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  1. Just got promoted to the premier league with Stalybridge in 2027. Initial budget set at 350k a week while Stoke had 1.1m a week in the championship.
  2. yeah i find it a bit inconsistent as well... hate when current ability drops half a star for no reason on a mid 20's player who plays regularly
  3. 145 league goals in a season is nuts!
  4. finished 7th in the championship with Stalybridge celtic, my 7th season. Norwich didnt do me any favours on the last day!
  5. Skills

    Tyrone Mings

    Love the fact he's comfortable on the ball... not sure Chester makes the starting line up if all our players were fit
  6. Ive got us needing at least 14 points to make playoffs (on goal difference) from the last 8 games using a simple algorithm wins against blackburn, rotherham, bolton and milwall are a must! Points 1st Norwich 94 2nd Leeds 89 3rd Sheffield Utd 88 4th WBA 83 5th Brough 75 6th Villa 71 7th Preston 71 8th Derby 71 9th Bristol 70 10th Forest 66 11th Wednesday 68
  7. get team reports for all premier league teams - then when you get the report go to your scouting meeting and they'll let you know who would join on loan from that team. Can normally get a few 3.5 start CA players wanting to join
  8. whats your wages budget in the championship? i just got promoted and the board initially gave me 58k per week
  9. would be very harsh if that was the case given you've taken a non league team to the heights of the premier league!
  10. the team seem to have lost their sense of adventure in a way and i think the amount of goals we've conceded over the past couple months has caused DS to play a bit more cautiously. Unfortunately defence isnt our strength and we still managed to concede 3 without really creating much for 80 minutes. We look so much better when its all gung ho attack for now
  11. surprised to see the first comment on Mile on page 4. The long term injuries look like they have taken their toll, time to come back to Oz unfortunately
  12. not yet. Just got promoted to League 1 and in between seasons right now
  13. you really dont want to share your tactics do you? lol

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