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  1. From what I can see he did a good job at Chelsea and their fans had no problem with him, quite the opposite in fact.
  2. Just saw this compilation of our support. Lets hope for repeat of the one at 6:57 - mental!
  3. Just thinking the same thing. 3pts - and the momentum of winning 3 straight would be absolutely massive!
  4. shalalalalala Aston Villa!! Just imagine for a second what this would sound like in the Holte.
  5. Remember having this conversation with a few posters. Lightening!
  6. Booing is bad habit that needs to be stamped out. Grow the f**k up and be a supporter.
  7. Here's the Talk Sport interview - not sure if this has been posted elsewhere... http://talksport.com/football/wayne-rooney-has-been-best-english-player-past-decade-and-still-has-lot-offer-insists First part OK.
  8. This is spot on. We can talk about other songs that may be perfect, even beter, but they will not be sung in reality. I agree it never happens when you try to manufacture chants - I have tried! So we can talk about alternatives, but we really have two options. Sing DLBIA for a bit of fun after a game or reject it and sing nothing - at least nothing new. The idea that there is another option is flawed. I am not having a did at anyone, far from it, I would love to sing Sabbath, Oasis or anything that creates a positive atmposhere. I just think @dAVe80 hit the nail on the head. We have to be a bit pragmatic and go with what emerged naturally on the terraces. FWIW I think there is only one criteria - does it help create a better atmosphere which, in turn, helps the team and club drag itself out of the mire? I think, right now, with DLBIA the answer is yes. That trumps everything for me because, as a supporter, all I want to do is (a) have fun and (b) sing my head off for the team. Always been that way for me.
  9. Lets enjoy our win - all of us - and look forward to better things to come. We have all stood by the club through dark days - so proud to be the villa supporter.
  10. I don't know, I kind of assumed they didn't very often. I assumed they would send others to scout, observe, report back - may be wrong.
  11. Personally think this is a nice little number to blast out after the final whistle when we win - captures the mood perfectly right now - we're looking forward not back! Don't think we need to push it too much or over analyze it - just play the tune on the tannoy system and let the joy spill out naturally. I hope we hear it more because it probably means we're winning. UTV
  12. Are you serious? Some seem to be taking this 'made in Brum' thing way too far. There are loads of clubs out there singing songs that didn't originate locally, and rightly so. We sang 'Never walk along" for years for Gods sake. If the lyrics fit and the song generates a positive atmosphere why would anyone give a shit where the song originated from or was covered? Seriously. Don't you remember us singing Hi Ho Aston Villa at Wembley? It was absolutely fantastic and utterly memorable. Did one person turn around and think 'you know what, we shouldn't be singing this it's too American'? Of course not. Look, I was fortunate enough to be at Reading Tuesday singing 'Don't look back in anger' after we won and it was an amazing experience; one I will not forget for a long long time; mainly because it seemed to capture the mood that we have turned a corner and needed to look forward and not back. It is just the song of the day - something fun to belt out after we have won games - it's part of the healing process this year. People need to lighten up a bit and stop analysing everything to death. Just enjoy it, it's a bit of fun - something we've been starved of for too long at our club! VTD
  13. Think Kodjia is a class player - I felt that from the moment I saw his YouTube clips and those little dink finishes, and everything I have seen so far confirms this. He's not the finished article yet, but has bags of ability. What really excites me is that he is playing alongside Adomah - who is starting to impress - and Ayew, another top draw player. There are signs they are starting to build up an understanding and when that understanding develops they will terrorize defenses in this division. With McCormack and Rudy as high impact subs, is there a better attack in this league: IF they learn to play for each other? Think Kodjia will get a hatful this year because of who is playing with.
  14. What was wrong with hi ho silver lining. Slade covered it and always associated that with us.
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