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  1. Any idea as to how long we'll have to wait for a decision on his work permit?
  2. Can I suggest that this thread is attached to the Player departures 2019 thread, and then attached to the Contracts thread, so everyone can see who is still at Aston Villa and also who has joined and who is about to leave!!
  3. Can I suggest that this thread is attached to the Squad 2019/20 thread, and then attached to the Contracts thread, so everyone can see who is still at Aston Villa and also who has joined and who is about to leave!!
  4. Amazing how the fee for him has varied from ziltch to £8 million, depending on which bit of clickbait you landed on. I do recall seeing that Lille were going to release him at the end of the season, as he was out of contract. this was the "news" about six weeks ago.
  5. According to Sky Sports transfer centre, Adomah, Jedinak, Hutton, Whelan and Elphick were all on the agenda of a meeting last night, to discuss whether to give them a new contract or not, so we should hear something in relation to them soon. Interesting that De Laet, Bunn and Richards weren't mentioned, so it seems they will definitely be gone when their contracts run out. Also, the following are out of contract; Guy, Rowe, Farr, McConnachie, Odutayo, Suliman, Patterson, Vassilev, Bazeley-Graham, Clarke, Walker, Ige, Lomax. From AvfcRigo 82's post, the players I think that the club would like to shift are; Nyland, Tshibola, Gardner, McCormack, Hogan, Bjarnasson, the five mentioned on Sky Sports and anyone else mentioned above. I doubt we'll get Abrahams, or Tuanzabe, unfortunately as I think their clubs will try them out next season rather than loan them out. I reckon we'll sign El Ghazi, Hause and Mings. And if you believe all of the clickbait going around, we're going to sign anyone who's available, which goes against everything Purslow and Smith talked about after Mondays game.
  6. When is this money sponge finally going?
  7. MaVilla, if you copied that from transfermkt, then please note that Green signed a 2 year contract in March 2018, and Steer was given a one year extention a couple of months ago. The tables that Hornso and myself update on here, are the most up to date contract end dates lists on VillaTalk.
  8. I have done a bit of searching and found out that Dimitri Sea has a contract until the end of next season. I'll amend the contract list when I know of any other developments.
  9. Hope all goes well for you mate, hope you uncover some gems for Crewe.
  10. Sorry, but if we go up or not, then players the wrong side of 30 must become a thing of the past. Similarly, it seems that the thinking within the club now, is if you are in the academy or U23's and you ain't knocking on the 1st team door by a certain age, then you won't be getting your contract renewed/lengthened. And about time too in my humble opinion.
  11. Just seen this on Instagram; theavfcfaithful I would like to address my sincere condolences to the following players, Harry McKirdy, Jordan Cox, Kelsey Mooney, Harvey Knibbs, Mitch Clark, Jordan Lyden, Corey Blackett-Taylor, Alex Prosser I've been waiting to post this for a while, but waited in respect to the players themselves, it finally got confirmed today that their journeys at Aston Villa have come to an end I wish you lads all the best, great crop of youngsters who are bound to come back and haunt us one day at VP, like we've seen in the past and I'm sure a few of these will be mistakes.. Good luck on your careers and onwards and upwards #AVFC #UTV
  12. Regardless of the thoughts on why the club isn't going to keep him, he seems a level headed young lad, and he certainly comes across as a decent one at that in his twitter post where he confirms his departure. I'd like to wish him all the best in the future.

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