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  1. Godders

    Next Aston Villa Manager

    It does take time though. To build a brand new style of play, the new manager needs to explain to the players where he wants them to be in certain situations, what their roles are etc. These instructions will, invariably, be different to what SB has told them. So, the players need to practice until it's second nature. This is what takes time. For the first few games, the players need to consciously think about what they're supposed to be doing in situations they find themselves in on the pitch. This means play will appear, on occasion, slow and laboured, and players will be caught out of position. Eventually it should settle down as the players become used to the new style and what they're expected to do in any situation becomes second nature. The transition to a brand new style of play, or philosophy though, could very well be painful.
  2. Godders

    Next Aston Villa Manager

    Thing is De Boer needs time to implement his style. Do you really think he'll get that here? I can't see the fans putting up with another 3 or 4 losses in the first few games under a new manager.
  3. Godders

    Ratings & Reactions: Bristol v Villa

    I meant changing it pretty **** swiftly when it was clear it wasn't working. A lot is made on here of the fact he takes too long to react. Was a pretty quick reaction tonight, even if the original decision was questionable.
  4. Godders

    Ratings & Reactions: Bristol v Villa

    Hmm. I thought he was solid when he came on. Was on the end of everything, didn't give away possession. Almost crafted something at the end but for a horrible offside decision. If you'd have said Taylor instead of Bjarnasson I may have agreed with you..
  5. Godders

    Ratings & Reactions: Bristol v Villa

    SB did well to change it when it was clear 3 at the back wasn't working. Davies is on fire at the moment. Ref was one of the worst I've seen. Good spirit shown to come back from a goal down, and never really looking like losing.
  6. Godders

    Steve Bruce

    I'm well aware how bookies work. OP was pointing to the fact that because the bookies have us as favourites for the title, taking less than all 3 points on Saturday wasn't acceptable. I was merely pointing out that the betting public thought a draw was a reasonably likely outcome on Saturday, yet still figure us to be favourites for an automatic spot. I get why people are disappointed with a draw. I myself am disappointed with a draw. I disagree to a certain extent though that the nature of the way we played was similar to the gripes people had around last season. Last year the biggest issue folks had was that we look clueless going forward, and that without Kodja, we couldn't score. Well, on Saturday both Hogan and Gabby found themselves 1 on 1 with the keeper. Hogan had a shot narrowly miss the far post. Lansbury had a couple of decent half chances, Onomah had one where he could have tested the keeper and of course, Green missed the easiest chance he'll probably have all season. For me, we looked better going forward on Saturday than we have done for a while. Yes, we need to be finishing those chances regularly to be in the title mix, but that's a completely different issue than one where we're not scoring because we're not creating anything. And really, we were the only team that ever looked like winning on Saturday, despite our off period during the second half.
  7. Godders

    Steve Bruce

    At that point, I think they'd settled for the draw.
  8. Godders

    Steve Bruce

    Those same bookmakers thought a draw on Saturday was a pretty likely outcome. And they still have us favourites for auto promotion along with Boro (who lost a game they were expected by most to win by the way). We're not going to win every game. A draw at home against Hull was not unexpected.
  9. Godders

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Hull

    Hogan had a couple of reasonable opportunities as well, as well as that pull back which should have been buried as well. Plus 1 or 2 for Lansbury. That's 1 gilt-edged certain goal, and 4 or 5 decent chances that we created. We should have won. I'm not totally on board with the "same shit, different season" mentality that seems to be permeating this thread. For Gabby's goal, we had three players in the box attacking the ball in. I can't remember the last time we had more than 2 players in the box attacking a cross. That's a clear change for me.
  10. Godders

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Honestly, I wasn't impressed with him pre-season. I see him as a bit of a weak link in the team.
  11. Godders

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    I dunno, I think that's more down to he and Elmo being new to each other. If he'd have been expecting it we'd have been in a great position pushing forward with the ball.
  12. Godders

    Pre-Match Thread

    Agree. Really can't see why folks are losing their shit over Bacuna starting. Hourihane has been wank generally pre-season. Bacuna marginally better imo. Grealish is injured and Onomah only joined yesterday. I can see why Bacuna is starting.
  13. Godders

    Jordan Amavi

    I think the Dr is proving himself to be pretty ruthless by telling Sevilla now to f*ck off. Can't imagine the previous incumbent doing that.
  14. Godders

    Steve Bruce

    Only 4 weeks until the start of the season and we can finally put this to bed and get off this merry-go-round!
  15. Godders

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Unless Sky know something no one else does, he's not signing with us - best odds available currently look to be 16's.