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  1. Massengo now confirmed. €8m on a 4 years contract. Monaco fans fuming.
  2. Don't think anything much can be read into our game yesterday. Lots of players didn't play well and we were up against the favourites for the league. I suspect we will probably finish within that range (I'd even say 7th-9th) although I put a small bet on us finishing top 6. Massengo signed from Monaco today and the ITK on our forum saying Nketiah on loan from Arsenal is essentially done. Whether an 18 and 20 year old will be the difference to push us into top 6 is a big ask for them, but then age wasn't a barrier for Tammy in a much weaker team.
  3. Eliasson is a fantastic player and I'd have started him yesterday (even without hindsight). Was a bit surprised to see O'Dowda start ahead of him, particularly as O'Dowda reneged on a contract offer Eliasson is 100% the best crosser of the ball of any Bristol City player I have watched, and similar comments have been made by other City fans much older than me. His biggest weakness is that he seems very one footed. It was said when he signed that Stoke (then Premier League) had tried to sign him, and that there was an agreement if Eliasson did well that they could buy him, however their relegation probably prevented that from happening. With Nicolas only being about 24 I think he will end up in the Premier League, with or without Bristol City.
  4. My stream is about 6 minutes behind, but from what I've seen so far. Leeds very much controlling possession but rarely creating much, we've been quite happy to let them pass the ball around in their half, then pressing once they pass the halfway line. Diedhiou being asked to do too much, not getting any support and the service into him has been poor.
  5. Hoping there's something in this. Anything that might free up Nketiah for a loan, given we're apparently the leading club for getting him.
  6. This rumour now confirmed true by Steve Lansdown, Massengo is in Bristol, paperwork and medical need completing but looks positive. Massengo has made 7 senior appearances total, but is the Champions Leagues youngest ever player and in his 7 senior games played against PSG, Dortmund and Atletico Madrid.
  7. Leeds have 4 players unavailable apparently, so that's them winning 3-0
  8. Transfer yet to happen (not the Webster one), but French journalists reporting that a kiddie at Monaco has asked to join us and will be in Bristol for a medical in the next 48 hours, cost of player 8m Euros + 20% sell on. Hadn't heard of Massengo until last night personally, but their fans on their forum aren't happy and none of them are questioning the validity of the place that first reported it. That their fans aren't happy is a positive sign for me, but Bristol City breaking their transfer record on someone so young and with something like 6 senior appearances is more than a little surprising. Hope it is true regardless.
  9. I always thought the mirror was ok, my one only ever says the same thing as me though, so no exclusives as such.
  10. A team signing Shane Long (in the Premier League) is a team asking to be involved in a relegation battle.
  11. Bloody hell, having a Norse God in midfield is a bit unfair isn't it?
  12. Debatable, have you seen Keith Stroud or James Linington?
  13. Thing is that West Ham have won a world cup though

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