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  1. Would be surprised. The rental and rates in there is megabucks.
  2. I actually think they were right to say to Richards, Okore etc..... that they had 1 game to prove they really cared. However clearly none of the useless gang did care as their performance showed. Dr Tony could well have said to RDM that he gives them one chance only. Tonight proves to everyone they dont want to play for this club.
  3. Is there any way possible that Gabby could be an asset to us on the pitch this year ?. Be it a change in attitude from him, massive weight loss, him giving 20 grand a week wage to charity etc............ The only reason i ask is, it is pretty clear he is here to stay, so can we make any positive out of this situation whatsoever so it doesnt disrupt the team 1 little bit.
  4. No that is not correct. Finland is in international band 2 and the cost should be £15. Thats what i charge and i make nothing and lose nothing. The club are making £10 a delivery.
  5. Surely its going to be 100 times better just going to VP with a genuine chance of winning some games.
  6. I work in Livingston a lot and they are raving about him. The rumour last week was that Derby were the favorites.
  7. One person who may come back is Gareth Barry.
  8. Think the training range is great. Way much more thought put into it than Macron. Quality should be good as well. Cant wait for my work trip to Birmingham next week. Wife will hate my credit card bill.
  9. Not a fan of Gestede tbh. Good in the air but not enough aggression for me.
  10. I thought the Hungary striker Szalai was decent. Big bloke and didn't half put himself about. Doesnt score many but would cause havoc up front if we had a nippy striker alongside. We have to have a 20 goal striker in that league. Gayle will certainly get that for toon.
  11. Under Armour are going to be huge. Already 2nd biggest brand in the states ahead of Adidas. My company have just signed a deal with them for their footwear. They have massive financial power and ambition to succeed over here.
  12. Will be brilliant for Resorts World. It really needs some more exposure. Its a great little centre and if Villa can help drive people there it will help both parties and my job !!!!
  13. Like i said Macron will remain until end of June.
  14. Well i haver never worked for Macron or Under Armour but i have experience of sportswear and contracts although it was a different sport. As far as i am aware football is no different to rugby or cricket. So i suppose its an educated guess.
  15. The contract with Macron finishes on the last day of the season which is 30/6/16. All new contracts would start the day after. Deals always run for a full calendar year. However that doesn't mean the new kit would be on sale just that the new agreement is live. You can bet your last dollar that every Macron branded board will have disappeared overnight on 30/6/16.
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