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  1. AVFC44

    Douglas Luiz

    Yeah absolutely no chance he stays if we go down. Even if he did want to stay he will be one of the players that will have a relatively high sale value.
  2. Have to give credit to Wolves anyway, defensively they are superb. Although saying that it can't be hard to work out our game plan of give the ball to Jack and hope something happens. No wonder he can't do anything.
  3. What a load of shit.
  4. If Utd didn't sign Bruno Fernandes I imagine this would have been a definite signing for them, but considering they play in similar positions I assume they may well look to strengthen elsewhere immediately? Still think Jack will leave, mind.
  5. AVFC44

    Dean Smith

    Have to wonder at what point do the owners think enough is enough.
  6. Yeah this has been one of the worst performances ever.
  7. This is absolutely baffling.
  8. Wesley's first touch would have given Brighton the ball back on the halfway line anyway. Can't even imagine how bad we would be without Jack.
  9. AVFC44

    Dean Smith

    For the first time I feel like he's taken us as far as he can.
  10. AVFC44

    Dean Smith

    Wonder if we will try a back 3? Will at least give us more cover when the full backs are pushed forward.
  11. AVFC44

    Douglas Luiz

    Far too casual at times, but pretty good overall.
  12. AVFC44

    Wesley Moraes

    Don't even think he was that bad.
  13. **** me, it's almost like every single signing we make has to be an instant starter and worth 50 million judging by some of the comments i'm seeing on here and Twitter.
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