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  1. I've been out of the VillaTalk loop for a few months and not been on. I'm a bit surprised by the lack of General Krulak's thread and suggestions that this link is now broken? What's happened? Any updates on the reason for the absence would be appreciated?
  2. General, I'd be grateful for a response on this as I think it may have been missed. Many thanks as always.
  3. General, I trust your recovery is continuing and we'll see you at VP soon. A question regarding the Aston Villa Year Book and apologies if it's already been raised. I read that the Year Book is to be published online rather than in the rather neat A5 size format. May I say that I believe this is a poor decision as I'm sure you will agree the Year Book is an opportunity to capture a whole season in one book and to keep it - to refer to in future years. Having it only online will mean that this opportunity will be lost and is certainly not as portable as the previous Year Book. I understand cost implications etc. but I do feel this is a poor decision. Please would you consider the above and maybe speak to whoever has made this decision? Thanks
  4. I do so love the moderate approach... :shock:
  5. Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire border. An hour's drive from VP.
  6. OBE, thanks for running the competition. I'm presuming that these DVDs are available to buy generally? Grateful if you could supply details of the title, distributer and whatever the equivalent of an ISBN number is for DVDs? I'm sure there would be a few who would be interested in these. Many thanks.
  7. Thanks Stato. Unfortunately had to miss this reserves match so appreciated your report. Lionel McMessi at VP... Excellent.
  8. Amusingly it appears that the article has subsequently been ripped-off by the noses and posted on one of their sites. It’s also appeared on HeroesandVillans as ‘coming from a Bluenose’. Interesting to see H&V’s reaction to a piece which was meant to be satirical and certainly not disrespectful, especially when they think it has come from a nose! Satire is, I suppose, a subjective matter.
  9. Many thanks. Sadly not. Project Manager with (it could be said) too much time on my hands!
  10. Superb read Santa Rosa. Really enjoyed that!
  11. If ever you are lost in a city or town, the Tom Tom’s down but know the general direction you want to head – i.e. North, but don’t have your handy compass with you , then just look out for a satellite dish mounted on the nearest house. The majority will be SKY ones pointing at the ASTRA Satellites which are sitting in geo-stationary orbit over the equator at 19.2 degrees east of the Greenwich Meridian. So in other words, they’ll be pointing broadly South South East (SSE) and from that you’ll be able to deduce the other points of the compass…
  12. Great report - thanks for stepping up to the mark. I love the image of you p*****g up against Stevie 'Should-be-in-prison' Gerrard's wall as you walk home.
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