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  1. His contract is up in the summer so technically we should be able to get him on a free? Although surely Chelsea have thought about this, maybe we agreed to give them 5mill more or so.
  2. Not seen any reasonable sources suggesting we’ve bid. If anyone thinks/knows we are, I suggest betting on it as we’re 20/1 nothing in this
  3. Do you believe he actually did that?
  4. Barkley on a permanent £40mill all day. Gamechanger
  5. I think Leipzig were never in for him, we had a firm interest at some point. He’ll go to Bayern I reckon. What do you think?
  6. The saga is still alive, and I’m all for it Do you think there’s a chance we could get this done now?
  7. They’re 11th out of 12 with 0 points. How many teams go down?
  8. Fair play. The image is old/fake then!
  9. If I think Southgate is a prick for say not picking Grealish I should be allowed to post that on here... yes
  10. Really? Fair enough mate, we live in different worlds
  11. I’m assuming you’ve seen this abuse then? Can you find an example? I’ve not seen it, as I said there’s obviously a line but saying someone has been crap/shouldn’t put on the shirt again IS part and parcel of Twitter and people are entitled to express that.
  12. Please make this statement when you see a negative comment about Southgate, and not just when our players decide to stay off Twitter
  13. Okay then we should ban any negativity towards anyone then? Starting with Southgate?
  14. Slightly controversial opinion: I would never direct abuse towards a player as it’s pointless but... At the end of the day, these players are getting paid 40k-80k a week whilst people are undeservingly being made redundant. Criticism is part and parcel of the game, although there is obviously a line people shouldn’t cross. If you can’t ignore/deal with it, then get out the club. You’d be doing BOTH the club and the fans a huge favour.
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