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  1. He could.be a useful squad player. Glenn Whelan and Mile aren't getting any younger. Lansbury has failed to live up to the hype.
  2. Really pleased with this appointment. Brian was the manager when I started supporting the club. A really nice guy to boot, and I'm sure inky wnats the best for the club.
  3. I hope he does go. He'd be eaten alive in the Championship, but that applies to 90% of our current squad.
  4. I like. Remi, but he's the right manager at the wrong time. Had in come in after MON I'm sure he would have stabilised the ship with the calibre of player we had then. Now he looks like a fish out of water. Any manager would struggle with some of the dross we currently have. What's most frustrating is picking the same team each week expecting a different result. I don't think he'll be with us come July.
  5. Craig Noone from Cardiff would be a good option on the left wing. If we're going to look to the future Curtis Nelson at Plymouth Argyle would be worth a punt. Came through the Stoke academy and has played 200+ league games already and he's only 22. He's a centre back. I don't see the likes of Traore, Ayew, Gil, Gana staying so I do hope we have given serious thoughts to replacements.
  6. Hello. My name's David, long time reader, first time poster. I have supported Villa since the mid-90s. Can't remember exactly when, but it was before we won the CC cup in '96. My first game at Villa Park was against Leicester City (my uncle supports them), which would have been around 97/98 (ish). The very first pro game I saw was Leicester Vs Stoke at the old Filbert Street. I don't get to Villa Park as much as I'd like any more as I'm exiled in deepest darkest Devon. The last few seasons have been very frustrating and I have read many a comment on here, so thought now's as good a time as any to join the debate.
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