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  1. It was **** ridiculous. Fully understand that a club would mark up, and just for balance 90% of the time these were on sale there was a "50% off everything" deal in the shop, but they still took the piss with this. That said it's not a story that should have reached front page of the BBC website Club was wrong to do it, and today's result was shit been a bad week for us. And despite all this I just bought my ticket for Millwall away- I think I need a lobotomy.
  2. Generally agree with your summary of the game. We certainly weren't as good after your first goal. The Baker sub I think was to allow the formation to change. Can't fully recall off the top of my head though.
  3. Before Adomah's miss Matty Taylor also missed a free header with the goal gaping (though not as open as Adomah's miss). In about the second minute Eliasson pinched the ball off of a defender and should have put Matty Taylor 1 on 1 but instead dragged his shot wide. We could have easily scored a couple from those chances. I'm not disputing that Villa created more chances, but I don't think simply looking at the stats shows a fair reflection of the first half. We moved the ball around well ourselves and looked good on the counter until that final pass, so our moves broke down before the shot. And playing the counter attacking style you are naturally going to have less possession. However, I'm not suggesting that we were on top, just that the first half was evenly matched in terms of quality. Abrahams offside wasn't even close, whereas the Weimann one was a tight call. So think that's a bit of a moot point to mention. An aside on the "but for O'Leary it would have been a hammering" type comment I think that's a bit of an odd one. The fact that he made lots of saves on its own doesn't mean Villa deserved to win- after all O'Leary is being paid to stop shots from going in, he wasn't doing anything beyond what he is paid for. This also applies to our home match where we lost to Stoke, but Butland pulled off 3 or 4 worldies and we hit the post twice. Butland making those saves is what he is paid incredibly well to do. However, post penalty, Villa were well on top. And based on performance from that point an argument that Villa deserved the win is entirely valid. On VAR, I don't think you get the penalty if it was there Saturday, and it would have cleared up the Weimann onside/offside once and for all. That's potentially a 2 goal swing right there. Still don't like VAR mind.
  4. R.E the penalty. Hourihane backed into Hunt, then collapsed and handballed on his way down. When Hunt asked the referee and linesman what it was given for they gave contradictory answers- one said for pushing Hourihane, one said for pulling him. Going back a bit into the offside, one thing that's quite telling IMO is the reaction of players. Not sure who it was, but you can see one of the Villa defenders shaking his head when the goal is scored, rather than appealing for offside. Usually if a goal is offside (and even sometimes when it isn't) you get plenty of appeals that it was. Don't want a bollocking for derailing the promotion thread, but appreciate yourself and a few others being able to have a reasonable debate on it. The decisions still frustrate, and while I dislike VAR, it's becoming apparent that it's needed as the refereeing standards are declining. Regardless I'm now looking forward to Reading on Good Friday, hopefully I'm over this illness by then! *Bolded bit is a bit subjective.
  5. To be fair, has any fan from either club said that? Edit- read it as couldn't say you didn't deserve to score.
  6. Weren't completely outclassed until after the penalty though. First half Villa created the better chances and had a bit more possession, but we looked good on the ball and dangerous on the counter- albeit the final ball was lacking. Villa started undoubtedly stronger second half, but weren't quite dominant until Hourihane won a penalty by committing handball. After that I fully agree that Villa were well on top, the question is would that still have been the case if the penalty wasn't given? The majority of the chances created were after that, at which point you have two after effects, the momentum shift of the goal, and our players having to wonder what they can actually do without being penalised. I think that's a valid point to make on how the game shifted.
  7. Not at all. Weird you think that even the slightest disagreement means someone is salty. Bit in bold I fully agree with, and it grates when Man City or Man United are just referred to as "City" or "United"- even seen it done when they were playing against another "City" or "United" themselves! I wouldn't necessarily expect an opposition fan to refer to us as "City" or at least not outside of the context of a game where we played their side. Obviously I can't speak for all our fans, but the consensus seems to be most of us find being referred to as "Bristol" a bit annoying, though I can't say exactly why. Doesn't wind me up enough to upset me as it were, but found it did wind up quite a few Villa fans on Twitter when your club was referred to as "Aston" yet those same people couldn't see they were doing exactly the same thing with "Bristol". All O was doing by saying "Aston" was to highlight that. But very much straying off topic now, sorry mods.
  8. FWIW @rodders0223, most of you who quote me come across as alright. However, the Aston Villa fan on that thread (not Pedro) has come across as a bit of a belter each time he turns up on OTIB. I realise when on here people might not always agree or appreciate my posts, but I do at least try and be respectful for the most part.
  9. Tongue was firmly in cheek. Mostly about Tammy and Albert as those two are still very popular with our fans. My post before that I stand by though.
  10. It was about a half a yard to a yard onside. That's odd as most of our fans see as a team that's overachieved, should we be in a relegation battle then?
  11. 4 more points gets you the playoffs I think.
  12. He's 3rd/4th choice, but he was very good today, deserves a chance at keeping his place if our first 2 return from injury before the season ends.
  13. Villa very much the better side second half. Penalty was a massive decision, although you were already well on top at the point it was awarded.
  14. Water off a ducks back. Always expect that a few can't handle friendly banter with an opposition fan. (Appreciate you aren't one of those)
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