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  1. Apart from getting 90 minutes away in a play off final, But other than that you are 100% correct he never got close did he. Honestly you Bruce haters need to have a word with yourselves you lot are starting to come out with Boris Johnson levels of bullsh*t
  2. This is what annoys me you get people having a moan about people not wearing a poppy, you even had the Sun a few years ago shaming clubs that didn't put a poppy on their shirt. Then acting triumphantly when they had one the next time because they had managed to shame them into wearing one, what these people and tabloids don't seem to realise is that by forcing people to wear a poppy disrespects the people that the poppy represents as they fought for freedom which means people are free to choose whether they want to wear a poppy or not.
  3. It's was Preston away where he pulled off an unbelievable save then tried to throw it into his own next for the rest of the game. His distribution is excellent all his kicks are pin point accuracy but when it comes to being a keeper he's hopeless, he'd make a great midfielder with the quality of his passing.
  4. I've seen 2 episodes 1 in the 1st series and then again the latest one and I just can't watch the accents are painful some are more scouse than Brummie and the one this series I heard it the matter of a few sentences he went through all the dialects I'm Birmingham. It drives me mad so for blues the big it up so much when the show have clearly made no attempt to get the accents correct is quite strange. But then again this is Small Heath so it's no surprise really.
  5. I'll easily dumb it down for you. Points are what are used in football to decide where a team finishes at the end of a season. The team that wins the league does so because they have picked up more points than everyother team. If we stay up we will have done so by getting more points than 3 other teams. To say points are irrelevant is the most ridiculous comment I have ever seen on here it's like some people have forgotten how football works. Also no doubt if we were to win the league playing terrible football people here would refuse to celebrate it because of that terrible football. That's fine but I will be celebrating so hard I won't sober up for at least a week.
  6. You're right I'll accept nothing less than Europa League this season anything less and I'll demand Smith loses his job. It's called taking small steps this season is survival, next season mid table and so on. Its crazy that this kind of thinking is seen as wanting to scrape survival every season but hey ho
  7. So we scrape survival this season, does that mean we'll be doing it every season thereafter does it? I'm so glad you cleared that up.
  8. Yes i have and have had one for 20+ seasons now, over 10 of those seasons home and away
  9. what rubbish, Leicester stayed up by the skin of their teeth the season before they won the league and now look at them.
  10. What a strange world we live in Relegation is failure doesn't matter how you dress it up it's Failure, I hate failure and i MEAN Hate it i can't even contemplate Enjoying it, I am well and truly lost for words.
  11. 1) Enjoyed getting relegation wow i have no words for that. 2) Think you'll find that it the Premier League effect as i very much doubt we'd be having waiting lists in the championship regardless of the style of football.
  12. We were playing some lovely stuff under RDM but won only 1 game against that seasons championship whipping boys. It could also be argued that at the start of our relegation season the football wasn't terrible but the results were and then it everything went to sh*t If we were to become successful it wouldn't matter 1 little bit the quality of football the ground would be sold out every game, Look at the MON years the football wasn't always brilliant but the ground was sold out more often than not.
  13. So you are telling me that people have a thought process of a team that finished 5th in the championship last season don't see survival in the Premier League this season as a success, that's madness. End of the day for the realist this season is about survival, next season is about mid table and so on. Personally i want us to be successful if we play good football whilst doing it then great but how we go about being successful i don't care. Also if you think our owners don't have the default setting of just staying up then i think you're very much mistaken these are successful businessmen they will want to stay where the money is, you've got to remember they aren't fans. They'll say all the words we want to hear but when push comes to shove it'll be about staying up.
  14. Yes and if this season we don't get enough points it'll be relegation which will mean its a rubbish product because it'd have ended up in failure. It's simple as that really. This season is about staying up and points is what will achieve that so saying they are irrelevant is ridiculous.
  15. Points in the board are irrelevant? This is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard when it's points that will decide whether you'll be asked to spend North of £500 for games in the top flight or 2nd tier. Points are pretty much the most relevant things in league football when you consider without them we'll just slide straight down the leagues.
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