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  1. Guess it just wasn't meant to Bree
  2. Does anyone have any idea about the Defrel rumour?
  3. Haven't really followed stoke much this season mate so couldn't tell you...
  4. Sure he was banging them in under Smith at Brentford. Only reason why he struggled with us was due to Bruce Ball. Would he fit into our system?
  5. Has anyone got any idea what the buy back amount would be?
  6. Perhaps himself and Wesley will go out for weekly gatherings like Jack and John did
  7. So, if we sign Luiz, does that fill the role of the CDM we need, or do we think we would still be in for Philips? Ideally, with Konsa being able to rotate to a DM also if needed, if this guy is good enough and available for £15m, this could work out a better deal.
  8. Going by this we spent £1.2bn on Hogan and McCormack
  9. "Alexa, who does Tyrone Mings play for..."
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