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  1. From what I can see he did a good job at Chelsea and their fans had no problem with him, quite the opposite in fact.
  2. Thought this was quite interesting and worth sharing. He talks about how he set up tactically to beat a defensively organized Newcastle (Benitez) team - imagine he will see Villa in a similar way..... pass this on to Steve if you see him
  3. Off to watch the game - have fun every one, it's going to be epic. COME ON VILLA SMASH THEM..........MY OLD MAN SAID BE A CITY FAN.....!!!!!!!!
  4. And me. The noses mouthing off big time and it will be SO sweet to beat them. Bruce will have them prepared for this, I am sure of that, and our players are more than good enough to beat them. Let's give them a hiding. SOTC, VTD.
  5. Fulham 5-0!! Hardly created anything against us.
  6. 100% this and pretty surprised most, if not all, fans don't see it this way.....absolutely love beating the blues! This idea that their team is more hungry than ours is pure fiction.
  7. No. We will beat the shit. Positive thoughts @Demitri_C - don't give them f**kers an inch. They score first we fight and scrap, come back and win in the final minutes. In your face BCFC.
  8. Tongue-in-cheek I assume. Fierce local rivalry and bragging rights at stake, hugely valuable points to play for, a crackling atmosphere guaranteed with drama and tension as two pretty evenly matched teams go toe to toe......how could any football fan not look forward to a derby! These are the games we pray for. I have absolutely no fear playing them, none. Can't come quick enough. We could lose but, of course, but I am up for the fight and go into 100% expecting us to do them. UTV
  9. Just saw this compilation of our support. Lets hope for repeat of the one at 6:57 - mental!
  10. SHA fans can be arseholess, but we're not whiter than white; I have seen Villa fans do some pretty nasty things when playing Blues and Coventry for that matter. Generally speaking, "most" who go to these games just like the banter and verbals - they act out a bit and give it the big n with the crowd, but actually do f**k all. Just got to watch out for the idiots who don't know where the line is. Been to the sty a few times; just have to use your loaf e.g. don't get isolated walking about with Villa colours on, especially if we smash them on the pitch. Edit: 'when' we smash them on the pitch!
  11. Getting pumped up now. Please just f**king win Villa.
  12. Just thinking the same thing. 3pts - and the momentum of winning 3 straight would be absolutely massive!
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