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  1. Played the right system, couldn't take advantage of our breaks. Not bad against the best team I guess
  2. well with watford draw, west ham and bournemouth loss, the door is still open...hope we can walk through it this time!
  3. Manchester United may turn their attention to Leicester City and England midfielder James Maddison, 23, after long-time target and Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish, 24, was involved in another off-field incident. (Daily Star) Every cloud....lol
  4. I expect Aston Villa P - P Chelsea
  5. Because we have absolutely no ability to keep possession, Jack ends up tracking back to defend far too often. I'm not surprised he cramped up at Wembley with the amount of running he had to do. It means he receives the ball in his own half far too often, which in turn means the opposition can 'safely' foul him in rotation. If he was receiving the ball in/around their penalty area that wouldn't be such an issue. The failing comes from the rest of our midfield which are terrible in keeping possession long enough for Jack, or anyone else to get into a forward position to receive the ball. Hopefully McGinn will help here!
  6. Haha. The curse of the Villa fan. I'll be exactly the same but we get to be positive until 5.45 as it's a 5.30 kick off
  7. Aw man, that sucks. Best of luck Sid. You are a legend
  8. Not in contact training yet so zero. might make chelsea bench tho
  9. https://tinyurl.com/w23edka But yeah, it doesn't work.
  10. I hate Monday Night Football. Depending on other results, we could find ourselves 5 points from safety with games in hand against two teams in the top four!! On the other hand, if results go our way a win here takes us out of the relegation zone. Either way, I wish we played more games on a Saturday.
  11. Our remaining PL games: PL: Leicester a PL: Chelsea h PL: Newcastle a PL: Wolves h PL: Liverpool a PL: Man Utd h PL: Sheffield Utd h PL: Crystal Palace h PL: Everton a PL: Arsenal h PL: West Ham a From that we probably need 13+ points. It's a big ask considering how bad we were vs Southampton. We will need an upset somewhere vs a 'Big Six' club or two. We will not be favourites to win any of them at the moment! I love the Villa and live in hope of a mini-run that could save our skins but I think the best we can hope for is a winner takes all game game against West Ham on the last day
  12. I don't think we'll win that easily
  13. Early goal 1-0, chase the game 2-0, really chase the game 3-0, really really....
  14. they double or triple marked Jack out the game or fouled him if 1 v 1. That should create space elsewhere. I never counted, did they have 13 players?
  15. Southampton played it clever. 2 or 3-mark Jack cos he is our only threat creator
  16. Thanks for all your advice everyone. You encouraged me to do a little more digging. I managed to find a family travelcard for the day which covers trains and tube for £44.00 all in. It means I have to get the 'slow' train but that's fine.
  17. For me and my daughter, £130 tickets, £120 train, £50 food, drink and programme...so £300ish all in! I am most aggrieved about the train fare of £120 for one adult and one child from Stafford. Rip-off, but I don't want the stress of having to park somewhere in London
  18. Well done Villa. It was worth sitting through that Southamption shiteshow after all. With the CC games i am on exactly 8 !!
  19. Finished it last night. Really good throughout, like others say a bit like tomb raider fused with an update of the old jedi knight games. Could have been longer but finished before I got bored of it so all good I suppose
  20. Cos Drinkwater has been terrible and Douglas has played well last two games
  21. Officiating was awful. It was never a second yellow for them and since when is it OK to punch a player in the face. when the ball is 2 metres away
  22. Just shite all the way through. Can't string more than two passes together in the final third. We are going down on that performance
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