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  1. I don't know about that. The clubs above us all have number 1 keepers sorted and can't imagine Emi would leave unless he was guaranteed the number 1 shirt. Spurs maybe. But they wouldn't pay for him.
  2. AVFC44

    Dean Smith

    Certainly think we have been better since Shakespeare came in.
  3. AVFC44

    Dean Smith

    OK fair enough you are correct. What I should have said was it's not often that Smith beats an opponent tactically and today was one of only a few occasions (that I can remember). My mistake!
  4. AVFC44

    Dean Smith

    The first time I think Smith has ever done a job on the opposition tactically. We pressed high and didn't let Leeds play through us. I haven't seen a team limit Leeds as much as we did today.
  5. Love how he's stopped pissing about defensively since the Man City game. Just does what he needs to do. Very good today.
  6. Played well after a fairly early yellow card. Better defensively and positionally than Dougy.
  7. Get him on the plane Gareth.
  8. McGinn needs to be dropped in my opinion.
  9. Running out of words for how good he is every game.
  10. Man of the match all day for me. Absolutely heroic.
  11. Just one risky pass back to Martinez but apart from that superb.
  12. Come off it. He’s hardly going to be skipping off the pitch with a massive smile on his face is he haha.
  13. Have to admit that (long term effects aside), this may have worked out perfectly for us, depending on who was effected by the virus.
  14. It would be wrong for him to not expect it to go ahead. They will be preparing as normal until told otherwise.
  15. Yeah to me it seems like Bham Mail just want to get some sort of exclusive. I'd be shocked if we have to play on Wednesday. Actually I probably wouldn't be shocked as it's the kind of treatment we always seem to get handed.
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