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  1. Point 1) Considering it's a results business wins are what the managers ability will be measured on as if he doesn't get wins he will end up Sacked it's as simple as that. You can go on about all the other bullshit you spoke about but it's just that bullshit because win games manager keeps his job loses games manager will get the sack. Point 2) Maybe you need to learn how to read education isn't as good as it used to be I suppose. I'll try and dumb it down for you, I'll Criticise Smith when he makes mistakes (which he has done) but I'll Also Praise when he gets things right. If you are still struggling to understand it's best you go ask a teacher to explain.
  2. Well if @villalad21 wants some more analysis of the game then you could argue that the 2 best chances Blues had (Both Gardner's misses) came when McGinn was on the pitch so using his logic maybe bringing McGinn on was a mistake because clearly that nearly cost us the 3 points
  3. You do understand football don't you? You do realise the scoreline is the only stat that'll determine where we end up in the league you can analyse the game all you want but the only thing that matters in football is we scored 1 to the oppositions 0. Also for the record I have criticised Smith in the past and was right to do so when he made errors in our poor run but I will also praise him when he gets things right, which imo he did vs Blues, he didn't change the side that destroyed Derby which was the correct decision because it says that he'll pick on form and not just his favourites. Whelan did a good job he kept things tight you say he could have cost us the game I don't see how because despite Blues having lots of the ball they didn't really do anything with it and we had the best of the chances. Then when Blues had tired out he put McGinn on and they just didn't have the legs to deal with that. Smith got the line up and sub spot on Vs Blues.
  4. I don't see it as a shame i see it as finally the nation see them for what they are.
  5. McCormack how much has he been paid for doing nothing? £12.87 million signed so that's 10 million more than Bolasie right from the start and i'd imagine it's more than 2 million since we signed him for doing nothing here.
  6. I'm not quite sure why you mention RDMs 11 games in charge as that doesn't match what i said. I said it's strange you brought up Bruce as the cause of the financial problems when between Bruce and RDM, RDM was the one that spent more, RDM brought McCormack for £12.87 million, Tshibola £5.31 Million and Gollini £4.50 Million who all flopped that's £22.68 million wasted on players that flopped and that isn't including wages. Whereas the only flop Bruce had was Hogan who cost around £9..45. So I think you'll find RDM was far more wasteful than Bruce
  7. weird you'd mention Bruce when i think you'll find RDM spent more than Bruce.
  8. That's a question for you not me, see i believe you can question a manager without wanting them sacked but people like you can't comprehend that.
  9. I agree i believe there is a lot to question Smith on but the keeper is not one of them.
  10. I love the I don't mind Smith being questioned then in the next sentence basically says don't question Smith posts. They always make me giggle, My car has just cost me a fortune at its MOT so @Vive_La_Villa I thank you for cheering me up lol
  11. what is it now 9 assists and 6 goals, yeah he is really crap isn't he. However I do agree with you regarding Whelan.
  12. I bet the people who cheered him off Vs West Brom feel embarrassed today and so they should as what we saw today is what Hourihane is a good player. He isn't a defensive player you just have to look at him to see that and to play him in a defensive roll is madness.
  13. Monk is playing with someone elses squad, he's signed what 2 players?
  14. I know people keep going on about how Smith improved Brentford despite facts saying they finished 5th before him then he took charge then it was 9th then 10th.
  15. Not that admirable when you take into account when he got the job Brentford had just finished 5th.

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