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  1. I agree with the assessment of how he can be utilised to a degree in the future , but you didn't and continue to ignore or fully appreciate what he has done for the benefit of the team .
  2. Really ? did you read anything from the previous post
  3. Based on the fact what manger goes into a season with a 31 player turnaround you mention and attempts to play football cavalier style, with a new team! Had DS been just a little more cautious we could and should of secured more points. Hopefully we will get the 3 points we need Sunday . Im not blowing smoke up DS bottom if we srcape thru and survive he has been very naive this season and only changed strategy during the close down due to COVId. Had we started the season playing a little more defensively and cautious my opinion is we would be safe. Lets hope we get the job done Sunday UTV
  4. If we survive and finish 17th this would have been realistically the minimum expectation . Given how the season has now panned out and looking at the league and teams above us now safe , we could have done a lot better. Lets get Sunday out of the way first !!
  5. Correct they were safe (just not mathematically) they are playing well tho and im sue will be a tough team to break down Sunday. But were playing better also with a little more confidence, we need to win to avoid looking over our shoulders.
  6. I agree mate but the players hold all the power today not the clubs. If he wants to go id let him go, regrettably. You have to have players who are 100% committed to the cause.
  7. I believe he could have done a lot better particularly at the start of the season. Its an opinion given our position, football is never black and white and every fan on on this forum wants the team to succeed!
  8. I dont believe that is a fair post. We all want Villa to be a success with Smith or any manager. This is a fans forum i still believe where we can discuss and share opinions . Some fans believe smith has done a good job other fans believe he could have done better with what he has. UTV
  9. I have been a fierce critic of Smith, but since the restart we have defensively looked a lot stronger as a team. Im not taking anything away from the result or throwing any ifs or buts about other teams results Smith got a result . Its in our own hands going into the last game, whatever happens i have no doubt we will all have opinions post Sundays game . So come on Smith engineer another great result Sunday then let the debate begin!!! UTV
  10. yes i agree with a bucket loads of cash
  11. We all love the club Mike but the name Villa alone will no longer attract the top mangers we all as fans want. What will attract a manager is cash and a strategy to move forward.
  12. Regrettably i have to agree , depending on what league were in will no doubt influence the type of manager we may or may not attract. We are Aston Villa FC but the damage to our brand over the last few years will not help us attract the top table. The owners will have to show there intent with he next appointment.
  13. i did hear that Pearson was on a huge bonus if he keeps Watford in the league , no longer have to pay that just his wages for the 2 games !!
  14. Yep correct - that is why villatalk is a football forum to share opinions
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