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  1. AVFC44

    Douglas Luiz

    Far too casual at times, but pretty good overall.
  2. AVFC44

    Wesley Moraes

    Don't even think he was that bad.
  3. **** me, it's almost like every single signing we make has to be an instant starter and worth 50 million judging by some of the comments i'm seeing on here and Twitter.
  4. Their downfall is their defence and they HAVE to come at us considering they are at home and need to beat us. Can only work in our favour IMO, we have been pretty solid defensively since around Feb time and have no problem scoring goals.
  5. No chance Jack is a steal for a top club at 60 million and you say that it's peanuts for a Premier League club but there can't have been any more than 5 transfers that have been over that fee? No way is a club spending that much on a Championship player no matter how good we know he is. Also if he has a buy-out clause of 60 million then that's what he will go for and there would be no reason for clubs to spend more than that (they wouldn't anyway). I would say 30 million max is more realistic if we don't go up.
  6. AVFC44

    Keinan Davis

    Did a very good job when he came on.
  7. AVFC44

    Dean Smith

    Superb Deano. Second half was amazing!
  8. **** me, absolutely incredible.
  9. Our best player by an absolute country mile. How some people can not rate this lad is absolutely unbelievable.
  10. AVFC44

    Dean Smith

    Based on a 30 minute appearance for a new team that he's been with for less than a week... **** me.
  11. The worrying thing for me is that we had heard all summer how we are still under tight constraints due to FFP but then suddenly we end up spending £7m on a new goalkeeper seemingly out of nowhere and now Grealish is out with an 'injury' that the club appear to be very quiet about as we approach the transfer window. I'm probably just being pessimistic though.
  12. AVFC44

    Ørjan Nyland

    Didn't save a single shot hahaha.
  13. AVFC44

    Blose pre match

    Would be suicide to throw in Bedeau for a game like this. Jedinak has to play CB if Chester is out.
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