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  1. Blasterpocket68

    Dean Smith

    Agree we may struggle to hold onto McGinn as well.
  2. Blasterpocket68

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I agree the league is still wide open, our drama is we are a team in major transition.from the Bruce era to a DS more offensive approach. We could go on a run but just as easily stay on the run we’re currently on . The players can’t maintain the fitness levels required for DSapproach . I think we’re in trouble of disappearing into mid table mediocrity whilst he tinkers with the team that won’t be acceptable to fans .
  3. Blasterpocket68

    Dean Smith

    Early days time for some calm heads.
  4. Blasterpocket68

    Dean Smith

    I agree , I’d say the players we have not adapted at all to the system they are being asked to deploy. Mainly they do not have the legs to maintain the pressing DS wants. It will be difficult to change overnight. Will he get the time , I’m not so sure.
  5. Blasterpocket68

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I think it’s dead anyway, the play offs are going to be a stretch, time and patience let’s hope DS gets some.
  6. Blasterpocket68

    Dean Smith

    The big difference is Johnstone Terry and Jedinak- non have been replaced sufficiently IMO
  7. Blasterpocket68

    Dean Smith

    I agree but when do you ever apply common sense and time in football. I have nothing against DS and like his style of play unfortunately as a team, we are square pegs that he is trying to push into round holes. I did hope he would get a Little more out of the players available to him. We have to give him time but I don’t feel he will get . It will be interesting how the owners react if the run continues.
  8. Blasterpocket68

    Dean Smith

    majority of this squad was top six last year pushing on for promotion. Still time keep cool don’t panic
  9. Blasterpocket68

    Tammy Abraham

    That’s the Liverpool B team to be fair
  10. Blasterpocket68

    Scott Hogan

    Sadly were going to need him , hopefully DS will get somthing out of him ! TBF he need a run in the team with the new attacking intent he may prosper , he has done it before!!
  11. Blasterpocket68

    Mile Jedinak

    I agree ! So our season hangs on us beating mighty Rotherham , before an average premier league player who is slightly ( over the hill ) decides to join us or not ???
  12. Blasterpocket68

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Yes totally agree last thing we need is another bad apple!
  13. Blasterpocket68

    Joe Bennett

    There may be trouble ahead