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  1. The drama is its not the players but the way they are set up . Its insanely obvious to the football world including my lads u9 local reserve team manger he is out of his depth!!!!! You can blame players and mistakes and integration all day. The facts are the bottom of the is very poor and we are in the position we deserve. Im really not one for screaming for the managers head but the pattern of results and play hasn't improved all season . We occasionally show 10 - 15 minute purple patch that give us hope, but the reality is were wide open as a team defensively and easy to play and apply pressure on. Nothing has changed!! I dont think the squad is brilliant but we could and should have picked up at least 8 -9 more points at least realistically. I believe the squad could have been sufficient to survive this season, but not playing the type of football Dean smith asks for . Unfortunately i believe the chances of survival with the games remaining will never be enough , as we continue to play the same Philosophy that has served the manager so well this season. The only thing that needs to shape up is the coaching staff and manager!!
  2. This will be the game we get hurt badly - just hope the crowd do not turn on DS!!
  3. Im sure we will with the games to come break some more records - we actually looked as team man for man relegated last night!
  4. WE do mate but as we statistically have only managed an average of less than 1 point a game from the 28 games! its very very, very , very ,unlikely we will survive. We are totally rudderless at the moment and had the teams around us not been so poor as well we would be cut adrift. We will finish where we are !
  5. Its really simple - You cant continue to attempt to play open football at this level with the players at his disposal . His football philosophy is totally flawed in this league. He as not learned anything or adapted to his surroundings.
  6. we do play football but only for 10 sometimes 20 minutes - then its come and play all around us
  7. Really disagree. The manager sets the team up with what he has got. He plays with a philosophy and coaches and drills tactics into the team who he chooses. Agree he has not much in the barrel to choose from, but given the bottom of the premier league this season is so poor , we should EVEN with the squad of players be competitive and at least 6 points better off IMO. His naive way and approach all thru the season has been far to open , he has not learned anything. We have glimpse now and again thru out the season so far maybe a 10 or 25 minute max purple patch then we capitulate defensively as the midfield is constantly overwhelmed because were always so open and easy to play thru. BASICS - defensively shocking . How much say he had in recruitment we will never know, but he did travel to watch some of his purchases prior to the signing. All well and good giving some one time to sort things out but based on what we have seen this season its absolutely appalling by any coaching standards.
  8. I actually think relegation this year would be a disaster and avoidable. There is an awful lot of poor teams around us , had the coach been a little more defence minded as a team we could and should have picked up sufficient points to be out side of trouble. He hasnt and if were very honest were in serious trouble with out the paddle. Starting again next season in the championship without the above mentioned players will see us, i fear dwell in the championship for a few years given the current squad and standard of recruitment.
  9. Also very funny as none of them have worked !!
  10. TBF he is running out of formations he must have tried them all this season.
  11. Yes but you have to look at the context of how we are playing and more importantly progressing . The big picture on the pitch really really isn't good . I would take 3 more points than the cup final Sunday and be £350 better off
  12. Agree 100% But despite the odds and everything possible being against us you just never know. It has happened before. 1-1000000 maybe but ill take that and enjoy the day out .
  13. Sadly i agree - I believe we potentially had enough to stay up given the teams around this season. However the way we continually play so open week in and week out is EMBARRASSING. I do not understand why we have continued in this vain!! Its still in our own hands to survive , but given we have not seen any real sustained improvement other than a good add hoc 40 minutes i just do not see it. 12 points from 11 games should be enough but i do not know where they will come from given the previous 25 points from 27 games.
  14. I woulds argue the exact the opposite! Wilder has benefited from long term success and has built organised structured teams . He starts building from the back and has players that fit a position. They are not the mos attractive players but they fit a purpose and clear strategy thats coach-able adaptable and is effective. We have a floundering coaching set up that is constantly in flux. No pattern no regular formation but most importantly no improvement . Long term stability cant be built on poor foundations. When the basic defending as a team strategy is still not applied you have to start asking what is going on at the training ground
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