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  1. Kentish Villan

    Josh Onomah

    If he is injured, perhaps we can organise the emergency loan of Bacuna from Reading.
  2. Kentish Villan

    Steve Bruce

    Lansbury's debut was exactly this; pin point passes to both sides of the pitch, now it seems like he's never played football before
  3. Kentish Villan

    Steve Bruce

    I don't know about the BBC but there's this:
  4. Kentish Villan

    Steve Bruce

    I noticed O'Hare played last night which indicates Bruce has no intention of including him for tonight's game. Great tactic not to include one of our most talented youngsters in any capacity.
  5. Kentish Villan

    Steve Bruce

    We won't get a single point from the 3 clubs you have just mentioned. Only positive is that he should be gone after the Bristol game. Hopefully....
  6. Kentish Villan

    New Manager 2017 Part 2

    Would love for us to find our own version of Sean Dyche or Eddie Howe; why is it that we struggle so badly with finding the correct coaching set-up?
  7. Kentish Villan

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Depressing that both of those strikers actually played for this club.
  8. Kentish Villan

    Mile Jedinak

    Dr Tony confirmed on Twitter that Jedinak's documents will be completed next Tuesday.
  9. Kentish Villan

    Roberto Di Matteo

    Hopefully our players will rise to the occasion next match and doughnut let us down. I'll see myself out
  10. Kentish Villan

    Joe Bennett

    I'd imagine we would have to add £10m for them to take Richards
  11. Kentish Villan

    Micah Richards

    The problem Villa face now is that after the incredibly inept and quite frankly embarrassing performance by the "captain", who on earth is going to sign him from us? (even on a free). Hopefully Dr Tony has an alternate method of removing Richards from the club .
  12. Kentish Villan


    Hi all, I've been lurking on these forums for a fair few years now and I thought that after tonight's woeful performance against Luton I would finally sign up to VT in order to share and participate in the misery . I hope to be quite active on VT as being a Villa fan in the south of the country can be quite lonely!