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  1. Getting blocked on twitter by Stan Collymore means you've finally done twitter correctly. Rumour has it that Stan has even blocked his mother on twitter because she had a different opinion than him
  2. Stuartc445


    Bullies are cowards the reason why some players have backed him is because they were probably the ones in the dressing room that have big personalities so people a bully would stay well clear of. Bullies go after the quieter ones in a group because they know that it's unlikely they'll get any comeback so it makes them feel really big and hard whereas if they did that to someone with a big personality they would have comeback and would be made to feel like the pathetic little cowards that they are.
  3. Don't think we've seen enough to be confident that he'll be a success, but we also haven't seen enough to say he's a flop either. For me he's still in the settling in stage so can't be judged yet but is after 10 or so games nothing has changed then it'll start to become a concern that isn't a settling in problem.
  4. Don't go shouting that around because people will kick off that you aren't going to every single game and are stopping them going and demand that season tickets be scrapped
  5. No you said it was Bruceball that made Hogan shit but as I said when Smith came in and changed that Hogan was the same and when he went to Sheffield United. The fact is you and the other odd people that will make endless excuses for Hogan use the Bruceball as the main excuse. But Hogan has played under Bruce, Smith and Wilder managers with different styles and nothing has changed which points to 1 conclusion and that it isn't the style of football being played that's making Hogan bad it's the fact Hogan just isn't very good. As has been said it's just bizarre when you get fans hammering Hourihane after 1 bad game but will make excuse after excuse for Hogan despite him being awful pretty much from the day we signed him.
  6. You say you're not making excuses for him then you go on and make an excuse for him. So "Bruceball" didn't suit him. Bruce got sacked and nothing changed so does that mean Smithball and WilderBall didn't suit him either. i'll do some analysing for you Scott Hogan is a rubbish footballer that has had a few months of form in his whole career and that has blinded some people to what the rest of his career has been like.
  7. So what's the excuse for Hogan when Smith came in and he was useless and when he went to Sheffield United and was useless. So Bruce's style didn't suit him and neither did Smiths who is the only manager to get him scoring style didn't suit him and Sheffield Uniteds style didn't suit him. So what style actually does suit him. Or was it just that brief spell at Brentford was the anomaly and what we are seeing at Villa and Sheffield United is the true Hogan going by his whole carreer I'd say it's the latter.
  8. Depending on the owner sometimes the fans and the owners want different things, if you have a proper ambitious owner then they will want what the fans want, but a lot of owners these days are like what Lerner was like 17th will do because of the TV Money. By appointing Bruce Mike Ashley imo comes into the 2nd criteria of owner doesn't matter where they finish as long as it isn't lower than 17th.
  9. Stuartc445


    I have no hatred towards Wolves tbh. It might sound strange but we've had to put up with the north west clubs battling for honours and also London teams and as I said to my Wolves supporting boss that it' would actually be good if the two of us went and represented the Midlands and started challenging for honours every season.
  10. This, Kalinic got injured then Steer made it impossible for Smith to drop him.
  11. It was the Zilina and Hamburg games where he screwed things up once again by playing the reserves had we taken those games seriously then we would have avoided CSKA and played someone either nec nijmegen or another team i can't remember the name of.
  12. The baggies goal would have been disallowed with any variation of the handball rule since the day Football was created.
  13. Different situation Bruce is a championship manager and we appointed him when we was a championship team unlike Newcastle. He did well for us because he managed to stop the slide and got us competitive again which we hadn't been for years, I agree with @kurtsimonw if we had gone up i still would have changed managers because he isn't a premier league manager.
  14. This 100% this. It's madness an outsider reading this would believe that Bruce had us fighting relegation all the time he was here. The way some are going on and on making out Bruce was the worst manager we've had are making themselves look a bit stupid when you actually look at what he did here by stopping a 6 year slide and then getting us to 1 game away from the premier league in his 1 full season. Yes he failed, yes he should have been sacked after the playoff final but we couldn't afford to. When the new owners came in imo he was never going to last the season he was kept on whilst they sorted the finances out and got advice so his replacement would be the correct one (which it was). The fact they kept him instead of sacking him and getting someone like Henry in says to me we have decent owners now.
  15. What do you mean Make them a laughing stock, that would imply that they weren't already which isn't true as they have always been a laughing stock.

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