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    Heindsight is a wonderful thing isnt it. point 1. spurs was the first game of the season. Jota had looked fantastic in preseason so bringing him on made total sense, the fact tottenham had one of the best cams in the prem to bring off the bench is out of smiths and the players hands. Point 2. Everybody and there nan wanted luiz in and yes he made a mistake but so did half the team it was only highlighted because his cost a goal. Point 3. We beat everton 2 -0 how can you point out negatives and say he done anything wrong. Point 4. The idea of bringing on another striker was to push the team higher up the pitch so we wasnt with our backs against the wall for the rest of the game and only the ref prevented us getting a point from that game. I think more than anything it was a poor performance from the players rather than anything smith did wrong tactically. How you think we should be aiming at top 10 is beyond me, yes we spent alot of money but it was on a lot of players. 17th and above this season is a great season i dont think you grasp how big of a step up it is to premier league football
  2. No it wouldnt lets just go out and buy de bruyne as he is the only player to have created more chances this season in the prem. I have noticed how you have avoided that stat everytime i have put it to you. The fact you want to replace him is utterly baffeling in itself.
  3. Can i ask how my post was silly?
  4. That is exactly what people are alluding to. People are saying he should have his captaincy taken away from him, he should be subbed/dropped, he has been found out at this level. Its 3 games into a season and he is already being bashed. Its pathetic.
  5. Its not about being a jack grealish fan its about understanding the impact he has in our team. As i said above only kevin de bruyne has created more chances than jack in the whole of the prem this season. Just because he isnt dribbling past 20 players while doing somersaults doesnt mean he isnt playing well and having a huge impact. You only have to look at last season to see what happens when you take him out of our team.
  6. Love this! There is such a togetherness at this club now, from owners all the way down to physios. I dont really follow any other club that closely but i doubt theres another club with the personalities and connection with the staff and fans as there is at villa at the minute.
  7. Yes i agree last season as he was so far above every other player in the championship, and is arguably the reason we got promoted. We are now 3 games into the new season in the premiership and suddenly hes not good enough and has been found out? Please see the above stat to show how ludacris that statement from some people is.
  8. There was an interesting stat on sky sports the other day. The only player to create more chances in the premier league this season than grealish was de bruyne. I have noticed if any other player has a good game they get praise for it yet if jack has a good game he is criticised for him not being amazing.
  9. But you need to look at the bigger picture di matteo came in and got us playing attractive football straight away and look how that worked out. Bruce has came into a club where there confidence is as low as it can be, the club has been in a massive decline over the course of 5 years or so. What I am most happy to see is the fact the players are starting to believe in themselves and the confidence is coming back the players we have now are actually proud to be wearing a villa shirt. Bruce has gotten rid of the goals we were conceding in the last 5 mins of pretty much every game under di matteo and has actually got the players scoring in the last 5 instead. I think the things Bruce has done behind the scenes with these players and this club is massive. I was against him coming to us after di matteo was sacked but I'm so happy I was completely wrong about him.
  10. Slightly confused as to why people are trying to replace a defence that has conceded once in the last 7 games?
  11. bruce isn't playing the prettiest of football at the minute but its proving very effective and this is a club that has been in massive decline since O'Neil left. I think this is where the likes of di Matteo failed, he came in and straight away tried to get us to play pretty football that we weren't ready for. It's a bit like di matteo just used us as a quickie didn't really care about how they felt or what was wrong deep down but Bruce seems to want a proper relationship with us he has invested time in what is wrong with us, built our confidence up made us stronger and more resilient and soon Bruce will get the same that di matteo had only it will last a lot longer and will see us become a very good team again. But we need to be patient and allow the relationship to grow into something we haven't seen for a long time and I really believe Bruce will get there.
  12. Brief breakdown of his performance last night should explain why he conceded 3 goals. 1. For some reason he refuses to catch a ball, I'm sure he can but for whatever reason he doesn't. Punching the ball does not stop the attack catching it does. 2. His positioning, last night for all 3 goals his positioning was wrong and make the goals seem harder to stop than they are. E.g the one he had chipped over him he showed way to much of the goal to the attacker and went down way to quickly. 3. Reading of attackers, it seems that he is waiting for an attacker to actually do something before reacting rather than reading the players body and actions. For the last goal it was pretty obvious where the ball was going to go before his foot hit the ball so back to my previous point he could have positioned himself better. All in all people will say the goals were not his fault and I do agree with them in principal as ye defence did make mistake to lead them to scoring but none of these shots were impossible to save if he followed the last 2 points I made.
  13. Lansbury 6 goals 3 assists Hourihane 7 goals 11 assists Bjarnason 6 goals 0 assists Adomah 3 goals 5 assists 22 goals - 19 assists they are all great signings on paper and have scored more than all of our strikers put together this season!
  14. Lansbury 6 goals 3 assists Hourihane 7 goals 11 assists Bjarnason 6 goals 0 assists Adomah 3 goals 5 assists 22 goals - 19 assists they are all great signings on paper and have scored more than all of our strikers put together this season!
  15. Barnsley fans visiting Villa Park on Valentine's Day will be like going out and watching your ex getting it on with one of your mates.
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