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  1. John Terry

    Here's a conversation that may have happened between Terry's PR rep and the papers: PR rep: "Guys, don't run the story. You're misrepresenting the facts. She wasn't with Wayne Bridge when he slept with her. " Papers: "Sorry, this is golden for sales. We're running it. Front page." PR rep: "We'll just head on over to the court then and have them order you to not run it." There we have a court injunction granted, at Terry's request, even though in this scenario, he's innocent of any wrongdoing. Also I doubt that court injunctions are given out willy nilley anytime someone asks for one. I suspect (though I haven't verified this) that there has to be reasonable doubt that the report is inaccurate before a court grants an injunction. If that weren't the case, we'd be in a situation where the Government of the day could control the press through the courts, which kind of makes a mockery of the whole freedom of the press thing. You are of course fully entitled to draw conclusions using any evidence you choose. I'm just pointing out the fact that actually, getting a court injunction is absolutely not an admission of guilt. It is in fact more likely, I believe, to suggest that what we've read in the press may not be fully representative of what actually happened.
  2. Steve Bruce

    I don't like the term "Bruce out-ers": it's a bit of a mouthful. Perhaps there's some sort of portmentau we can come up with on Bruce and out. Brouters? What about exit instead of out. Brexiters maybe?
  3. Steve Bruce

    Whilst I will have the utmost respect for anyone man enough to admit they were wrong, Im also mindful of the fact that a leopard rarely changes it's spots. I suspect that, when promoted, this thread will subtly change into pages and pages of "yeah but, Bruce isn't a premier league manager. We should get rid now and bring in someone for the long term."
  4. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Alex Bruce??
  5. John Terry

    You can, it's just you said "it's not just the reports in the papers" , implying you know him outside of what's been reported. I was just interested to see when you met him since this isn't the impression of him I've had from others who have met him. You are of course fully entitled to your opinion though, regardless of whether or not it's formed on the basis of press reports, or otherwise.
  6. John Terry

    Really? I've generally heard the opposite from people. When did you meet him?
  7. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    If we sign Terry, am I right in thinking that in the last couple of summers, we'd have signed a current PL champion? Nice to see we've still got pulling power if true, even in the Championship.
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Yeah they'll have a point to prove- playing at a higher level with us, they'll want to prove they're capable of doing so: they'll be well fired up. Get them in young too - give them time to develop at our level. You could be on to something here SGC! We could call them young and hungry!! I mean, we could be getting our next star midfielder from someone like Crewe!!
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    My guess is it has nothing to do with Bruce, by virtue of the fact that Bruce and the board probably agreed who was staying and who was going months ago. Hence why Wyness is already working on ins. My guess is the players kicking up a stink. That's if there is actually a thing at all.
  10. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    No manager is ever guaranteed success at any club, let alone immediate success. Look at Pep: best manager on the planet, bar none. Really really struggled this season at City.
  11. Steve Bruce

    I agree that just because he's been promoted before, there is no guarantee he will be again. I don't think anyone at all is suggesting he is completely nailed on to get us back up, and those of us in the Bruce in camp probably all agree with the notion that he has to hit the ground running next season otherwise he will be gone. The difference is that those in the Bruce in camp beleive he can, and will, hit the ground running next season (note that everyone will have their own reasons for reaching this conclusion and it probably won't be based solely on his previous 4 promotions). I completely disagree with the notion that things have changed now, and that Bruce is/is becoming a relic of a bygone age. He was last promoted from this league 12 months ago. No way in hell has the league changed that dramatically in one single season, regardless of how many foreign managers are now with us. And he did it with a Hull side that was one of the better teams in the league at keeping hold of the ball and scoring goals.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Sorry, should have said some of our supporters, but yes, I genuinely do. Some of our supporters were calling for Bruce's head during our late season surge because, despite winning games, we weren't playing nice football. I can't see some idely standing by if we lose 4-0 to Bristol City, or 5-0 to Fulham.
  13. Steve Bruce

    8Huddersfield conceded 10 more than us this season. Their goal difference was worse than ours. They lost by 3 or more goals on 4 occasions. They didn't score a goal in the entire playoffs. They lost 9-1 on aggregate to Fulham! If that's what a progressive manager means, I'd rather stick with Bruce. Seriously, looking at some of their results, our supporters would be calling for his head if he was here, despite the style of football he was playing. I don't particularly like the comparison to Huddersfield to be honest. Yes they went up, but they've massively overachieved in doing so imo. I can't help but think they could be in for a massive shock next season. The jury is still out on the Wagner hype for me. I don't know to what extent this season was a Leicester-esque outlier, or the fact that Wagner is the best manager in the league. At the moment I'm leaning towards the former.
  14. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Really? I thought any time a cross came in he was nailed on to be on it.
  15. Steve Bruce

    Really? You really think that Brendan Rodgers, manager of the team that convincingly won the SPL this season, manager of a team that will probably be playing Champions League football next season, would want to come to Villa? Do you really think he's a realistic target? If you're after a manager who's "progressive" (and by progressive, I'm assuming from the context of your post that you mean someone who will play possession based football), surely Garry Monk is the most realistic (for transparancy, I will declare here that I would prefer to keep Bruce over getting either Monk and Rodgers in at this current time).