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  1. I genuinely can see this being a new song for Ming's
  2. I always thought a redevelopment similar to the Lucas oil stadium would look beautiful
  3. The lad that Brentford have signed as a winger is a serious talent. Touted as Pepe's replacement. Wolfsburg ad Southampton where after him too
  4. Quite right, my mistake
  5. 37 out of the 38 games are on sky this season, is this right?
  6. I don' know why the free agent market has not been mentioned more. 1 year contracts Gk: Michel worm / adrian / al habsi / eneymea Cb: Cahill St: welbeck
  7. I've chosen SJM instead of Jack in fantasy football. That is all. Feel like I needed to confess
  8. Hans vanaken would be a much better signing then nakamba, although he's much more attacking, he's 6'5, 7 goals and 14 assists last season in the Belgium league, sit SJM deeper with JG and hans behind the strikers
  9. Apart from that one tackle from Taylor, he's had a shocker
  10. Apart from.that one tackle I thought Taylor had a shocker
  11. He's like a mix of Ronaldo and Pavel nedved
  12. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/04/11/psg-owners-may-buy-championship-club-french-media-make-links/
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