you are at best guessing that its one of many options. This is wrong, Leeds should be fined and have points reduced as it brings the game in to disrepute. There's a reason why there is a fence, tees and bushes around BMH.
  4. USA_Villa

    Dean Smith

    Let's be honest we have one player in midfield, McGinn. Even with Jack in there we were carrying Hourihane. With Jack out, BB, Whelen and Hourihane show their true colors. They are just not good enough. Add two of the worst full backs ever to wear a Villa short and you can see why we were so bad yesterday. The squad is too old, too slow and does not play at the pace needed for Smiths style. A major overhaul is required.
  5. USA_Villa

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Honestly, he should never ever play for Villa again. I said it two weeks ago, he is lazy, slow and is just not sharp enough to play the fast paced game that Dean wants.
  6. USA_Villa

    Ratings & Reactions: Wigan v Villa

    When I saw House coming on I thought we were going to go to a back 3 and add an extra player in Midfield. We might as well have done as the two full backs were absolute garbage today. Bree does not have the skill to play the role Dean wants, and Taylor is just not good at all.
  7. USA_Villa

    Match Thread: Wigan v Villa

    Both our full backs are a liability. Bree has given the ball away every time he has it. Taylor is so poor.
  8. USA_Villa

    Match Thread: Wigan v Villa

    BB just too slow, just seams to meander around the field not doing a great deal. Slows the game down.
  9. USA_Villa

    Tammy Abraham

    So who is going to take the penalties now? I don't think Tammy missed one.
  10. USA_Villa

    Kortney Hause

    It's a loan with an option to buy.
  11. USA_Villa

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea FAC

    On a positive note: Lansbury looked good when he came on in the DM role Our two wide players were very poor today. Adomah - Just downright lazy and a yard behind the pace all the time. El Ghazi - Looks good going forward but offers nothing defensively and was to blame for the second goal. Bree - Terrible today. I can't remember one decent cross he put over
  12. USA_Villa

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Very poor the weekend. I don't see him fitting in to this side long term. Not quick enough, not sharp enough and not clever enough.
  13. USA_Villa

    Pre-match thread

    If you're wondering why O'hare is not in the squad, it's because he's injured.
  14. USA_Villa

    Tommy Elphick

    Back in January. Trust Me.
  15. USA_Villa

    Match Thread:West Brom v Villa

    West Brom are running all over the place. They can't keep this up for 90 minutes.