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  1. Steve Bruce

    Really? You really think that Brendan Rodgers, manager of the team that convincingly won the SPL this season, manager of a team that will probably be playing Champions League football next season, would want to come to Villa? Do you really think he's a realistic target? If you're after a manager who's "progressive" (and by progressive, I'm assuming from the context of your post that you mean someone who will play possession based football), surely Garry Monk is the most realistic (for transparancy, I will declare here that I would prefer to keep Bruce over getting either Monk and Rodgers in at this current time).
  2. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Hopefully this is the summer we find out that our good Dr is Levy-esque in his dealings, and he shifts the outs for £100mill!
  3. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Disagree GH. Reading Wyness's comments, I think it shows a board who are acutely aware of the rules and how to maximise our competative advantage without breaking them. Without wanting to turn this into another stick for you to beat Bruce with, I think this shows a board doing everything they can to get us up.
  4. Tony Xia

    Absolutely agree @mykeyb. Blind faith just doesn't cut it. And it's because I make sure she's the right girl for me before I move in, that I have the confidence to stay with her when we inevitably have a bit of a barney, or go through a bit of a rough patch, rather than ditching her in the blind hope I can find someone better.
  5. Tony Xia

    Blimey, your mate moves quick!! I've never moved in with a girl before I've slept with her, seen her without make up and hungover, been to her place, been cooked for by her etc. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to see if there's a future with a girl before I move in with her.
  6. Keith Wyness

    Fake news!! Has to be. As if the club have some idea of what they're doing. I'm calling bs on this whole article. It's obvious we're really on the verge of bankruptcy, heading towards £1 billion worth of fines for falling foul of FFP, all playing out against the background of eye-wateringly embarrassing football driven by an over-the-hill, tactical dinosaur with no idea of how the modern game of football is played. #FML.
  7. Steve Bruce

    He's been saying for weeks now he's only looking to get a couple of quality players in this window, and wants to get some of the wages off the books. I'm sure he's perfectly happy with the situation. Especially since this window would have been being planned for months at the club.
  8. Steve Bruce

    No we don't. We get 3 months of reading "Bruce isn't good enough!", "yes he is!", "no he's not!" posts on here without any games to break it up.
  9. Steve Bruce

    Ashley Westwood
  10. Steve Bruce

    And sacking him now and getting someone else in, starting the journey fron scratch again wouldn't be taking one helluva chance? There's significant risk in both, and that's the nature of football. There's no guarantee that Bruce will get us up. There's no guarantee anyone else will get us up. Painting it any other way is naive at best. For me, there is less risk in keeping Bruce than there is getting rid of him now.
  11. Steve Bruce

    Claim that we're not the finished article? Bruce himself has said it. Recently. Other than that, it's easy to determine: Folks, straw poll - if you're happy that the Villa team we're seeing at the moment under Bruce is the "finished article", please mention myself and Grasshopper in a post by 3pm tomorrow saying "I think this team is the finished article". Well, Bruce has been quoted as saying he's already been enquiring as to the availability of Premiership players. “I’m ringing around managers who I know in the Premier League ..." (http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/steve-bruce-outlines-potential-transfer-12827171) So, he know's who he wants. He must have agreed these targets with the others at the club. He must have agreed a transfer budget to get these players. Otherwise, I doubt he'd be calling around managers he knows in the premier league. Careful Grasshopper, you've pulled people up on posts in the past where they're trying to pass opinions off as facts. This is not a fact. This is your opinion. Disagree with the bit not in bold. I've said before I don't particularly care if we average 30% posession or 60% posession. As long as we win the games to get us promoted. That said, someone posted Hull's stats last season which suggested that actually, Bruce does know how to play dominant football (and given he was their manager last season, presumably does know how to get teams to play said football in the current climate). Agree with the bit in bold, though I have a sneaking feeling that Bruce may be able to do this himself next season. Here's two arguments: 1. There is no guarantee that any football manager can get us up next season. Any situation that is not guaranteed means there is a risk it won't happen. Therefore, there is a risk that whatever football manager is at the helm will not get us up next season. 2. Leeds finished 13th last season. Leeds are currently outside the playoffs under Garry Monk, even though he's had more games in charge than Steve Bruce. Therefore, we cannot conclude that Garry Monk would perform better at Aston Villa than Steve Bruce has, considering he would take us over in roughly the same spot that Leeds were when he came in. The objective is to go up next season. That's over a year away.
  12. Steve Bruce

    He's literally just said, again, he's looking to add a bit more quality to the team. Seems to me like he's been telling you for a few weeks now what he's going to do about it.
  13. Steve Bruce

    As expected then by the sounds of it, a handful in and a good chunk out.
  14. Steve Bruce

    I think everyone agrees that we're far from being the finished article, but we're now on that journey with Bruce. If we sack him now and get someone else in, all the meetings that have happened between the football men identifying summer targets, the meetings with suits agreeing the money needed, the initial enquiries made to clubs, the meetings Bruce would have had with his coaches agreeing the summer training strategy, the chats Bruce and his coaches would have had with players both here and on loan, all of that would be wasted. Put simply, we'd be right back to square one. We'd be at a distinct disadvantage to most other clubs who would have been planning this summer for months. Proper planning and preperation prevents piss poor performance. If it's clear that Bruce is not up to the task (to most, there is no clear evidence yet to suggest that he is not) the club will start planning for his departure. They may already have started on contingency planning in case we have to let him go early next season, but that takes time to make any transition as smooth as possible. Getting another manager in because of grass is greener reasoning puts us back so far as to put at risk our promotion next season imo, especially when there's no logical reason to suggest that Monk, or whoever, would be any more likely than Bruce to get us up. The point of my post was that the expectation is rightly, to get promoted next season. Bringing in a new manager undoes a lot of work that's gone on behind the scenes this season specifically aimed at achieving that goal. My opinion is that a new coach would be far more likely to not get the start that you, I and others want to see, and on that basis, there would be some pretty vocal people calling for his head.
  15. Steve Bruce

    And then we can all call for Monk's head in September when we're outside the playoff spots while a new coaching set-up and a raft of new first team players are all trying to bed in at the same time.