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  1. It's been the strategy taken since we got relegated in 2013. Bryan went for £6m, Reid for £10m Kelly for £17m, potentially hitting £25m plus sell on clause, all as academy products. Adam Webster was another £20m and Brownhill circa £8m iirc. Brownhill cost nothing and Webster was circa £3m ish with add ons based on appearances.
  2. Eh? We have an average sized squad and midtable wage budget.
  3. Preston are one of the only clubs with a worse playoff record than Bristol City. Or at least that was the case before they won promotion from League 1 through the playoffs in 2014/15. Think they were on something like 8 attempts and 0 promotions before then.
  4. Are you also in favour of ring fencing? Your logic is saying to other clubs they don't deserve the opportunity to grow. Go back 80 years and it would have been "I'd much rather Glossop North End were in Division 1"
  5. Think a draw is the best we can hope for realistically, even though we currently have better form than Leeds and WBA combined. One other thing going for us is that we are much better away from home.
  6. The defeat against Birmingham more annoying now, a win there and we'd have been only outside the autos on goal difference (not that I think we'll go up, it's nice to be in the race though)
  7. Walked past the Birmingham squad earlier. Completely blanked them. Mind games already started.
  8. Stroud is an awful ref in general, but we also have a terrible record when he is in charge of our games. 3 wins in 22 games and 11 defeats. That's not to say he is biased against us or anything, just a combination of a bad record and Stroud being incompetent all around, and likes to be the centre of attention.
  9. First time in 30 years we managed to win 4 games in a row with clean sheets. Probably won't be 5 wins on Friday, as it's Brum on tv with Keith Stroud as ref.
  10. Bristol City have brought the end of Warnock (he was supposedly retiring at the end of the season). Not sure the club has ever contributed such a great gift to football before now.
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