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  1. That's also a job that I got some cider working on.
  2. Noises suggesting we will spend a bit more this season coming. Lloyd Kelly I think will stay at least 1 more season. Was his breakout year and not played in the position his long term future is seen as.
  3. Well the post was quite clearly a joke. So I was here to make a joke while passing the time on my way home from Hull.
  4. Do you have that quote saved?
  5. Should I wait until you guys are out of the playoffs before starting "The race for promotion 19/20"?
  6. We've got a flat tyre, but still racing.
  7. Eh. He hasn't done a bad job, but he's taken a team that's a playoff side and nearly reached the playoffs (may yet do it). Derby are always in and around the playoff picture. If he takes them up then he's done a very good job.
  8. Got the car going with a bump start, we're still in this race.
  9. Whereas on Saturday we played very well for most of the game, tonight we were bad until the penalty save. Controlled the game with no threat in the first half and found ourselves 1-0 down. Penalty save seemed to give the players belief and changed the game. Was worth missing my brother's birthday to go though If Derby don't win tomorrow then Boro are favourites for me. However, Rotherham have a decent home record and could cause a slip up there. Can't believe I'm saying this, but come on Swansea.
  10. No, Bristol play a different sport
  11. And is it really awkward? Not for me. The comment made was a joke which didn't in any way suggest City would be getting promotion, and now we aren't.
  12. My money is on the guy 3rd from the left.
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