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  1. What you have done there my friend is virtually guarantee a draw. Probably snatched from the jaws of victory...
  2. I believe Hourihane was signed to address this, so that in midfield we could have the Jedi master and the paddy one...
  3. I came away from the game yesterday feeling quite positive. The first-half formation and selection were clearly a mistake, but in the second half we were the better side - maybe not as much as Newcastle were better in the first half, until the last 20 minutes or so when it was pretty much one way traffic. I don't think anyone in this thread has mentioned the crowd reactions yesterday but they tell a story....as the half-time whistle was about to blow I turned to my father-in-law beside me and said this is gonna be ugly, and unsurprisingly the players trudged off to a chorus of boos. An hour later and the players were cheered off by a crowd in full voice again. Even though it was only a point it felt like a momentum swing and if it can be carried into the next match, I really believe we'll start to see results.
  4. The continued speculation as to why he was unused at the end of last season is understandable because it is quite difficult to to figure out. I for one am willing to accept Sherwood's explanation simply because we'll likely never find out if there's any other. And because his job was to keep us up, and he did so. But I have always thought football was a bit simpler, in that your best players win you matches, so your best players should be playing. But it's in the past now, and in the present it is starting to look like he is a very good player and one that is going to be given a lot of game time (if he stays fit) which for me is all positive. Now we just need to get some results...
  5. Going through this thread it looks like about 12th is the average consensus. I think that's about right. And I think it would represent a tremendous job by Tim and his team, and a great foundation to push on next season with a much more settled side.
  6. I am excited about a lot of the newbies. I genuinely think Richards and Lescott as centre halves gives us a solidity we haven't had for years. Amavi is already absolute class and he's still too young to be in the 25! Gana is pretty much our best player already (so far at least) and Veretout is going to be top notch. All that said, it doesn't surprise me in the least that Traore is topping the poll. And got my vote as well. Because when we're talking about excitement, what's more exciting than a player who is explosive from a standing start, can leave defenders in his dust and just looks like he's born to create and score goals. Awesome signing.
  7. Sinclair up top with Grealish, Gil and Traore behind, if all fit, we should be able to create plenty and hopefully finish enough of those to get us the points. Lescott coming in makes me feel a little more confident we won't need at least 3 goals for this to happen.
  8. This is such an excellent point that I think gets overlooked a lot in the worry about adequately replacing Benteke. For all that he was the main man and our main (read: only) goal threat, for how unplayable he looked at times, and for those goal-a-game spells he had, we must remember that he didn't actually score that many goals. It's hardly a stretch to see the new attacking players, between them, surpassing those totals. And even if we use his injury spells as mitigation, the fact the goalscoring burden is spread over more players now should reduce the impact of anyone having a lengthy period out. Time will tell but I think Tim's gone about it the right way.
  9. We'll treat those two imposters just the same.
  10. I'm delighted with the business we've done in this window. Broadly speaking, I don't really care about the players we've lost because of players we've brought in. Part of that might be down to quantity, with so many coming in we've been treated to the high of a new signing regularly enough to mitigate the disappointments. But I also think we've brought in some real quality and I can't wait to see more of them. More specifically, I may have been in the minority but I didn't think we needed a new keeper and I'm quite happy with Guzan as number 1 still. The defence will be much stronger with whatever the first choice combination winds up being and also has enough depth now that it won't be shattered by a couple of injuries. Same for the midfield, we now have options and strength in depth when needed. Bringing in a superstar up front to replace Benteke would have taken the excitement to another level I suppose but I think the money has been better used by strengthening the squad as a whole. Because we needed a hell of a lot of strengthening.
  11. His position will be (should be) as a central striker with others behind and out wide creating chances. He will get a run in that position I'm sure and I hope he does well. And I hope to begin with we all give him a chance too, and remember that his success, to a degree, will depend on the form of the other attacking players in the side charged with creating chances.
  12. That goal against Leicester last season was a peach, great technique on the header. I'm sure one of the ones against Chelsea (maybe our 4th?) was not dissimilar.
  13. We're focusing so much on the future we need to take care of the here and now = Lescott. Clark, Baker Okore are all future. Agree with the first part, don't agree with the second part -I hope Clark and Baker are not the future of Aston Villa IMO Clark > Okore. IMO Clark < Okore. IMO Clark <3 Okore. Not ITK.
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