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  1. Just scored But I know what you mean, he should of had a hat trick at least.
  2. JPB should of had a couple of goals tonight, he's going to be some player for us in the future.
  3. Bright start to the 2nd half. Couple of great saves from WW keeper.
  4. Just the 45 minutes for him tonight.
  5. So....... Does this mean we can loan Januzaj
  6. Not going to happen, but Lampard is out of work.....
  7. Atomic Tonev, oh how far we have come !
  8. Another dry day and everyone's doing VTs own this is your life for Hourihane
  9. Anyone care to paste in his recent Athletic interview
  10. I think we should all purchase bells and give him the game of thrones "ding a ling, shame"
  11. Would love us to finish in the top 6, but 7-10 is where I think we will finish. Talk of bottom half that I'm seeing on here, is very pessimistic... But if it did happen, no way, unfortunately, Smith survives imo....
  12. What p*#s's me off, is the "congratulations" message's coming in from all the other players/teams etc, it's like saying how vastly inferior we are to them!? Were Aston Villa, with a better history and pedigree than Man City, and it's an honour for any players to grace our team. "The king is dead, long live the king".... Whoever our next hero may be. UTFV!!!
  13. This. I like him and he has lots of potential. At 23, could have a similar trajectory to "he who shall not be named"
  14. You've created a hipster Sherwood
  15. Silly there from Wes Also, I know he's coming back from the injury, and one leg shorter than the other etc. But he look to be seriously limping/dragging that right leg?
  16. Signed up, pricing is very reasonable in my opinion. UTV
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