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  1. He looked absolutely shattered when they finally hauled him off after his second goal. It was interesting to see how attacking his position was- he was almost a second striker. Hopefully he will get a couple of days rest before returning to training. At least we are the Monday game, so more recovery time. I actually enjoyed watching Scotland and wanted them to win for once
  2. Well, he may well miss Sunday but the international break is just what we need to nurse him back to full fitness (I hope).
  3. Yeah, I thought that he was training at the end of last week! Hope there haven't been any complications. Either way, I doubt he will manage the full 90 on Sunday. I personally would bench him and only bring him on if we really need to i.e. if we are losing or being dominated in midfield.
  4. Just got back from VP. Atmosphere was very odd tonight, felt a bit like a pre-season friendly. Wolves were really bad, if I was a fan I would be furious at their lack of attacking intent. They were lucky to get one goal. We weren't brilliant but we totally bossed possession and won the ball back well on multiple occasions and a win is a win. Just seen Deano's interview. He is confident Jack is back on Saturday so now I am very happy. God I love the Villa!
  5. This could also cost Jack his (probable?) England call-up. In terms of Villa, that's fine. But I'm sure Jack wants to get his feet firmly under the table before the Euros and with Mings there too it would make it fun to watch England again.
  6. I could go back to 1980 and buy 72 Mojos!
  7. Villa were 26/1 a couple of weeks ago. Such ridiculous odds for a match, I stuck a fiver on. Probably money down the drain but noticed we are now down to 15/1. So the bookies are still super-confident that we are going to lose but not as confident as they were Edit: I can cash out for £5.36!
  8. Perfect, makes me happy for two weeks rather than just the normal one
  9. It's ironic really. If the England defence had played better and we had been 5-0 up in the 80th minute, I reckon Southgate may have given Mings (and Maddison) a run out with nothing on the line. But because the defence was so bad and we were in danger of not winning, he wanted to stick with his 'established' players even though they were the ones that screwed it up in the first place. Ah well, an uninjured Mings is better than a capped Mings
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