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  1. I agree - we have to stabilise in the prem - its still a massive step for a lot of our players, the dog heads have done this and bought well and performed well last year. We just need to slowly build again sensibly.
  2. love your optimism but just cant see it happening. TBH are we ready as a club to go back!
  3. Yes agree and that squad struggled to stay in the division last year.
  4. Really hope you are right mate.?
  5. Problem is Jack and possibly McGinn wont be here next season, so we need to potentialy replace both
  6. Even my claret and blue glasses can only see defeat today. At least the sun is out
  7. Nice bloke local lad. You have to look at the facts and stats since he has been here, and it’s not good enough . You can argue not his team not his players can’t play his system . The stats replicate his career we can’t risk another season of ifs buts or maybe . If the owners are serious I think things will change again.
  8. Big Differennce like it or not ! Bruce had a track record , really dont want to change but dont see DS lasting to much longer.
  9. Brentford mid table pretty team - is this what our expectations have come to
  10. Time to re name the thread 19 / 20 season
  11. Yeh you said it “good coaches”
  12. why would McGinn and Grealish want to stay?
  13. Not good enough , its very easy to over react and apply knee jerk reactions. But this is simply just not enough. I dont see any evidence this will improve when you cant even see the basics being applied. If the owners are serious about a complete rebuild they need to put the club in the hands of a proven manager. If this continues into next season we will continue to be a midtable championship has been!

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