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  1. Seems like we tried. Wonder what the stumbling block was eventually
  2. Nothing you idiots! Danny Murphy's dead He's locked in my basement
  3. For some people there is a stigma attached to changing your mind and admitting an error. Overwhelming evidence that opposes their position leads to a subconscious need to redefine the parameters of the discussion in order for them to be able to tell themselves they are still correct. Smith has been condemned to failure because of one (often imaginary) unconquerable shortfall or another more times than I can count. Each time he has proved the claim wrong. The steadfast inability to change stance will mean this will continue to happen however far he takes us.
  4. I think it's actually better to be in bad form to get in the squad. Watkins was in a lull when he got called up while Bamford was firing and then this time round Bamford was struggling and Ings was flying and he got his call up. Basically from what I can see Southgate likes to pick strikers out of form.
  5. Or that he'll play this weekend. That's the trick, understate the seriousness 1/3 of the time, tell the truth 1/3 and overstate it 1/3 and bam, the injury updates are actually less useful than blind guesses.
  6. Really does give context to likely accuracy of the analysis there. They've formed their opinion so quickly they would fit right in on here.
  7. I think it's Derby County FC's death sentence.
  8. We'll have to agree to disagree. I can't agree that spending £90m and receiving £114m is an investment of £100m.
  9. Thanks. So these are net figures totaling ~£260m. According to transfermarkt we are £25m in the green this season for a total of £235m over 3 seasons. That seems like a reasonable figure to me.
  10. Sorry I had already found the first figure. I can't find the second one (£109m). I can't find the 20/21 accounts at all in fact.
  11. Gross spend is a different thing to investment which is what we were talking about originally. I'm happy to agree a total investment figure with a source. Transfermarkt says £205m. If you can point me to the figures on the accounts on CH I would be grateful.
  12. I am happy to go through the full accounts to find the figures. I can't see the figures quoted in the full accounts though. Can you point me to the right page?
  13. I only used the source suggested. Also can you provide a link to the first two figures. I can't see them looking through the full published accounts on CH. Also you think the net amount invested this summer was £80-90m? How have you reached this figure? Taking into account sales?
  14. Because I suspected that was where the bulk of the inaccuracy was coming from. Net investment is actually a tautology as investment is always putting into something, so only the net figure is investment. Eg. If I sell my car for £10k and buy a new one for £5k I haven't invested £5k in my vehicles, I've actually divested £5k from my vehicles. Similarly, Villa haven't invested about £100m this summer, they've actually divested about £24m (according to transfermarkt). I now see from your figures that they are all gross spend figures (although we started with so few assets in the squad the first two figures aren't far off investment figures), each rounded (always upwards and heavily) and then added together to compound the rounding into one mega rounding. At that point I think the figure has lost any meaning. Transfermarkt sourced figure for total investment in the last 3 PL seasons: £205.12m. Obviously this figure is not as exact as the two decimal places would imply but I think it's reasonable to say the investment has actually been about £205m. Considering we started with a squad (of 13 players) worth £63m and now have one worth £367m (both figures from transfermarkt) I think it's fair to say NSWE have got a great ROI while also seeing the club go forward every season. Not an easy feat imho.
  15. In the interest of objectivity could you please explain where the figure of £350m net investment has come from. I can't find a reliable source that would suggest a figure anywhere near that.
  16. Our players don't need coaching. Outstanding. Example: Austin MacPhee turns up and our set pieces noticeably improve. Conclusion: The players (who don't need coaching) were so incensed by the addition of a specific coach (who will just sit inside and not coach them) that they decided to try harder at set pieces just to prove they didn't need him. I think we've sussed it.
  17. From a Villa perspective I'd rather he just played for us and took the summer breaks to recover. The football schedule is gruelling now, seems almost inevitable players will get more injuries and any breaks will help with that.
  18. I remember it being alluded to that he was the one that thought he was fine when he tested positive and eventually ended up bedridden with it. Glad he's over it and back to his best. Hope a new contract is agreed soon.
  19. It's weird that a supporters group would be against a call to get more support in the ground for the team they supposedly support. Seems like they're more of a Man City Supporters support group than a Man City Supporters group. Support.
  20. They sold the future installments due to them of the original 22m fee for 80% of their value for cashflow I think. Not sure if they sold the sell on clause, most likely Dortmund are the only ones who would buy it.
  21. I've got Salah, Lukaku and Ronaldo (and TAA, Shaw, Antonio, Torres). Rest of my squad is naff though. Tbh I only have all 3 because I played my wildcard and forgot to finalise my team and settle on 2 of them on Saturday morning. I'll probably have to spend 4 this week to shift Antonio and rebalance my team a bit.
  22. Without using a chip or wildcard as well. Probably top 250 of people that haven't used any of them. I need my 4.5 fodder Allan to score 4 to catch you.
  23. Rafinha and Thiago looked like they could have surpassed the Laudrups about 10 years ago but they never did. Socrates and Rai is a great shout, arguably actually better than the Laudrups.
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