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  1. Don't think so Villa under Bruce could defend. How Mings isn't getting into the starting line up is a disgrace he is better than all of that defence. Maguire is just showing Man Utd are easily mugged in the transfer market we'd probably be able to get them to pay us 50 million for Taylor in January
  2. You've lost me. You said Norwich showed that attack isn't the best form of attack. I'll say again Norwich don't have Mings, Engels and Nakamba so I'm confident we'd be able to play 2 up front and still cope. Anyway when did putting 2 up front become all out attack.
  3. Yeah but unlike them we have Mings and Engels in defence with Nakamba infront of them so we have a better chance of coping
  4. Hopefully it doesn't need to change hopefully Norwich was just the start. But what do you suggest if we don't go from strength to strength just stay with the same formation and hope that it works before it's to late. I don't think Smiths like that to be honest if Smith is as good as we all think / hope he is then he should be training the team in more than one formation. If it's not working then it'll have to be the weakest performing midfielder whoever that maybe or there is another way, we could always try to move McGinn further forward and put him alongside Wesley and be more fluid with our formation where he drops back into midfield when defending and goes up front when on the attack.
  5. 1) As i have already pointed out I don't want to change as that'd be stupid after winning 5:1 but if it turns out to be a one off because Norwich were awful putting someone up with Wesley is worth a try. 2) Again the idea we will ship goals the moment we have 2 upfront is ridiculous. Yes we shouldn't do that against the big boys in this league as that would be suicide. But i have faith in our midfield and defence that it could cope vs the teams around us with 1 less player in the midfield.
  6. What? so only Barcalona and Man City can try and make the ball stick up front. So what shall we do if Wesley doesn't replicate what happened at Norwich just drop him for Davis or Kodjia and hope they work better instead of trying to find a way to get the best out of Wesley. Personally i'd prefer us to at least try other things with him before give up on him. of course we are going to come unstuck in some games that's the nature of football but the idea that if we try putting someone upfront with Wesley will lead us letting in goals for fun is ridiculous.
  7. Not necessarily as the best form of defence is attack. If we are able to make the ball stick upfront then that'll protect our defence.
  8. After the Norwich game the team can't be changed. But if Wesley goes back to struggling it'd be worth a go trying him with someone alongside him. Wesley up top with someone like Grabban and we'd be scoring for fun imo People claiming him to be rubbish are plain wrong though there definitely is a good player there it's just I don't think we are deploying him correctly.
  9. Everyone seems to be going on about replacing Wesley with Davis, I'd go a different route tbh and try Davis alongside Wesley. For me that might work as I don't see Wesley as a lone striker he's like a much better version of Weimann who can score but will make the runs that will create space for a target man type striker. Like Weimann did with Benteke.
  10. No it doesn't we already have a Newcastle United thread called lets all laugh at Newcastle (again). To be fair I can see how you'd struggle to find it because it's not like it has Newcastle in the title....
  11. Nice just because I am not prepared to ignore the good Bruce did and I refuse to slag him off because I have moved on I must be Alex Bruce. It'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic
  12. Johnstone - Did well for us would have signed him had our new owners arrived earlier imo. Snodgrass - Was excellent for us was an integral part that got us so so close to the premier league Grabban - See Snodgrass and ended that season with the championship Golden Boot Terry - Helped massively to instil the correct mentality into the dressing room that had stunk of failure for so many years. Tuanzebe - 1st season did well until injury then last season was an integral member of the defence that got us promoted El Ghazi - Played a massive part in getting us promoted Abraham - His Goals got us promoted. imo he is the reason we are in the Premier League now. As if it wasn't for his goals whilst the owners were imo keeping Bruce on whilst they sorted the club out and got the correct advice about who to replace him with we simply would have had no chance of promotion. I'm a bit confused why you mentioned those because they might get Bruce close to what RDM spent but the value we got from them isn't even close to RDM. Out of 10 signings you showed 3 were duds although Bolasie was good in parts something was strange about this one though as it seemed to all go wrong when Smith came in even though on paper he should have been the happiest to see Smith.
  13. Maybe I should have simplified my comment for you i do apologise i didn't think i'd need to to be honest i'll dumb stuff down in future, It was meant as a bit of humour as from reading the comments here you definitely get the impression (see i did explain in future posts to you but i'll carry on anyway) that a memo has been sent saying that he is the worst. Now if you still don't get it i don't care as i'm bored with going around in circles with you.
  14. Di Matteo: Spent: £60,500,000 Received: £17,100,000 So Net Spend was £-43,400,000 Bruce: Spent: £35,650,000 Received: £15,750,000 So Net Spend Was £-19,900,000 Whilst Bruce isn't clear of blame (should have approached the playoff final like he approached Wolves at Home) but looking at those spending figures the damage to our financial future was already done before he arrived because despite the Huge (for the championship) spending of RDM there was still massive faults in our squad. I would also say that a huge part of stopping the slide was down to signing John Terry who Bruce played a big part in getting here, for example if it was Smith instead of Bruce (I think i need to add here that I like Smith i'm happy he is our manager and i think he should be kept on even if we do get relegated) do you think he'd have been able to get him here, Yes I know he got him as coach but Terry had already fallen in love with us and he also strikes me as someone who hates failure so convincing him to come here to complete the job he was set when 1st sign wouldn't have been a difficult task.
  15. Because I don't care what Bruce has done well or not well at Newcastle I i only care about what he did here. Again try reading what I said: 1) "Honestly some of the posts you'd think we were fighting relegation to league 1 under him not narrowly missing out on promotion to the Premier League in a playoff final. " 2) "Read this thread and that is 100% impression you get. An outsider reading this thread would think under Bruce we were uncompetitive and falling straight through the leagues. Whereas the facts are he was the 1st manager since 2010 to get us competitive but hey let's stick to the worst ever manager line." So i suggest you actually read what I have said then you'd see i haven't said what you keep saying i have. Now you've read what I have put you will see i said if you were someone who had no idea what Bruce did here you'd think he was the one responsible for us being relegated to the championship.
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