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  1. From what I can remember of the pre season games, he didn't look out of place in the team. Remember, Bruce had to play quite a few of the youngsters, as it looked like we were going into administration and Bruce would have more than likely had to have a fire sale of first team players. If we hadn't got new owners, I reckon he'd have been in the first team squad along with De Laet, but what do I know eh?.
  2. Sorry A'Villan, but cannot forgive or forget the waste of space. Just like Richards and the other parasites.....fek em!!!
  3. Has anyone heard what's going on with regards to the bullying allegations against MacDonald and McAndrew? Not heard anything since December last year. Are either still with the club?
  4. Actually 16 Villa players and 6 loanees. If the club get rid of the players over 30 years of age, who's contracts expire this summer, the club saves approx £ 225K per week. Add the loanees wages and this becomes approx £ 366.5K per week. If the club let all 22 players go, its approx £374K per week. That 374K p/week is the equivalent of £ 19.5 million a year. And all of these figures are approximate (I used FM wages, as these are usually correct or under true wage level). If the club also manage to offload McCormack, Gardner, Tshibola, Nyland and Hogan then they'd save approx another £ 115K per week in wages alone (£5.98 million a year ). No doubt, as soon as the season is over, some big decisions will need to be made, dependent on which division the club is in.
  5. Regardless of how well he's played of late, he's 35 and has no pace, so please NO TALK OF A CONTRACT EXTENSION!!!!! We have got rid of some shite, overpaid and in some cases overage players since we were relegated. Admittedly, we have signed players who were supposedly the best in their position from other championship teams, with no thought to their age/longevity. Fek me we'll be offering that C*** Richards another contract at this rate. Needs to be released at the end of the season, along with Bunn, Jedinak, Hutton, De Laet and Elphick. Villa, regardless of division next season, need to buy at least 2 cb's and a left back, so we have defensive cover and try to shift the likes of McCormack, Hogan, Gardner and Tshibola for starters. We will then need to look at trying to find another McGinn, a younger DM ( nobody over 28) and cover for Adomah and Kodjia, and a replacement for Tammy.
  6. Aaaaagggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I thought we'd finally got rid of the money sponge when I saw this post again. withes_shin you rotten sod!!!
  7. You've only named 2 who are out of contract at the end of the season, who you'd extend the contracts of. Does this mean that you would get rid of the following who are out of contract at the end of the season; Bunn, Clarke, Elphick, Hutton, Jedinak, Knibbs, McKirdy, Mooney, Richards, Rowe, Suliman, Taylor, Whelan, and De Laet? I agree with trying to offload Tshibola, McCormack, Gardner and Hogan who are currently out on loan, but not the others at present. Will have to see if we get up first, before we make major changes to the squad, because FFP may have a lot to do with it if we don't go up.
  8. If I ever need any updates for this game, I use sortitoutsi.net. You can download the latest squad database, and adding it to your game is easily explained. I've played as the Villa and lost in the play offs and saved the game. I've also played and got promoted and saved that game too. I have renewed contracts for players that the game thinks I should keep in both saves and continued into the next season, with and without the current loan players. I have also continued from the end of the season, and let go all players who are out of contract, with and without the current loan players. This will make 4 games I'll try and play over the future seasons. When the current season ends and Villa give out their retained and released lists, I'll continue one of the saves, dependent on which division we really are in. Should keep me more than interested until FM 2020 comes out.
  9. eddiemunster


    Has anyone heard what's going on with regards to the bullying allegations against MacDonald and McAndrew? Not heard anything since December last year.
  10. Nice one Hornso, keep up the good work mate.
  11. I suggest you go on transfermkt and you will find his contract ends next summer not his one, ie 2020 and not 2019. I refuse to believe anything reported in the Meaning Evil.
  12. Where did you get the info that the club have an option? All info I've seen states he's out of contract at the end of next season, and nothing else. Care to share your source?

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