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  1. Timely review as I've literally just turned on the first episode.
  2. Poetic licence (and also couldn't be bothered to actually double check) as I had also lost Ayling and Gilmour off my bench so didn't even get a 1 or 2 from them. Torres also blanked the week before and only had 63 mins before that. I'm used to Pep Roulette but that one hurts.
  3. I've dropped again. Down to 250k now. Desperately needing to gut my team as it's been decimated by injuries and non starters. Think I only had 8 players this week. Wanting to hold out another week or so before wildcarding though.
  4. Agreed. Was pleasantly surprised that Ruby becomes an unexpectedly brilliant character with a much more rounded personality/backstory.
  5. Potentially Dougie as well. Has 2 assists already this season.
  6. Get a notification of a quote from Limpid and think I better check that quick... Turns out he's just talking about masturbation.
  7. Started as a health food too.
  8. I reckon ppl will start getting Chelsea defenders after the City game when their fixtures swing. I've got my eyes on either Rudi or Alonso.
  9. Can't believe the state of the que at the service station, ridiculous how long it took. Don't people know I've got the school run on Monday.
  10. I still kinda wish we'd bought him and Benrahma.
  11. No, but I have been known to start shadow boxing between sets like an absolute nutter.
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